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Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode # 10,382
Tape Date: 7/24/06
Air Date: 8/21/06
Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: Abby lashes out at Frankie…family and friends gather as Shawn is rushed to the hospital...Hope leans on Bo…as Chelsea wants to tell what she has learned.

Billie and Bo argue over his treatment of Chelsea, but he is furious over what she has done. Billie thinks she is trying to change, but he says she will NEVER change…it is just who she is. But she says he is wrong…people DO change…look at her. She did because someone loved her and believed in her and because of Bo, she was able to change her life. Bo says it’s not the same. Billie starts crying and says that Chelsea is like a frightened child who fears that everyone she loves will abandon her. Bo says that Chelsea is selfish and hateful and he is finished blaming himself or Billie or anyone else for that matter for the way Chelsea behaves. Yes, what happened to Zack was an accident, but that she deliberately ruined his marriage and he doesn’t even want to look at her now. Billie says that she needs them and is sure that she will change if they just give her a chance. But Bo says they HAVE given her chances and all she has done is take advantage and gotten away with murder. He says that forgiveness and compassion are the last things she needs from him…he has sacrificed everything for her and look where it has gotten him. He has had it with her…it’s over. Along here, Hope calls Bo and tells him about Shawn, so he rushes off to the hospital.

At the Garage…Chelsea tells Belle that she has something to tell her, but before she can, she tells them that Philip and Shawn got in an argument and now she can’t find them. She gives Chelsea and Abby a condensed version of the scrambled egg story and Chelsea says it is like they are matched with the wrong partners. Belle says it will take a miracle to straighten it all out. Chelsea says that maybe she can give her that miracle. Belle asks her what she means and Chelsea says she needs to make up for mistakes and hopes to do a good deed. But before she can explain any further, Philip calls and tells Belle that he is home and she and Claire rush home. After she leaves, Abby asks Chelsea what that was about but Chelsea tells her that she needs to leave…and go do the right thing.

Later, Abby is working when Max comes in…followed by Frankie. Abby is cold to him and says that Frankie stabbed her father in the back. Max accuses her of being harsh but she has a (long) flashback of walking in on them…ending with her calling her mother a slut. But Abby says it’s not harsh…and refers to Frankie as a predator. Frankie tries to explain that he loves Jen but Abby doesn’t want to hear it and says they are disrespecting her father. She asks Frankie to back off and asks what are they going to do now that her dad is doing better and may not die. Frankie says it’s Jen’s decision and Abby says she has already made a decision…she loves Jack. Frankie tells her that Jen asked him to stay, so he isn’t going anywhere. After Frankie leaves, Max tries to tell Abby that this is none of her business…Frankie and Jen have a past and were in love long before she was born. But Abby is only worried about her dad and how all of this is affecting him. She says that she loves Jack and doesn’t want to lose him again…to death or to Frankie. Max doesn’t believe her father is going anywhere and she needs to believe that as well. Later, Abby is feeling bad over the scene she made but Max tells her it’s okay…he understands how she feels. But she is an adult now and shouldn’t let everything get to her like this. She thanks him for his help and he says he will be there to help if she needs him. He thanks him with a hug. She tells him about Belle being there earlier and what Chelsea said to her. Abby says it was all kind of weird. She tells him that Chelsea founds something out at the hospital about a secret. Max asks her about it, but all Abby knows is it had to do with someone’s paternity and that she was determined to tell everyone the truth and that she said it could ruin a lot of lives. Abby says she doesn’t know what Chelsea will do, but that she said she was going to try to change and do the right thing. Max says he’s not so sure that Chelsea knows what the right thing is.

Chelsea goes home and Billie tells her about Shawn being in the hospital. Chelsea thinks they should go to the hospital, despite Billie’s warnings to stay away. Chelsea says she can never make up for what she has done, but wants to be there for her brother and leaves…as Billie follows.

Belle goes back to the loft finding an inebriated Philip, telling him she was worried about him. She realizes that he had been drinking and he explains that he and Shawn were doing shots. He says he THINKS he won right before he passes out standing up…with his head on the kitchen counter. Belle slams a lid on a pot, waking him up and wants to know what happened. Philip explains and then says he just wants to go to sleep. Still standing, he places his head back on the counter.

Across the hall…Mimi tries to wake Shawn up, but he won’t, so she calls 911. Later they are at the hospital and Mimi calls Hope, who rushes over as well. She arrives as Mimi explains that he had been drinking and has alcohol poisoning. Hope calls Bo and tells him to get over there…she fears he may not make it and says she can’t lose another child. Bo arrives as Mimi explains what happened and says if anything happens to him, she blames herself. The doctor comes out and tells them that they are flushing his system and if that doesn’t work, they will try dialysis. Bo and Hope want to know how bad it is and he tells them that his blood alcohol level was .3. He says that only time will tell if he will recover as Hope clings to Bo. Mimi wonders if Philip was drinking as well and calls to check on him. She tells Belle about what happened to Shawn and that he is in the hospital. Belle tells Philip that they have to get to the hospital and they rush off. Hope is a nervous wreck as Bo tries to calm her down. She breaks down crying as he holds her. She says she lost Zack, she can’t stand to lose another child. In the background, we see Billie and Chelsea arrive. Hope sees them and charges over, telling Chelsea she has no business being there and to leave. Bo joins her and rails at her telling her that until she can be a decent person, she is on her own. Billie tries to get her to leave, but she says she just wants to know how her brother is. Bo and Hope both tell her to leave as Billie stands up for her, saying she is human and only concerned about Shawn. Hope asks…like she was concerned about Zack? Chelsea begs them to let her stay…just until she finds out how he is. Bo and Hope say they don’t want to argue about it, so he tells her she can stay…just as long as she stays out of sight. Belle and Philip arrive as Mimi gives them an update. Chelsea sees them and tells Billie that she knows that Belle still loves Shawn. Billie tells her it is NONE of her business and to stay out of it. Philip tries to apologize for what happened as Bo and Hope double-team him in a lecture about drinking.

The doctor comes out and tells them that he is stable now (but still unconscious) and can have visitors. Hope wants to see him but steps aside and tells Mimi to go first. Chelsea tries to justify to Billie her being there, but Billie tells her that she has a lot of work to do before any of them trust her again. Billie goes to get them something to eat and warns Chelsea to stay out of Bo and Hope’s way. Bo is still trying to calm Hope down as she says she should probably call Patrick as well. Bo just looks at her and tells her to do what ever she has to. Mimi goes into Shawn and says she is so sorry…and that she blames herself for pushing the custody issue. She says she has kept so much from him but it he comes out of this, she will tell him everything…as the previews show…

Austin (to Lucas): Listening to you talk about Sami…it sounds like you are still in love with her…are you?

Sami (to EJ): Did you do this on purpose?...(EJ): WHAT?...(Sami): You don’t want me to get married today…

Bo (grabbing Chelsea and dragging her away): What the hell are you doing?...Stay away from him…

Hope: If Shawn dies, I am afraid our family will die with him…

And the credits roll…

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