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Monday, August 28th, 2006

to Billy Warlock (Frankie) and Julie Pinson (Billie),
who were married in real life on Saturday August 26th.

EPISODE: 10,387
DIRECTED BY: Jim Baffico,
TAPE DATE: 7/28/06
HEADWRITER: James Reilly

The clock is ticking...will Sami marry Austin or not? Friends and Family arrive for the wedding and lots of little conversations take place while Lexie tells Tek about the mysterious file showing up in Shawn's room.

Tek arrives (in a suit) to talk with Lexie. He supposedly was there to interview an accident victim. She vents about Abe’s filing for divorce and other stuff going on at the hospital, saying she sees trouble coming. She feels whoever planted the file is also responsible for the embryo mix up. Whoever did this wants to cause problems for Mimi, Shawn, Philip and Belle and stepping into her private office (the one with a curtain), she tells him she thinks it’s the same person who called her too. He asks what threatening call and she sushes his raised voice, telling him she was warned that if she told, something terrible would happen. She’s now in tears as Tek asks for more information. Later she tells him she couldn’t tell what sex the caller was, but they promised to hurt her if she told anyone. She points out all the mix ups involved BRADYS (well, duh). He hugs her and promises to help her with it.

Roman is relieved Sami finally got there so he wasn’t wearing his monkey suit for nothing. Marlena has the feeling Sami and Austin aren’t marrying the right person. Roman comments again on how great Marlena looks and John walks in seconding that. John asks how she’s doing and she happily announces she’s doing good and feeling stronger all the time, reassured the separation was a good idea. He hopes she’ll agree to letting him come home soon as he misses her like crazy. She doesn’t seem irritated by the comment, but Roman pipes up for John not to pressure Marlena (butt out).

Ma and Pa Brady arrive and ask Bo and Hope about Shawn. They both appreciate her changing her mind and coming to the wedding with Bo. Hope tells them not to read too much into it and Caroline doesn’t agree and heads off to help Sami. Bo smiles and Hope smiles a little in exasperation. She says it was a little awkward and he mentions it’s all her decision and no one elses if they do reunite. He steps away to check on some investigation being done, much to her surprise. He asks her to save him a seat and she agrees, looking a little lost without him. Jen and Frankie arrive and inquire if she and Bo are back together and Hope says sort of. Encouraged, Frankie said that will make Ma and Pop happy. When asked about Jack we hear he’s not in remission yet, and although he wanted to come, all felt it best for him to stay home with a nurse instead. Frankie leaves to give the gals time to talk While Hope tells Jennifer she came with Bo for the family, Jennifer wisely tells her cousin what she saw in Hope’s eyes when she was with Bo told her that wasn’t the only reason. They both smile.

Ma and Pop tell Frankie they’re happy to see him there with Jennifer. Having Steve there with Kayla too, she figured Sami’s wedding might be a good thing, LOL.

Philip and Belle go into the church after Chelsea’s mini interrogation about them being together. Alone, Belle and Philip talk about the lab report. He doesn’t want anyone else to learn about his mother, who would make a big deal about it.

In the Grooms Room, Austin can’t believe Kate’s attitude. She even takes his flower off, saying he won’t need it. Sami knocks on the door and apologizes for being late as she goes into his arms. She calls Kate “Mom” and Kate and Lucas ask what happened and she gives them the condensed version, telling Austin she’ll explain more later, but she has to get ready now. After Sami leaves to get ready, Kate says if she calls her Mom one more time…but Austin told her to get used to it, she’s going to be his wife. EJ arrives at the Grooms Room and apologizes for getting Sami there so late. He jokes about taking such good care of his race car that his personal car doesn’t work, saying it’s like the shoemakers kids not having shoes. He shakes Austin’s hand saying he’s getting a good woman and to take good care of her as he WILL be watching.

Kayla, Stephanie and Steve arrive. He’s a little uncomfortable wearing a tie and Kayla knows being in St. Lukes must be hard for him too. She thanks him for coming with them and he says he’s trying. She tells him that’s all she asked. Stephanie steps aside to wait for Max and Billie joins Steve and Kayla. She asks for a rematch at darts and he’d do anything to get out of his suit, but later.

Max arrives and he and Stephanie talk about an upcoming race and who will win. He suggests betting on it and she reminds him of their ethics clause they signed. He says his date is there when Chelsea walks up and Stephanie leaves them alone. When Chelsea doesn’t hear his compliment about upstaging the bride, he asks about the paternity tests she got and if she told the people. She rants about Abby’s big mouth, but he stands firm that Abby’s her friend and he won’t tell. She explains what happened (but no names are mentioned) and they’re both surprised nothing happened after they found out the results.

Stephanie invites Max to sit next to her during the ceremony being Chelsea is a member of the bridal party.

Steve fills John and Bo in on what he’s found out about Eve. He had a friend back in Cincinnati do a little “hack attack” (Bo and John both claim not to have heard that, LOL) and guess who had a big deposit in their checking account the day after the surveillance tape went missing? Yup, they agree that Eve was involved, just now to find out WHO paid her off.

Kate finds EJ sitting in the church and gives him a hard time about not keeping Sami busy longer. She figures he won’t be out of the picture, even if Sami marries Austin and he smiles in response.

Sami has Deanna working on her hair, wanting to be more beautiful than ever. Marlena sits down and asks Sami if maybe subconsciously she’s avoiding marrying Austin. Sami cites all the things that happened, saying her subconscious didn’t cause them. She loves Austin and wants to marry him.

Marlena gives Sami something old (bracelet her grandmother gave her when she was born), Carrie gives her the something blue..a new garter. Belle gives her the something “borrowed”, the pearls her dad gave her on her wedding day that she found out Marlena wanted Sami to have. Sami thanks her for remembering. She said EJ gave her the something new…pearl earrings. Deanne asks they stop talking so she can finish Sami’s hair and Marlena leaves to tell Father Jansen that Sami’s almost ready (not even close IMO). Sami asks Belle how Shawn’s doing. Sensing there’s more than Belle wants to say in front of Deanne, Sami asks Deanne for a minute alone with her sister (uh, remember Deanne is running late for ANOTHER event, but agreed to stay and help Sami?) Amazingly enough, Chelsea walks up and can hear everything going on inside the room, even with the door closed, as Belle fills her sisters in on what happened at the hospital. Carrie asks Belle if she doesn’t really want Shawn to be Claire’s father. Belle explains how Philip is determined to find out who left that folder. Chelsea dashes off as Belle changes the subject back to the wedding and hears Lucas and Will walking down the hall. Lucas knocks saying Will wanted to wish his mother the best (was hoping football couch would have told him to lose the Shirley Temple hairdo..). Belle and Carrie go to find Deanne (good luck) to finish Sami’s hair and Will hopes nothing goes wrong for his mom THIS time. He always wanted his mom and dad to get back together, but is happy for her and Uncle Austin too. Lucas brings up her delay getting to the church, but sincerely tells her he knows she’s wanted to be with Austin for a long time and he’s lucky to have her. Both her guys are sweet to her.

Carrie knocks on the Grooms Room door and tells Austin that Father Jansen is ready for them in the church. He asks her not to go when she turns to leave. Moments before his wedding, he again mentions how they ended up married to Lucas and Sami. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Jen and Frankie go to take their seat and remember their own wedding was there not too long ago and all that’s happened since.

Kayla is disappointed that Hope didn’t call her to the hospital for Shawn. Bo and Steve arrive looking like cats that ate the canary, but don’t say why. They all take their seats. Chelsea jealously watches Stephanie and Max joking as Caroline shoos her back to the Brides Room. John tells Kate she looks lovely and she has to ask him a question.

Roman tells Marlena he’s going to give their daughter away. She jokes about that’s the one good thing about having so many runs at it, he won’t be nervous..and she goes to check on Sami.

Billie finds Philip (still dealing with a hangover) and tells him to call her next time he feels like getting drunk. He said Lucas told him the same thing and glad his siblings are so supportive.

Marlena arrives and we Sami all coiffed and dressed…looking radiant and beautiful. Marlena and Carrie enter and catch their breath. Sami is worried and asks if everything is okay. Marlena replies “everything’s okay” (but doesn’t tell her daughter she looks beautiful or anything like that..tsk tsk) and it’s time. Sami asks for a moment alone after all that’s happened that day and her bridal party leaves to meet her outside. Sami takes a breath, looks in the mirror to confirm it’s really going to happen and grabbing her bouquet, heads for the door. The Brides Room phone rings and at first she thinks of ignoring it, but thinking it’s her twin brother Eric calling from Colorado, answers it asking if it’s him. Naturally it’s not, it’s “the voice” warning her if she marries Austin, her secret will be revealed about how she blackmailed Lexie, saying it would be a pity to disappoint her son, again. Sami looks about to cry.

In the hallway, the groomsmen assure Austin this wedding will happen. Marlena hears John had a date as Kate inquires about him and Eve. He said he can explain, but she said the ceremony is about to begin. Cue the music as Philip walks Belle down the aisle. Shirley (er, Will), walks Chelsea down the aisle, Lucas walks Carrie (aren’t we a tightly interwoven family?) Austin and Carrie both exchange resigned looks. Sami walks out and Roman senses something’s wrong by her doomed look (she looked happier walking down death row!). He asks what’s wrong and she comes out of her deep thinking to assure him all’s okay and she’s ready. Sami’s about to cry and her sweet daddy tells her if she’s having second thoughts about marrying Austin, he’ll take care of calling off the wedding. He asks her if she wants to marry Austin or not…as the camera freeze frames on her crestfallen face as she looks down the aisle….

And the previews roll…

Lexie tells Bonnie (who’s in her candy striper outfit) with Abe standing behind her: “When Shawn was here, Claire’s medical file was found in his room.”
Bonnie looks shocked, saying “What?”

Tek (to the officers guarding the church on the radio): “Keep an eye all entrances, windows too..we don’t know who we’re dealing with or what his MO is.”

John looks to the back of the church and says..”What the hell…” Marlena looks at John and he shakes his head saying “nothing”…while Roman is busy staring up front.

Sami to Austin (at the altar): “Austin, I don’t think I can do this….”

As the credits roll…


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