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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Episode # 10,375;
Tape Date: 7/14/06;
Air Date: 8/10/06;
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: It's a new day in Salem (at least I think it is!)...Marlena & John are back in town and try to help Belle...Mimi works to try to keep Belle out of their lives...Abby goes job hunting...and EJ takes over at the Roberts apartment.

Marlena arrives home as an anxious John says come to me baby and she runs to him and jumps in his arms They kiss as he says he missed her like crazy. (Supposedly she spent time at Green Mountain Lodge at a seminar.) John says he wants to concentrate on taking care of her. Belle arrives and asks her mom how she is doing and Marlena says okay. They ask how she's been and she tells them she's pregnant. They are excited and Marlena thinks Philip must be thrilled. Belle says Philip's not the father...Shawn is. In shock, they all sit, as Belle tells them the sordid scrambled egg story. Belle tells them that Philip thinks maybe it’s no accident and even suspects she did it on purpose. Belle fills them in on what’s been going on… about Philip’s accident and how he wanted both women to have abortions. Belle says she's happy it turned out this way and thinks it is a sign that she and Shawn belong together. John is upset and says he thought she and Philip doing okay. Belle tries to explain that even when Marlena had amnesia SHE understood the connection she had with Shawn. Marlena says this is a mistake, Shawn's married to Mimi. But Belle says he loves me. John says he knows how it is to see the one you love in love with someone else (lol, strange look from Marlena). Then Belle talks about how her mom being married to Roman, and how they, Carrie, Sami & Eric were a family…and then how happy her parents were with her and Brady as well. Marlena talks about when she got pregnant with Belle, it was an act of love...not like this situation. They tell her this is wrong as Belle tears up.

After Belle leaves, Marlena is worried and John tells her not to worry, she is smart like her mother, who he loves so much. Marlena gets this strange look and John wants to know what’s wrong…what's on her mind? Marlena says it is about us. While I was gone, I had a lot of time to think...I'm not the same strong woman I used to be. Alex abused me and I let that happen. She talks about how Stefano and Tony did as well and she always turned to him to rescue her and she feels she put way too much on him. John says that's what couples in love do for each other. Marlena says she has to stand on her own two feet. John asks her what she’s getting at and Marlena says she needs them to separate. John is shocked to hear this and says she’s going too fast…when they're not even legally married. Marlena tells him how he is the one man she's loved with her whole heart but she needs to find herself first. John says this has been hell for all of them and she has always been his strength and wants to be there for her now. Marlena says he can't change her mind and he grabs her and lays a big ole wet one on her.

Sami and Austin are working as she is mubling about Lucas and Carrie living there and is upset that Austin invited them without asking her (well, it is HER place). Lucas and Carrie overhear this and come into the living room and tell Sami and Austin not to worry, they are moving out. Meanwhile, EJ is doing some eavesdropping of his own. Austin tells them they don't have to leave, but Lucas thinks it's for the best…but not to worry, they will find someplace else to go. Austin and Sami backtrack, trying to convince them not to leave. EJ knocks and says he overheard the conversation and has an idea. He suggests helping with the renovation (claiming he has done some of that type of work…well, isn’t he just a jack of all trades?). Sami thinks they should take him up on his offer. Lucas and Carrie concede and the three of them go over to the apartment. Sami is thrilled they will be out of there, notices a change in Austin’s demeanor and asks if he is disappointed that Carrie and Lucas are leaving. EJ thinks the apartment isn't that bad and thinks he can have them back in the apartment by tonight. Lucas goes to get started and Carrie asks EJ why he is really doing this. Austin tells Sami he isn’t disappointed by them moving out, he will get more time with his fiancée and they kiss. She asks if they are really going to get married this time and Austin says he thinks they should do it as soon as possible as an excited Sami jumps into his arms. EJ tells Carrie that he is helping because he is their friend. He assures Carrie he will never tell about her and Austin. Carrie goes downstairs to meet the contractor as Lucas comes out and thanks EJ for the help. EJ inquires about the Lucas/Austin relationship. Lucas admits that they have had problems, mainly because of Sami, but assures EJ he is happy with Carrie. Sami is ready to start planning her wedding. She tells Austin, she knows they are going to be happy. Austin tells her to calm down but she wants to tell Carrie and Lucas and make sure they are available for whatever date she and Austin pick. EJ tells Lucas and Carrie he has to go over to Max's garage and leaves. Carrie tells Lucas she's glad to get away from Sami and Austin's apartment and he says as soon as they finish the apartment it will be just him and Carrie (what about Will?). Sami and Austin come barging in to give them the wedding news.

At the Garage…Abby arrives to see Shawn. They talk about how Jack is improving but she has an ulterior motive…she is looking for a job. Mimi comes in and Abby leaves them alone to talk. He starts to say something but Mimi interrupts him with a kiss. Shawn stops her, saying he has a lot of paperwork to do for the patent. Shawn apologizes about what happened at the hospital and says he is committed to only her. Mimi says that doesn’t mean a thing if there is no love. But Shawn insists he DOES love her. Mimi says she fears he loves Belle more. Shawn says that’s not the case. Only problem is Mimi doesn’t trust Belle. She asks what will he do next time she throws herself at him. Shawn tries to explain that Belle was emotional and Philip wasn’t there for her. He tells Mimi that she is spontaneous and fun and inspires him…and he wants her to be secure in their relationship. He says he would do anything to make her feel better about their future. Mimi says there is something he can do. She is having a hard time with Belle being pregnant with his baby. Shawn says they will have to make the best of the situation, but Mimi wants to do more than that. She wants to have a court order in advance to decide what the arrangements will be. Shawn tells her he will talk to Mickey about it. Mimi fears that Belle will use the baby as an excuse to worm her way into their lives and wants ground rules before hand. Belle walks in (and apparently overheard) and asks what’s going on. Belle is hurt that she thinks Shawn and Mimi are plotting behind her back. She thinks the four of them should sit down and discuss this together. Mimi says she thinks so too, but just doesn't trust Belle any more. Belle tells her that she has come to say goodbye to Shawn.

Abby is reading about EJ in a magazine when he walks in. She tells him Max and Shawn are unavailable right now and he says then that will give them a chance to get to know each other. He tells Abby some cock n bull story about a race and she says she is turning into a fan. He finally tells her that he may have a job for her and she tells him that she had just asked Shawn for a job but he is going to have to ask Max. He tells her if she changes her mind, the offer stands. As he goes to leave, he takes her hand and tells her to tell Shawn he was there…as Abby swoons.

Meanwhile, Mimi tells Belle she is full of (sh)it. She could never say goodbye to Shawn. But, Belle says it's time to end things with Shawn. She asks for a few moments with Shawn as an annoyed Mimi rolls her eyes. She leaves, but stops outside the door to listen. Shawn tells Belle she will be a lot happier with this decisionas Belle says it was such a hard decision. Shawn asks “Is this really goodbye?”…as the previews show…

Roman (to Marlena): Is there something wrong? (Marlena): No, no…John and I are separating…

Frankie (to Jenn): For you, beautiful…(as he hands her a bouquet of flowers and kisses her)…

Philip (to Mimi): I do not think this was an accident…(Mimi): WHAT?...(Philip): I think someone did this to us on purpose…

Shawn (to Belle): Where did this come from?...

And the credits roll…

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