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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Episode # 10,380
Tape Date: 7/20/06
Air Date: 8/17/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Just a ho-hum day. Abby is disappointed when her family plans fall through…Lexie tries to appeal to Abe, but he lets her know it’s over…the loft dwellers argue again…at the hospital Chelsea stumbles upon some startling information.

At the Deveraux House…Abby has a surprise for Jack and Jen. She has a family picnic all planned out for the next day. But Jen says she can’t…she already has plans with Frankie. This upsets Abby when she learns that they are planning on going to Sami’s wedding instead. Jack sides with Jen, urging her to go. He says they can have a picnic another time. Abby is determined, so he tells her that he and JJ will be there, but she says forget it, she will just go down to the track and hang out with EJ tomorrow. Jack knows of EJ’s reputation from when he was a reporter and calls him a playboy. He thinks this is a mistake, besides, Abby is too young for him. He asks what is she thinking? She says maybe she isn’t thinking…just like her mom isn’t thinking when it comes to Frankie. They are just two girls controlled by hormones. With that, she grabs her purse and storms out. After she is gone, Jack and Jen beat themselves up over it and are afraid she is headed for trouble.

At the loft…Mimi and Shawn go over to Philip and Belle’s place, with Mimi wanting to settle the legal issues over the children. She says they need to pre-determine the number of hours Shawn and Philip can spend with their biological kids and set up some kind of schedule. Belle says Mimi has really been thinking about it and Shawn says TOO much. He thinks it is a little premature and that once the children are born, they may change their minds. But Philip agrees with Mimi…and Shawn says that is only because Philip doesn’t want him anywhere near Belle or the baby. The guys argue about it as Mimi says there needs to be boundaries, that would be best for the children. But Shawn says he isn’t going to g along with it and refuses to agree. He says no matter what, the child will still be his and storms out. Then Belle starts on them but Philip says it’s not about the babies…it’s about her and Shawn. Then he storms out as well. Mimi gathers her things as Belle tries to talk to her but Mimi doesn’t want to hear it and they end up arguing as well. Belle assures her it is over between her and Shawn. She feels that keeping Philip and Shawn away from their children is wrong. Mimi brings up that Belle keeps throwing herself at Shawn and she fears that Belle will use the baby to do the same thing as well. Mimi says she doesn’t trust her enough and thinks it just may be best that they never even tell the children the truth at all. Belle reminds her that when she was born, everyone thought that she was Roman Brady’s child and when her mom found out the truth, was honest with everyone. Otherwise things could have turned out bad. Belle says that half of Salem already knows the truth anyway…the children should know as well.

At the Pub…Chelsea is on the phone with Max, whining about having to work over at the hospital and break their date. She plans on slipping off and meeting him, when Billie yanks the phone away from her…telling her she WILL go back to the hospital. She proceeds to lecture her about her attitude. She says no matter what Billie says, this service will never get her over what she feels for killing Zack and that this is just a waste of her time. Billie tells her this may be a surprise, but she does NOT know everything. But Chelsea whines that it is just so boring. Lexie arrives and Billie asks her to join them for dinner. As Billie and Lexie talk, Chelsea is totally oblivious to them and plays with her iPod. Billie asks Lexie how she is doing and she tells her that Abe moved out. He shows up as well and speaks to Billie and Chelsea but totally ignores Lexie. Billie urges her to go talk to him. Billie thinks that he still loves her but Lexie says he will never forgive her. Chelsea shows some more self-pity and then Lexie talks about when Zack was a baby and how she did terrible things to keep him from Bo and Hope, but they eventually forgave her. Billie encourages her to go make an effort…take the first step. Later, after they have eaten, Chelsea heads back to the hospital and Lexie finally decides to follow Billie’s advice and try to talk to him. She goes over, but he is cold to her. She talks about how Theo misses him but he tells her not to use him to try to get to her. He says things are going to change soon…he is looking for his own place and is going to sue for sole custody. She pleads with him not to do this, but he says it is all her own fault. She tells him that she tried but he pushed her away…she asks if there is anything she can do and he says yes, get an attorney. He gets up and walks away as she cries. Billie comes over and asks what happened as she tells her that he plans to take Theo. She excuses herself to go back to the hospital and on her way out, overhears him on the phone with his lawyer. Outside, she breaks down as Billie comes out and offers to walk her back to work.

Shawn arrives at the pub as Abe offers to buy him a beer. They talk about the egg mixup and Shawn says he can’t turn his back on his own kid…but it will hurt Mimi at the same time. Abe agrees and tells him that regardless if he is with the mother or not, he needs to be there for the child. He says he will always be there for Theo as well. Later, Abe leaves as Shawn orders another drink. Philip walks in and says make it 2.

On her way back to the hospital, Chelsea is walking along the docks and turns around and screams. But it’s only Max, who was on his way to the pub, who startled her. She whines to him, but he too lectures her about her duties at the hospital. She says that nothing ever goes right in her life, except for him. She talks about how everyone she ever cares about leaves her. He says she is only making herself miserable. He goes on to tell her about how his parent abandoned him and how he and Frankie were adopted by the Brady’s. He didn’t think it would last and for that reason, he shut down and didn’t want to get close to them. He says he understands her because he has been there himself. She tells him that she understands and finally gets it and that he is the best thing that has ever happened to her. He tells her not to push him away…because he isn’t going anywhere. She goes back to the hospital as Lexie loads her down with a bunch of files to code and file. She calls Abby and learns that she is upset. She asks her what’s wrong and tells her to vent. As Abby chatters on, the gloved hand slips a file folder on top of the stack of files. Later, Chelsea turns around and sees that it is Claire’s file. She flips through it and can’t believe what she is seeing (it flashes something about Claire & Shawn’s DNA match). She tells Abby that this community service may not be so bad afterall…thinks just got incredibly interesting…really fast…as the previews show…

Shawn (to Philip): Don’t blow it…you have got everything a man could ever want… (Philip): Except for one thing…

Hope (to Mimi): Shawn loves you…he tells me all the time that he trusts you more than anyone in the world…

Bo (to Chelsea): I found out what you did…and now it’s time to pay up…

And the credits roll…

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