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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Episode # 10,390
Tape Date: 8/2/06
Air Date: 8/31/06
Director: Herb Stein
Head Writer: James E. Reilly

Summary: Belle and Philip discuss the events of the day…Bonnie worries that Mimi may be in danger…Sami confronts Lexie, blaming her for her wedding day blues…John fills Marlena in on his investigation…and they make a gruesome discovery outside the church.

At one Loft…Belle and Philip rehash the events of the day (I guess for the benefits of those that have missed the past week or so). They talk about the file ending up in Shawn’s room, as well as Sami’s non-wedding, then go inside to find Maggie (who was babysitting) covered in food. She talks about how Claire is such a picky eater, as they both say they were neither that way. Maggie opens mouth and inserts foot when she says she guesses that Claire didn’t get that gene from either of them. Both are quiet as she asks if she said something wrong. They assure her she didn’t. They briefly discuss the wedding fiasco and then Maggie leaves. After she leaves, Belle asks Philip why he is upset but he decides to go shower and go to bed. Later, they are ready for bed as she asks him if he is okay. But he keeps obsessing about the file. He tells her she is beautiful and they kiss. Later they are still talking about the events of the day and he suggests they take Claire and go to the fair the next day. But she reminds him that Claire has a doctor appointment, so he wants to go along. He says it won’t be a day at the park, but at least they will be together as a family.

At the other loft…Bonnie comes rushing over, a nervous wreck. Mimi shushes her, saying Shawn is asleep. They talk about the file as Mimi tells her that Shawn, Belle nor Philip believed what was inside. She tells Bonnie that Philip is sure that it is a sick joke. Bonnie is just relieved that there was no damage. Bonnie thinks that Mimi is now home-free and that she can relax a bit. But Mimi tells her Philip thinks someone did this, as well as, the egg scramble on purpose. Bonnie tells her that Kate had mentioned a conspiracy theory as well, but she didn’t really pay any attention to her. Mimi thinks Philip could be on to something, considering how many enemies the Brady and the Kiriakis families have. Bonnie gets frightened and says that the DiMera’s hated both families. She hates that Mimi is right in the middle of this and thinks that they should have police protection. Mimi thinks she has been watching too many Law & Order reruns, but Bonnie thinks they should be on their guard.

At the Church…Sami cries to EJ about leaving Austin at the altar. She blames Lexie, but EJ doesn’t think that Lexie is responsible. Sami cries about her dad coming to her but she couldn’t tell him the truth. She is most upset about letting Will down. She says everytime she gets close, she ends up ruining it. She reflects about what a bad day it has been as he ends up making her laugh. Marlena walks in and asks what is going on. Sami explains that EJ was just trying to cheer her up. Marlena asks him to leave so she can talk to Sami. She asks Sami if she is relieved that the wedding didn’t happen. Sami assures her that there is nothing going on between her and EJ…he is just her friend. Marlena asks her why she called it off and Sami says that maybe Marlena was right before. She says she does love Austin, but just maybe she loves him enough to let him go…maybe she just wasn’t ready to marry him. But Marlena thinks she could have chosen a better time (and more private place) to tell him. But Marlena senses there is something else going on here, and Sami asks why she is always second choice. She says that both Austin and Lucas love Carrie. She says that men fight over Belle, Carrie and Marlena…and asks what is wrong with her. Marlena tries to assure her that she is smart, beautiful, etc. but Sami calls herself a “bad seed”. She says that Marlena loves Belle and raised Carrie as her own, but sometimes she feels as if she and Eric are castoffs. She immediately apologizes, saying she didn’t mean that. She talks about what a good mom Marlena is and thanks her for being there for her. Marlena asks again if there is something else going on, but Sami denies it. She offers Sami a ride home, but she declines. After their hugs and “I Love You’s” Marlena leaves. EJ returns and Sami tells him she needs a favor from him.

They go over to Lexie’s house and barge in. Sami and Lexie get into a huge argument, with Sami blaming her for everything that happened today, including the threatening phone call…as Lexie looks bewildered. Lexie denies it all, even though she considered exposing Sami…but she says she stood as much or more to lose than Sami, and she couldn’t go through with it. Lexie can’t understand how EJ can be friends with a person like Sami and Sami says he understands her. Lexie says if he understands her that well, he should get in his car and race out of town while he has the chance. He says he comes from a family “with a flair for the dramatic” (hmmm) and maybe that is why he is attracted to Sami. He says it is like he and Sami are kindred spirits. Lexie warns him about Sami, but he says he will be fine. EJ says the three of them aren’t really that different, which highly offends Lexie. Lexie rants at Sami about all the people she has hurt and continues to insist she is not responsible for Sami’s troubles, saying that someone powerful is behind all of this. She ends up tossing them both out as Sami vows that Lexie isn’t going to get away with this on her way out.

Later, a tearful Lexie meets up with Tek on the pier and tells him about Sami’s visit. She tells him that Sami also received a call right before the wedding, thinking it was Lexie behind it. She tells him she didn’t tell Sami about her own call. She cries that she feels that all of this has gotten way out of hand and that people are going to get hurt.

Back at the church…John asks Eve why she is there and it seems she is helping on the case. They make eyes at one another and talk about their upcoming date. She takes him outside to show him a set of muddy footprints she found. When they come back, they talk with Tek as he catches on that there is something going on between them. Eve tells John she is going home to get ready for their date…just as Marlena walks up. She asks if Eve is the one that John is dating. She says nice to meet you…I am MRS. John Black. John explains that they are separated…it is what Marlena wanted and talks about how earlier, she was hanging all over Roman. He is rather harsh with Marlena (in front of Eve) and then walks her out. He comes back and tries to explain to Marlena, telling her not to worry about Eve. Marlena catches on that he is working on a case. He teases her, telling her he likes seeing her jealous. She says she KNOWS how to get answers out of him and lays a big kiss on him. She asks if he wants to change his plans and he says he can’t. She asks what he is working on and he tells her he is working to clear Bo and hoping to get him and Hope back together. They talk about Eve’s motives as John is sure it is money related, and he is sure she is working for someone…and tonight he hopes to find out who. She worries he is putting himself in danger, but he assures her that is not the case. He asks about Sami as Marlena thanks him for getting her to the church…even if it didn’t really matter. She tells him she is glad Sami called it off thought. One more sexy kiss and they leave. Outside, he teases her some more about his “date” until they stumble upon Eve, sprawled out across the ground. He rolls her over and they see that she has blood all over her. John nervously looks around…as the previews show…

Abe (to Tek): So you left the investigation to meet with Lexie…is that right?...

Lexie (to Austin): Sami leaving you at the altar is the best thing that could have happened to you…

Roman (to Abe & John): We may have a shot at the killer…(Abe): Did you find anything?...(Roman): I’m afraid I did…something you aren’t going to like…

EJ (to Sami): You want to know if I am falling for you?...

And the credits roll…

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