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Tuesday, August 15

NOTE: THE EARLY EDITION FOR WEDNESDAY 8/16 will be posted early this afternoon.

Episode: 10,378
Directed by: Herb Stein
Tape Date: 7/19
Headwriter: James Reilly

Sami and Austin personally invite people to their wedding; Chelsea does her public service work at the hospital; John helps Bo investigate; Bo and Hope talk about the mysterious email she got; Kate is everywhere.

John meets with Tek at the Cop Shop to offer his help in proving Bo’s innocence in the videotape swapping. Eve grows nervous and demands more money from “the glove”. John notices Eve’s name on the DUTY ROSTER that Tek shows him from that day. John suspects Eve as being someone who wants to move up fast and although he’s not on the case, suggests they set a trap for the blonde rat (my, two months in Europe sure clears one’s head). Later they have a plan and go out to the office to implement trapping Eve. John sees Patrick sitting at Bo’s desk filling out his application for the police academy (talk about ridiculous…NO WAY would that happen! He’d be sitting in a lobby filling it out or have to take it home.) He asks John if he can put him as one of his three references and John happily agrees, thanking him for his help in saving Marlena from Alex on the island. Patrick tells him about Bo’s plan to prevent him from being accepted to the academy.

John and Tek leave the Commanders Office (that everyone uses, haha). Tek gives Eve the duty roster to file and it falls to the floor. John reaches down to pick it up for her and flirts with Eve, saying he didn’t see a gold band on her finger. She says no diamonds either (guess the fact HE’S wearing a gold band isn’t worth mentioning) and he asks about a drink later, hoping he’s not moving too fast. She says fast is good and accepts. They exchange cards just as Kate walks in and Eve leaves. She mentions it looked like he was hitting on that officer and he says he and Marlena are separated. He says it’s just a drink and no big deal. She leaves and goes straight to the file room to ask Eve about the text message she sent her and tells Eve no one can find out they know each other (hmm, the public sure moves easily throughout the police station…again..the file room would be off limits as well).

Bo arrives and finds Patrick comforting Hope. She wants him to call first before coming there. He shows her the crumbled up divorce papers as his response to being served and reminds “boy scout” Patrick that Hope’s still a married woman. Patrick mentions dropping off something to headquarters and Hope says Patrick wants to go to the Police Academy. Bo angrily retorts “over his dead body.” Bo cheerfully will blacklist Patrick and toss the divorce papers in the trash at the same time. Bo said he doesn’t have to, the background check will eliminate him. Hope twists the knife more by saying she’d be Patrick’s partner if she weren’t pregnant. Patrick leaves and Bo asks how she could sleep with Patrick when she knew he loved her and wanted her back. She says she didn’t like the terms he stated in his email a few months back. He denies sending an email like that and she figures he’s gotten to be a good liar. We return to their arguing about the email she received and he realizes that’s why Hope has felt the way she has. He has a lightbulb moment as she realizes someone changed his email. She says he can’t blame Patrick and he says no, I think it was Chelsea. He’s always known that Chelsea was manipulative and selfish, but if she did change his email, he’ll never forgive her for doing that. He knew Chelsea wanted his support at the trial, but this would be too much. He asks Hope if Chelsea did alter his email, would she give their marriage another chance? He understands why she’s acted the way she has now. If she hadn’t gotten that email, she wouldn’t have been with Patrick or him Billie. He asks Fancy Face for another chance. She still doesn’t believe him without proof of the videotape tampering and email changing and says too much has happened. They can’t go back and she’s moving ahead with the divorce.

While Austin and Kate listen from the background, EJ tries to convince Stephanie to work for them (on the phone). She caves and agrees to talk to her agents who will get back to them. Sami rushes in and insists Austin help her with the wedding the next day. Kate tries to keep him there for their meeting with EJ, but EJ says even the wedding is more important and they’re in a holding pattern anyway.

Lucas tells Stephanie (after overhearing her end of the conversation) he thinks she’s nuts to accept their offer. He tries to warn her about Kate, saying she his mother and he loves her, but she’s a monster, LOL. She’s done some morally questionable things. He also asks how much she knows about EJ Wells except for his heavy foot, pretty face and Oxford degree? He warns her that Max will kick her butt with the car/engine he has and his driving skills. Stephanie goes to leave and he apologizes saying she’s his wife’s cousin and thanks her for coming to their wedding and will be going to Sami’s the next day. She is surprised to hear about the wedding and Kate pops up behind her. Kate politely asks Stephanie to leave so she can talk with her son and she agrees. Kate reminds Lucas that if she hadn’t stopped his wedding with Sami, he wouldn’t be married to Carrie, the woman of his dreams, right now. Lucas hates to agree. Kate gets beeped to come to the PD and Lucas is suspicious, but she claims she’s on a steering committee for a benefit.

After Austin and Sami have left, EJ and Kate talk about the apartment dwellers. He says it sounds like she’s not a believer of Sami’s change and she agrees. He suggests they share some champagne and she comments how she can detect his own attraction to Sami and perhaps he should share that champagne with Sami later and maybe Austin will call off the wedding. We see Austin and Sami (who can’t stop kissing and hugging Austin with delight) as they’re at the hospital inviting people to come to the wedding.

Chelsea stands outside the hospital door talking to Abby on her cell phone, complaining about her public service filing job there. Lexie walks out and overhears, then reminds Chelsea no cell phones in the hospital after she hangs up. Chelsea walks in and asks Sami if she forgot to tell her bridesmaid (her) about the wedding the next day. They bicker back and forth as Sami tells Chelsea her bridesmaid dress will be ready. Chelsea snips about being prettier than the bride and Sami smiles saying she chose Chelsea to be her bridesmaid as she knew that wouldn’t be the case. Chelsea smilingly, retorts she was the only one who Sami could get, but if Sami wants to make some good money, see Rita in Accounting to bet on if she would actually make it through the vows this time. Austin backs Sami up and says she needs to get a good nights sleep, but Sami proclaims not tonight, they need to be apart the night before the wedding. EJ walks up saying Sami can sleep with him. He tries to correct that saying she can sleep in his bed..and uh, he’ll sleep on the sofa. Austin thanks him for the generous offer, but declines saying she can sleep at Carrie and Lucas’. He suggests she stay at the Penthouse, but she says she talked to her mom and she’s going through something and needed to be alone (I’m sure she’d make an exception for her daughter on the night before her wedding..especially Sami). Austin suggests the pub and Sami agrees, but then declines after saying her, Aunt Kayla and Stephanie all fighting for the bathroom the next morning…nope. She asks he change his mind about EJ’s offer saying they’d be closer that way too, and Austin agrees (guess his quickie with Carrie on the roof didn’t count). Lexie arrives and tells Chelsea she’s tired of checking on her and to get to filing (since when is the doctor responsible for overseeing that?) Chelsea takes off to work after saying it’s better than jail and Lexie asks Austin if he doesn’t want to reconsider. Lexie says “I know” and pauses…saying how challenging weddings are. Austin invites Lexie to come to their wedding and Lexie and Sami glare at each other after that. Lexie declines saying although she won’t have to work, she has some other important business the next day. Austin asks if it’s research and Lexie agrees, saying it could be explosive what she finds out. Sami watches nervously. Later Chelsea arrives at the desk with an armload of files. She tells Lexie that George in Administration gave her the next day off to go to Sami’s wedding. Chuckling, she tells Lexie watching Sami get married might be like watching the Titanic sinking. Lexie smiles, saying it will be something to watch. Sami watches from the background and knows Lexie is up to something. EJ assures her everything will be okay and asks if she’s going to accept his offer for the night at his place. She says yes and not to make a big deal about it. He disagrees and says they’ll celebrate her last night of being single. Austin walks up and overhears, staring nervously…as the previews roll…

Stephanie to Steve: I race cars for a living and Mom was about to go to a war zone to practice medicine. We can handle danger, what we could never handle is losing you again.

Austin visits EJ’s apartment and is greeted at the door by a shirtless EJ and Sami’s clothing is questionable too as she’s bareshouldered. Austin looks back and forth at them.

Patrick to Hope: Looks like we’re really stuck together now.
Hope: What are you talking about?

Eve to John (at a bar): I think we should call it a night.
John: I was hoping to get to know you better, much better…

As the credits roll…


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