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Tuesday, August 22nd

Episode: 10,383
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 7/23/06

Family and friends take turns talking to Shawn, hoping to wake him up; Sami’s wedding day is not going smoothly and Chelsea decides to do the right thing.

Lucas and Carrie arrive at Sami’s apartment and learn that Sami slept across the hall at EJ’s. EJ walks into his room and finds Sami sound asleep in his bed. He fiddles with her bangs as she’s sound asleep, Sami sits up and kisses him, thinking it’s Austin. When he speaks afterward, Sami wakes up and is totally shocked, apologizing and backing up hurriedly. She notices the time and leaps out of bed, asking how he could let her sleep so late on her wedding day. He apologizes, saying she looked so peaceful he wanted to let her sleep, but smiles as she rushes out of the room. Across the hall Carrie tried calling EJ’s and there was no answer. Lucas stops Austin from going to check on her as it’s bad luck and offers to go himself. We see Sami in frantic mode as Lucas notes a button undone on Sami’s top (she’s sitting on the couch). EJ explains he had turned off the phone as he gets lots of calls from Europe during the night and didn’t want them to wake Sami.
Now alone, Austin and Carrie share an awkward moment as she helps him pick out “studs” to wear. Austin asks Carrie what her dress looks like and she refuses to show him, but says Sami didn’t want to be upstaged. He apologizes for ruining her good mood, but she insists that she’s happy for her sister who’s marrying the man of her dreams. Naturally the conversation turns back to them and their quickie on the roof. Yawn. They hug as she assures him how happy she is.

Across the hall Sami’s in manic mode, worried about her hair. Lucas tells her that Carrie’s arranged for a stylist to be at the church and she calms down. Lucas and Sami look into each others faces as he calmly (and sweetly) tells her they’re going to make sure everything goes right for her today. He leaves to send Carrie over. EJ comments on how connected she and Lucas are and thinks they belong together. She sees Lucas whenever she looks in Will’s eyes (just where is her son on her wedding day?) She tries to explain the love/hate thing with Lucas to EJ, saying their relationship was never boring. It’s better for them to be friends. She asks EJ is they aren’t friends and he reluctantly agrees. Aha, Will’s at camp as Sami talks to him on the phone. His ride home flaked out on him and EJ offers to go get him, but Sami said the camp would only release him to family (at his age?). She asks Carrie to go and she agrees as they both try to calm Sami. EJ says he’ll deliver Carrie to the church.

Lucas rambles on about knowing how hard it is to stop loving and caring for Sami. Austin asks him if he’s still in love with her. Lucas denies it, saying he’s over her. Whatever they had is over. He loves Carrie and she provides stability in his life, no roller coaster ride like he had with Sami. He wishes Austin well with Sami, saying life will never be dull. Austin hopes that Lucas will have the life with Carrie he wants it to be.

EJ got pulled over for a speeding ticket, and of course Sami is freaking. She asks him to just take the ticket and she’ll pay for it. She picks up on his not wanting her to get married that day and asks him about it.

Mimi tells everyone that Shawn’s still the same. Philip’s feeling guilty and Bo tells him it’s not his fault. Philip wants to take Belle home, citing reasons she should go home, but she adamantly refuses to leave until she knows Shawn’s okay. Mimi overhears and Philip rolls his eyes. Philip reminds Belle and Shawn it’s Sami’s wedding day and Belle says she could care less, Shawn is all she’s concerned about now.

Chelsea tells Billie how Shawn saved her life in the sewer and she wants to make things right with him. Billie tries to be optimistic about Shawn’s future. Chelsea sees Philip and Belle talking and thinks of something she CAN do for Shawn.

Hope and Bo are allowed to go in and sit with Shawn. Hope pulls back, afraid to go in the room, saying it reminds her of the night Zack died. Bo softly encourages her, saying it’s not the same and that Shawn needs to hear their voice to come back to them. The nurse closes the curtain around them as they stare at their unconscious son. Hope tells Shawn it’s hold her hand and he’s got to fight. She tells him how much she and Bo love and need him and breaks down. Bo stops her from leaving and talks to Shawn himself, telling him who all is there for him, saying he has a lot to live for, a wife and new baby on the way and that he’ll be a great father. He tells him the day he was born was the most important and happiest day of their lives. He asks Shawn to come back to them so he can give him another chance to let him show him how much he means to him. Hope sobs.

Mimi tells Belle to go in and talk to Shawn. Tell him how much the baby needs him and they all need him. Philip smiles and Hope hugs Mimi afterward, saying how unselfish that was of her.
Chelsea gets off the elevator, now holding the blue folder she found saying the DNA tests confirm Shawn and Claire’s DNA match. Only Billie notices her walking into the area where Shawn and Belle are. Chelsea watches and overhears Belle pleading with Shawn to wake up and saying she can’t settle for just friendship with him and loves him. Even though they’re married to Mimi and Philip, she just knows they deserve to be together. She can’t spend the rest of her life trying to talk herself into not being with him. They have to be together, there has to be a way. Bo finds Chelsea lurking near the area and pulls her away, telling her to stay away from Shawn. Billie asks Chelsea why she’s upset and she claims it’s just because of Shawn. Billie asks about the folder and Chelsea tells her she took to heart what Billie told her about doing the right thing and good deeds. (She doesn’t show her what’s in the folder, but no doubt Billie will put two and two together later on.)

The doctor tells the family that Shawn’s making signs of progress, but warns them that there might be brain damage in extreme cases. Hope rushes to the chapel and lights some candles. She tells God the last time she talked to him was to ask for his help in getting a liver donor for Claire. She talks about Zack and says she could never survive if she lost another child. She begs God not to take him from them too. Their family has suffered so much loss and if he dies, she’s afraid their family will die with him. Bo walked in and overheard that last line as they stare into each others eyes. While they’re in the chapel, Chelsea slips into see Shawn. She tells her unconscious brother that Zack was right, he and Belle belong together and she hopes she can help that happen. She puts the folder on her bedside table. Bo promises Hope that all will be okay and she takes his hand as they go to check on him. Chelsea tries to get Shawn to wake up, knowing he’d want to see what’s in the file. She leaves and Shawn’s head rolls a little and he wakes up. He looks over at the file…


SAMI rants to EJ: “I have been through every worst case scenario a bride could go through on her wedding day. Oh my God, did I just jinx myself?”

MIMI (as she prays in the chapel) and Philip walks in and overhears: “I know I deserve to be punished for lying to Shawn all these months about Claire..”

HOPE to BO: “Don’t you have a wedding to go to?”
BO: “Does that mean you’re not going?”

BELLE to a groggy Shawn as she holds the blue folder: “It’s a file with Claire’s name on it…oh my God…

As the credits roll…


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