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Tuesday, August 29th

Episode: 10,388
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 7/31/06
Headwriter: James E. Reilly

Sami and Austin’s wedding progresses at St. Lukes while Lexie and Abe discuss the mysterious file appearance in Shawn’s cubicle at the hospital.


While pushing her library cart at the hospital (as part of her candystriping duties), Bonnie asks Lexie about Shawn. Lexie confirms he’s okay and just needs REST and QUIET after Bonnie babbles on about trying to call the loft. Tek returns and Lexie cuts the conversation short with Bonnie to see if he’s found out anything. He agrees it seems like the Brady’s are a target and that Tony is a suspect even though he’s in prison. Tek says Sami BRADY’S wedding would be a perfect place for whomever it is to strike. He’s got a team on the way there and he’s heading there as well. Later, he calls her from the church and says all is okay and she is glad to hear that. He comments he’s glad to hear she cares about him and she says of course she cares about him. Naturally Abe walks up and overhears that. After hanging up, Lexie tries to clarify why she said what she did to Abe, but he doesn’t give a damn. He’s moved on and so should she. She’s free to cozy up to whomever she wants to. To prove he’s there on other business, he flashes his ID as Commissioner to a nurse walking past and asks about the missing Claire Kiriakis file (why isn’t he at Sami’s wedding? And why would a COMMISSIONER be investigating in the field, especially something as trivial as that?) He learns Lexie was the ER doctor that night and she smiles saying he’ll have to talk to her after all.

They sit in the lobby to talk (not her office) and she explains what happened and how the file was found. He says this incident doesn’t say a lot about hospital security. She tells him that Dr. Bergman was also working that night. She tells him she’s given it a lot of thought and doesn’t think it ended up there accidentally (gee, all that police training didn’t go to waste). She tells him how the lab confirmed the results were legit. She doesn’t know how long the file was there before it was found. He asks who was there at the time and she cites the names, including Chelsea, and gives him the file. Bonnie overhears them talking and wants details as Mimi hadn’t told her about the file. Lexie tell her. Bonnie freaks out and when she finds out that Belle and Mimi both know too, RUNS out the door. Lexie’s concerned the excitement won’t be good for Shawn. She tries to get Abe to stay, but he says he has to go home and change for Sami and Austin’s wedding reception. He couldn’t go to the wedding because he had this to do (oh PALEEZ…any rookie could have done that!) Lexie warns him to be careful and of course the Police Commissioner doesn’t know about his force staking out the church just in case and she doesn’t tell him either. He didn’t think Austin and Sami would get a second chance and assures Lexie they won’t. Lexie wishes there were something she could do to stop the wedding.

We rejoin the friends and family at St. Lukes as the wedding march plays on, but no bride walks down the aisle. Kate dares not to get her hopes up that this will be another Sami Brady disaster wedding and Lucas assures Austin that he and Will just talked to Sami and she was still anxious to marry him.

Kayla whispers to Steve that she should have known this would happen. It’s like the saying goes…always a bridesmaid, never a bride, LOL. He asks why so many people showed up then and she says it’s like a disaster movie..always get a big draw. Kate tells EJ (who’s sitting next to her..the mother of the groom?) she may owe him an apology after all. Chelsea vents to Carrie about this probably will be her only day off for the rest of the summer and nothing’s happening.

Roman tells Sami she has to make a decision as there are lots of people waiting inside for them. She knows what she wants to do and blames it on nerves. She loves Austin and wants to marry him more than anything. She tells Roman she wants to marry Austin. They hug and step into the church as the music restarts. She looks at all the faces of friends and family there as she walks down the aisle..and Austin asks quietly if everything is okay when she joins him. Smiling, she says everything is perfect. Father Jansen conducts the ceremony and he personalizes it by saying how wonderful he is and will be a wonderful husband. He clears h is throat when he gets to Samantha, but comes through and pauses about how the wedding is a …… and Sami fills in MIRACLE, but he says he was going to say blessing. Everyone chuckles. We rejoin Father Jansen in more of the ceremony and then Marlena steps up to the microphone and reads a verse, saying the response is The Lord is kind and merciful to each line.

Will is next as everyone boosts his confidence. He reads the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians..about how love is kind, etc., then speaks from his heart about how he’s happy for his mom and Uncle Austin. Like any kid, he wanted his parents back together, but he knows his dad is happy with Aunt Carrie. He loves his mom and she has worked hard and finally become the kind of person his dad and him always knew she could be. Turning your life around isn’t easy and lots of people don’t try, but mom’s done it big time. Cue the tears in Sami’s eyes as Will takes her hand and wishes her and Austin a happy, long marriage and hugs her, saying she’s the best.

It’s time for their personal vows and Austin goes first. Austin said he couldn’t be happier (he should be on Laney’s LIAR LIAR poster). He cites how she’s a wonderful mother to Will and he’s as proud of her as Will is. He’s honored that she’s agreed to be his wife and that he loves her, Samantha Gene and will do his best to respect their differences and will love and protect her. He hopes she’ll always be as happy as they are today.

Sami’s turn. She chokes saying she doesn’t think she can do this. Everyone looks at each other puzzled by that statement. Kate tells EJ she doesn’t think this wedding is going to happen. Austin calms Sami telling her to calm down and not be nervous. Once she starts talking, everything will be fine. He says four words will be fine…I love you Austin. She says she wants to do this and says he believed in her like no one else would. Even when she made dumb mistakes, he gave her a second chance. He’s understanding and always treats her with respect. He’s a real good man, saying he’s a real life hero like her dad. Looking at her parents, she tells them how she admires them so much. Looking at Will she knows she hasn’t made it easy for him all the time either and is proud of him. She doesn’t know what she did to deserve him, but is happy to marry him.

In the back of the church, Tek alerts the troops to be alert. John notices the back of the church being guarded, but doesn’t tell Marlena when she glances at him. Father Jansen reads the vows and Austin repeats them first. In sickness and in health, in prosperity and adversity (is that new?), etc. Sami does hers, saying the same vows.

Father Jansen does the usual question asking if anyone has any objections and a long pregnant pause as everyone stares at each other waiting (and it goes to a commercial)…then Father Jansen asks for the rings from Lucas. Lexie walks in the back door of the church and Sami turns and stares at her as the camera freezes on her face…
And the previews roll…..

John to Tek: This isn’t the first time that St. Lukes been a target during a wedding. Who’s behind it?
Tek: We don’t know, but everyone inside could be in danger.

Steve to Kayla: I’m tired of making you feel bad.
Kayla: You don’t think you could hurt me that easily, do you (hard to understand her, but I think that’s what she said)

Chelsea: Maybe Sami realized she’s the not the woman Uncle Austin really loved.

Sami (now in a suit) to EJ: Where have you been? I’ve been stalling this whole time waiting for you. I never thought you’d come.


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