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Tuesday, August 8th

Episode: 10,373
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 7/12/06

More of the same with the loft and apartment dwellers…talk and ranting about who belongs with who (YAWN), Steve and Bo rekindle their relationship by helping each other get their wives back (good scenes!).

Mimi, Shawn and Philip stand next to Belle’s bed. Philip goes to sign Belle out and Shawn offers to stay, but Belle and Mimi say they can handle everything. Belle mentions Bonnie’s babysitting Claire and Mimi replies that Bonnie’s read Belle’s journal too. They read how Belle daydreams about Shawn while even washing the dishes, etc. Belle denies wanting Shawn. Mimi tells Belle she can type away in her journal all she wants, but she’s not getting her husband. Belle knows this isn’t the real Mimi, she’s just angry. Mimi agrees she is and goes on about how Belle always manages to act like the damsel in distress to get Shawn to come to her rescue. Mimi says Belle LOST Shawn when she married him. Belle decides to toughen up and says, you forgot…I’m pregnant with his baby. Mimi tells Belle that no matter how many of Shawn’s babies she has, he’s still HER husband. Belle’s heard enough, saying she wants to go home to her daughter and husband. Mimi is on a roll and rants she wants to say everything she’s thought all these years about the spoiled princess…Miss Salem High. Belle stops Mimi and says she would never hurt Mimi intentionally. Mimi threatens Belle to keep her filthy hands off Shawn. She made her bed with Philip and has to stay in it. Belle’s the reason she lost Rex and she’s a Lockhart and not going to give up Shawn. The day Belle does anything to come between her and Shawn…all she can say is God help her!

Shawn follows Philip to the nurses station and offers to drive them home. Philip resents Shawn’s acting like Belle’s husband just because he’s the father of her baby and tells him he’ll drive his wife home himself. Shawn assures Philip he has no reason to be insecure about his marriage just because he’s the father of Belle’s baby. Philip vows to love this baby as much as Claire, even if he’s not the biological father. He will raise this baby as his own. The guys sip decaf and rationally discuss the situation. Philip wonders if the scrambled eggs wasn’t an accident..(no, he doesn’t say those exact words, but wanted to keep you awake during this rerun of a rerun of dialog) Shawn is surprised at this idea and can’t think of anyone who would do this. Philip feels it wasn’t an accident.

Carrie waves to Lucas as he goes to take Will’s parental consent form for football camp so he can play the next day. Sami feels bad that Carrie will be alone that night after all that’s happened, but Carrie says she just wants to go to bed…(uh, yeah, this night has lasted weeks hasn’t it?). Austin and Carrie whisper about what happened earlier and worried that EJ will tell Sami. She can’t explain why, but says she has to focus on her marriage to Lucas. Austin won’t back down and wants to talk. Carrie suggests meeting on the fire escape, but they can’t let what happened earlier reoccur. EJ warns Sami her relationship with Austin is fragile and she might lose him to Carrie. He admires her “pluckiness” and she says she does better when her back’s against the wall. Carrie excuses herself to go to bed. Austin says he has to make a call to Tokyo and excuses himself. Sami says she also has work to do (doesn’t anyone ever sleep in Salem?) EJ continues his warning saying Sami needs to get out of her own way. Sami repeats her mantra I WON’T LOSE AUSTIN. EJ worries that whoever is sending those notes will hurt her and wants her to tell Austin the truth. She has a lightbulb moment and knows what to do now, saying she won’t have to tell anyone anything. She dons her kitchen yellow plastic gloves and puts the note in a plastic bag and will have her dad check for fingerprints. She won’t show him the note, just the envelope, saying no one messes with Sami Brady!

Carrie and Austin meet up on the roof and she apologizes for her earlier actions. He knows they’re meant to be together. Carrie reflects how her baby sister Belle had had a baby when she got back to Salem and she had gotten over Shawn, married Philip and had his baby and was happy. Austin doesn’t believe Belle’s that happy. Carrie rants how she cheated on him with Mike and broke his heart twice by marrying Lucas now. She doesn’t deserve him. Austin says her whole relationship is odd as she thought she was pregnant with Lucas’ baby. She can’t do this to Lucas and asks what he’s going to do about Sami? He’s engaged to her and now he’s thinking about renigging on that? Austin knows that Lucas and Sami still love each other and they’d be doing them a favor. Besides, he loves her (Carrie) and he knows she loves him. Carrie says in a perfect world they could be together, but it’s not going to happen. This is the way it has to be. He says if this is the last time they can be together, he wants something to remember her by. He leans down to kiss her and she grabs his head as she passionately kisses him back. They stop and feel guilty about what they did. Austin says love hurts, then kisses her again.

Steve visits Bo in the Cop Shop to ask for his help. Kayla told him where to find her brother. Bo explains he’s working to save his marriage by proving he didn’t tamper with the videotape for Chelsea’s trial. Steve said he needs Bo’s help to save his own marriage. He kids about the light is on, but nobody’s home..pointing to his head (LOL). Steve mentions hearing he worked there in the cop shop/ISA and maybe has something in his head they don’t want remembered, saying maybe the Dimera’s are behind this. He’s a fast learner and offers to help with the leg work on Bo’s case so he can free up Bo to help him get his memory back. Bo’s worried about Steve maybe wanting to kill him after he gets his memory back. Bo explains he’s the one responsible for Steve’s losing his eye and wearing that patch. He explains how they both fell in love with the same woman while in the Merchant Marines and got into a brawl over her when Steve lost his eye (cue a short can read more about this on Dustin and Beth’s on EE page). Back to present Steve tells Bo that he already knew that, Kayla had told him about it. She also told him over time Steve forgave Bo and they were friends. Bo’s relieved and said they were like brothers. Steve says he needs Bo’s help to restore his hard drive (pointing to his head) and getting him back with Kayla and he’ll help Bo find who messed with the tape and get him back with Hope. Bo tells “bro” he has a deal. Steve thinks Chelsea is the prime suspect. Bo says no and doesn’t believe it’s Billie either when Steve suggests her. She’s turned her life around, but thinks and realizes who it could be. He thanks Steve for the lead. Later he orders that Kate Roberts be brought in for questioning.

Steve leaves and Sami says hi to him, then walks into Bo’s office. Without any explanations, she tells him she needs a fingerprint and DNA analysis done on this envelope. He asks if there was a crime and she says no, it’s personal and needs the results ASAP. Bo stands up and says there’s a procedure and a report needs to be filed if there was a crime involved. She doesn’t have time to do a report. He feels Sami’s hiding something and maybe she’s the one who committed a crime…cue freeze frame on Bo’s face…as the previews roll…..

JACK TO JENNIFER AND FRANKIE: I wish there was something I could do to clear up this made I made. I don’t think I should go home with you. I can’t.

CARRIE: I want to be with you.

KATE TO THE DIRTY COP: What’s that little tramp up to?
DIRTY COP: The only one I’m worried about is Bo Brady. This isn’t just a case to him and he’s not going to give up.

SAMI looks at something and says OH NO, looking at EJ ...

As the credits roll

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