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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Episode: 10,379
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 7/17/06

Summary: Steve talks with Bo and gets reacquainted with Stephanie, Kayla tries to talk sense into Hope, Chelsea sticks her nose into Austin and Billie’s love lives, John tries to get info out of Eve, Sami gets a major confidence boost from an uncomfortable situation at EJ’s.

AT HOPE’S HOUSE, Kayla is visiting with Hope, and discussing pregnancy with her. Kayla tells her about being with Bo when he was served with the divorce papers. They then discuss how Hope still loves Bo. She will always love him, but doesn’t think there is anything they can do to fix their marriage. She doesn’t think that Bo can put aside that it is Patrick’s child, and she doesn’t want the child to grow up with that hatred. She tells him how she felt when they buried Zack and found out about the lies. She doesn’t want to discuss it anymore, and asks about Kayla. She tells him about her feelings about Steve leaving, and finding him, and what they have experienced since he came back. Neither think that him calling her “Sweetness” was a coincidence. Hope tells Kayla that she and Patrick have decided to see each other. She admits it wasn’t her idea, and Kayla wants to know how she feels about it. She feels that she owes it to him to give a relationship a chance, after all he did for her over the last few months. Kayla doesn’t want her to give up on Bo just yet, since she admits to still loving him. Patrick arrives at the door, and is introduced to Kayla, who excuses herself and leaves. He asks Hope about her conversation with Bo, but she doesn’t want to discuss it. He tells her that the Academy was short on recruits, so he will probably get in and wants her to be his study partner. Hope is showing him some techniques that he will need to learn. She feels that she needs a purpose in her life now that Shawn is grown up and she is divorcing Bo, and that the baby will help. He wants to know what to do with the handcuffs now that he has been taken down (the technique they were working on earlier)….Hope applies the handcuffs while telling him that he will probably work vice a lot at first, with multiple perps and big busts. They are both handcuffed together when she asks for the keys, which he suddenly can’t find.

AT BONNIE’S HOUSE, Patrick lets himself in, and Billie tells him that she is cleaning up the mess, and looking for an apartment for herself and Chelsea. Patrick tells her that they can stay there, as he doesn’t know how long he will be there himself. Billie assumes he is moving in with Hope and warns him that Bo is going to try his hardest to get her back. Patrick is sorry that they didn’t work out. So is she. She happens to have a copy of the manual he needs to study for the police academy, and asks to borrow it. She offers him anything he needs of hers to help him out.

AT THE BAR, Bo and Steve are drinking beer and discussing life in Salem. They think the Dimera’s might be responsible, but they won’t win – they never do, as Bo tells him about Hope disappearing at the hands of Ernesto Toscano, but turning out to have been with Stephano. He then tells Steve about what happened – they were following “Larry” Alamain, and Bo was the one who was supposed to be killed that night. Steve tells him that he shouldn’t feel guilty, that the past is the past, and they need to worry about the future and getting their wives back. Bo tells him that he asked John, an old friend of both himself and Steve, to help. Lo and behold, John shows up with Eve, sparking Bo’s curiosity. Steve wants to know if the blonde is John’s wife, the shrink, but Bo recognizes her and wonders if John is on to something. Steve excuses himself to Bo to go meet Stephanie. Bo just wants him to not disappear.

Stephanie wants to know why he went to Cincinnati and didn’t want to come back. He admits to hurting them, but wondering if it would have been better for them if he stayed away. She is hurt and wants to know why he would say that. Steve tells her that he is afraid that he would be putting them in danger by staying there. She tells him that she races cars and her mom was going to a war zone to practice medicine. They can handle danger, but not losing him again. She toasts him as her father and tells him that she grew up loving him, but not knowing him. Now that she has met him, she loves him even more. She understands how he must feel – she has known she had a father her whole life, he just found out he has a daughter. She is sure it will get better. He promises to root the loudest for her at her races, but to come in last, not first. He wants her to be safe. She is hurt that he wouldn’t want her to succeed. She is happy when she gets him to admit that he ‘gets’ her need, as her mother never did. She hugs him as thanks for understanding and leaves.

BO IS BACK AT THE STATION when Patrick and Hope come in. She didn’t want him to be there, and shows him the cuffs. He calls for a key, and she refuses to explain, stating that it is no longer any of his business. He is not liking this one bit. He wants to know where they came from, and Patrick admits to borrowing them from Billie. Bo tells him that Billie treated being a cop less than seriously, which is why she was bounced from the force. He warns him not to do the same. Hope lays into him about his treatment of Patrick and storms out.

John and Eve make small talk about CEO’s and crooks, and how she didn’t expect John as a CEO to like the same places she does as they get seated. John pours Eve some wine, and she comments about working extra tomorrow. John pulls out of her that she needs the extra money to support her parents. She asks about his separation, and he admits to being in a difficult situation the last couple of years. She admits that Kate told her, and he wants to know how she knows Kate. She tells him about some fundraising thing that Kate is working on, and how she mentioned she would be seeing him, so got some information. She says the conversation was mostly about work anyway. She excuses herself to the restroom, so he goes to clue Bo in on his theory and what he has discovered so far. They are discussing the Kate link when Eve comes back out, commenting on Bo’s presence and asking what is going on. John tells her that he and Bo are catching up, and Bo comments that he didn’t know they were seeing each other. She tells him it is their first date, and he leaves them to it. John empties the bottle and wants to know if she wants more. She says no, once again reminding him that she does have to work the next day. John asks if they can do it again sometime, and she agrees.

AT THE BRADY PUB, Chelsea walks in and sits with “Uncle Austin”. She wants to know why he is there, instead of out with his guy friends the night before his wedding – then comments that that’s right, he doesn’t have any – just lots of girls flocking around him. She thinks that Sami is sleeping at EJ’s to make him jealous, since she knows that she is not the one he really wants to marry. She is not so sure that EJ will be sleeping on the couch, either. She thinks that, as a bridesmaid, it is her job to help. He is cynical about her relationship knowledge. Chelsea questions him on Sami not being the woman he wants to marry anyway. He actually excuses himself and leaves.

Chelsea goes home to find Billie cleaning, and Billie wants to know why she isn’t at work (dinner break). Billie tells her that she is cleaning up to move. Chelsea wants to know if Patrick knows, but Billie doesn't think that he cares. She tells Chelsea that Hope is going through with the divorce and moving on with Patrick. Chelsea is sure that Billie is happy that she can finally have her life with Bo. She wants to know why Chelsea needs to have her parents together to feel loved by them. She tells her that they both need a major self-esteem boost. She tells her to find something that makes her feel good. She wants her to dedicate her service to Zack. Chelsea wants to know if she means doing a good deed?

SAMI WALKS INTO EJ'S to find a romantic candlelit dinner waiting, which surprises her. As it is the last night before her wedding, he wanted to make it special for her. He made her oysters, not knowing if she would like them. She reminds him that her grandparents had a fish market when she was growing up, but she always had someone else shuck them for her (after they were already cooked, of course – these ones are alive.) He shows her how to open them. Turns out, he had these flown in especially for her, taking a chance that he would be able to share it with her. She opens two of them to find pearls inside. She is very touched by his gift (they were a set of earrings). He takes them to clean them up and have them delivered to her in a proper box tomorrow. He goes over and gets very close to her to help her open the next one, and feeds it to her. She remarks that she is in heaven after tasting it, and he tells her that is why they are such an aphrodisiac. They get very intimate, when they spill sauce on both of them, prompting him to suggest getting out of their clothes. Sami comes out of the bathroom and asks for a shirt or a robe, as she grabbed her honeymoon bag by accident and only has a very skimpy outfit. He is not as embarrassed (or uncomfortable) as she is and goes to get her something when someone knocks on the door and EJ opens it to Austin. Austin wants to know if he is interrupting, but he wanted to come by to say good night. Sami tries to explain, and EJ leaves. He tells Sami she looks flushed, and she sounds a bit surprised as she comments that he looks green. She tells him how much she loves him, and he responds. EJ comes back out thinking Austin has left, since it was so quiet (;) lol!). EJ promises to be a perfect gentleman. Austin gives her his shirt, while telling EJ to put one on, and puts it on her with the command to not take it off! When he leaves, Sami is shocked and emotional that he was actually jealous and really wants to marry her. She can’t let Lexie ruin it for her. She leans on him. He offers her a robe, but she isn’t cold, just feels like she is being watched. He thinks the person writing the notes, but she thinks Austin is checking up on her. She checks the fire escape and closes the window. She is so happy that after tomorrow she is going to be Mrs. Austin Reed forever, as we see the black glove outside the window….and then the previews roll….

Lexie (crying): Isn’t there anything I can do to make this right?
Abe: Get an attorney.

Shawn: You don’t want me anywhere near your wife or my child.
Phillip: You’re right. I don’t.

Jack (with Jennifer): The guy is 10 years older than you are. What are you thinking?
Abby: Maybe I’m not thinking, just like Mom’s not thinking with Frankie.

Off to the credits (which I missed), but Barb told us that the writer’s name has been changed to Beth Millstein…


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