Tuesday, August 22, 2006



Episode #10,384
Tape date 7/25
Director Herb Stein

Sami’s wedding day problems escalate, as Shawn finally wakes up, & has a heartfelt conversation with his parents, and Belle finally notices the file that Chelsea left on the nightstand.

Sami and EJ sit in the car, waiting for the police officer to come, as she accuses EJ of purposely trying to sabotage her wedding. He denies it, of course. The police officer arrives, asking for license & registration, telling EJ he was doing 75 in a 40 MPH zone, and saying that he was waiting all day to give a ticket to someone like him. EJ says something about glad to oblige, as he got there as fast as he could. (old joke, folks, but it made me laugh!). When the cop reads EJ’s name, he begins to gush about actually pulling over the great EJ Wells. Turns out that not only is he a big race car fan, but a huge fan of EJ Wells. He decides to let the ticket slide this time, in exchange for an autograph. EJ is glad to oblige, as is Sami. The officer leaves, EJ tries to start the car…..no dice. It is now dead. Sami is having a fit. EJ looks under hood, while Sami tries to call family & friends on her cell, getting nothing but voice mails. Now she tries to call a cab, yelling at the dispatcher when he tells her there is a 45 minute wait. She throws down her phone in frustration, wondering where everyone is. EJ tells her, probably in church waiting for you. (& Sami, no one has their cell phones on in church! That is a no-no). EJ gives her his phone, but there is no signal.

Sami is now very worried, but EJ says he will try and fix the problem, with her help. He has her holding some hose, and they chatter just to get their minds off the situation. She asks him what EJ stands for, and he tells her it is French for”none of your bloody business”. She laughs, saying it must be awful, and tries to guess, saying, Edgar, or Elijah. He is evasive. Now he talks something about being at school with Prince William, who was just an ordinary bloke. Sami goes ballistic, asking all kinds of questions, and wanting, excitedly, to know if the queen ever came to visit. And she lets go of the hose, hot steam escapes, catching her in the face and neck. She cries, as EJ tells her she has a red spot, and a lst degree burn, but makeup will cover it. She has a fit, pulling out a compact to look. Not to worry, EJ happens to carry aloe in his car, and applies some, saying the marks are already fading. Sami is crying, at how much more could go wrong, thinking she is jinxed or something. EJ says there is a gas station down the road, they should walk there, and perhaps she will be able to get a ride from there to the church. Sami agrees, and just as they start to leave, big clap of thunder…..and Sami cries, oh, no, EJ. No, it is raining. It is raining!

AT THE HOSPITAL, Mimi, Philip & Belle all talk about Shawn, his drinking problem, and what set them all off tonite. They talk about when Jan was drugging Shawn, but how they all thought he was over that hurdle. Everyone admits to their part in all the troubles, & how every one of them have flown off the handle, with Philip crashing that car, Belle & Mimi getting into big fights, etc. etc. In another area, Bo & Hope talk about their problems, and about Chelsea vs. Shawn in their lives, as they see Chelsea on the hospital phone. Lexie comes to them, saying Shawn is awake now. Dr. Berner is talking to Shawn, asking him questions to make sure he is o.k. (name, parent’s name, birthdate, etc.) and tells him that his blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit. He asks how much he drank, and Shawn says about 10 shots, and 6 beers. The doctor says 5 drinks will put you over the limit, and at risk, and how lucky he is to be alive. Lexie comes in, and has some additional serious conversation with Shawn. When she finds out he was drinking at his Grandma’s Pub, she asks how he got home, appalled when he answers …..a car, and she cannot believe he drove. He then remembers that Lisa called a cab, but does not remember getting home. She tells him she is keeping him there to check his vitals constantly, that he is dehydrated. She leaves.

Chelsea has been talking to Abby on the phone, telling her she has done her good deed, and soon the father will know about his baby. Along comes Billie, telling her she has to leave for the wedding, but Chelsea refuses, saying she wants to stay, until she knows Shawn is o.k. Billie tells her she has to go, she is a bridesmaid, but Chelsea is adamant. Later, when she learns Shawn is awake, she decides that perhaps Billie is right, and they should leave.

Bo & Hope go into see Shawn, each sitting on a different side of the bed. Bo asks if Shawn could hear them, when they were in before. And then tells him again, how much he loves him, how sorry he is that he has not been there for him. Shawn asks why Bo let Chelsea in, that he doesn’t want her anywhere around him, & how Bo always chose her over his family. Now Hope explains to Shawn how Bo told Chelsea off earlier. Shawn is surprised, but Bo explains how he found out how Chelsea had intercepted and altered his e-mails to Hope. Shawn tells how devastated Hope was, and did not want Bo to know where she had gone. Bo assures him that until Chelsea can prove she can be a good person, she is out of his life. He also explains how he still has to prove to Hope that he had nothing to do with the disk disappearing from the evidence room. Both Bo & Hope now leave.

Mimi has gone into the chapel to pray. Philip promises to get her if word comes that Shawn is awake. Lexie comes along to tell Belle & Philip just that.

Now, outside the room, Bo & Hope tell Belle she can go see Shawn, while Philip says he is going to get Mimi. Hope reminds Bo he has a wedding to go to, saying she is going to stay to keep an eye on Shawn. He reminds her that she r.s.v.p.’d a yes, and promised his mom. Hope finally agrees she needs to take her mind off things, and a wedding should do it, and agrees to go with him.

In the chapel, Mimi is praying, promising God that if Shawn will be o.k. she definitely will tell him everything about Claire. Philip walks in, and we get one of those…..”oh, no, he heard me” scenes, followed by a commercial…..but no, Philip did not hear a thing, and happily tells her Shawn is awake and o.k.

Belle enters Shawn’s room, watching him a while, until he opens his eyes. They chat a tiny bit, he complains about the worst hangover that could possibly exist, and she pours him some water, spotting the file. She looks at it, sees it has Claire’s name on it, and wonders why Claire’s file is on Shawn’s nightstand. She opens it, says, Oh, my God, and looks at Shawn. And the previews show….

Belle telling Shawn: “It says Claire isn’t Philip’s daughter. She is yours

EJ holding out his hand to a smiling Sami, saying “May I”. (the camera is way above, and it looks like they might be dancing.

Carrie: I guess Belle & Philip will be here soon
Chelsea with that eternal smirk: I wouldn’t count on it

Philip tells the other 3 loft dwellers – “someone has a grudge against us. If the 3 of you want to sit there and do nothing, fine, but I’m not going to stand for it.


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