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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Episode #10,389
Taped 8/1
Director – Albert Alarr

Sami’s wedding continues, & amazingly, all the guests have stayed, and even stayed in their seats. The entire show centers on the event at St. Lukes, and there are lots of little conversations between the couples as the drama unfolds.

Tek is alerting all his men that he was tracking a suspect, but lost him (Huh, in that small church? Lol), & tells them to hold their positions. Lexie arrives at the back of the church, with Sami noticing her. Lexie slips into a spot near the confessional, as Father Jansen blesses the rings. Austin recites his vows and puts her ring onto Sami’s finger. Kate is not happy. Sami drops Austin’s ring, says oops. Carrie looks uncomfortable. Sami begins to put the ring on Austin’s finger, hesitates, looks unhappy, then looks up at Austin, and tells him she cannot do this……and turns right into the Runaway Bride, as she flees down the aisle, tripping along the way. She picks herself up, dusts herself off, and keeps on going.

Everyone is shocked, but Kate is happy, as Lexie smirks. Austin tells everyone to keep their seats, and goes after Sami.

John notices one of Tek’s men leave, and follows. Austin knocks on Sami’s door. She’s crying, tells him to go away, but then lets him in. She is crying, berating herself as being undeserving. She is ashamed of herself, she took sacred vows in her family’s church. She takes off the ring that Austin put on her finger, and the engagement ring, along with the ring she was going to put on Austin’s finger and gives them back. Bo asks Roman what Tek is doing with all the men, but Roman says he is only the commander, what does he know. They go to check it out, with Bo first alerting Hope to give an eye out for anything suspicious. Now all the couples have little conversations about what happened. Caroline wonders if Sami will ever have a happy wedding. Shawn asks if she means all to the end, with throwing rice and all. Then tells her theirs was one of his most treasured memories. Caroline tells him she loves him.

Sami tells Austin she is just not a good enough person to be married to him, and goes on and on about how she has not really changed, she struggles all the time, and if they were married, he would see right through her machinations. She makes him leave.

Tek tells Bo, Roman & John all about the threatening phone call Lexie got. Then tells them how Sami blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that if she had children with Austin, they would be born with birth defects. (Wait a sec, Tek. Sami told Lexie to think of something…..it was Lexie who came up with the birth defect warning). The men are appalled, as Tek continues on how the voice threatened to hurt Abe and Theo. Chelsea tells Lucas & Carrie that maybe Austin really loves someone else. (that girl just loves to make others miserable, doesn’t she?). Austin comes out, announces that, while it may change in the future, for now, it is over, thanking them for coming. Kate is thrilled, and brags to EJ how happy she is she will not have that harlot for a daughter-in-law. EJ thinks that a strong word, but Kate adds liar, thief and cheat to the list. EJ tells her she also has faults of her own…many! Kate tells him that the insult aside, she is going to let him take her dancing. (Ah, Kate, she sure has cheek!) But EJ says no, he has to go see his friend. And Sami is his friend. He wants to make sure she is alright. Will is very upset, telling Lucas & Carrie his mom is a freak. Lucas soothes him. Carrie tells Austin how sorry she is, and gives him a hug, as Lucas watches. Austin asks them to give Sami a ride to her apt., he will be staying in a hotel tonight. People are talking in little groups. Jennifer tells Frankie she is starving & he mentions taking her to dinner at Chez Rouge. (O.K. folks, there WAS a reception with lots of food somewhere, and it is going to go to waste. How about just going there?). Steve asks something of Kayla about this being a typical Brady wedding. Kayla tells him there is always something unusual. Max & Stephanie chat a bit, while Chelsea glares at them, the green eyed monster obviously at work.

Roman goes to see Sami, and she cries and cries as he holds her, telling her he has been wiping her tears away since she was a child. And it looks like it is a lifetime job. He asks her what happened, and she talks about Austin putting her on a pedestal, and she cannot be up there, it is too far to fall. Roman asks her the real reason, but she just goes on about not being able to live up to the ideal that Austin has of her. Roman prods (being he knows about Lexie & the blackmail), but Sami does not mention it, and asks her dad what she is going to do. Roman tells her that in the words of her Gramma Caroline, you reap what you sow.

Marlena wonders if she should go see Sami, but Caroline says she needs some time. Roman, Bo & John talk about what they know now, and keeping the secret. (yeah, right!). Steve asks Kayla if he can give her a ride home. She wonders if being in the church and hearing the vows and all triggered anything for him, but he says nothing. Then, Steve tells her he hates to keep hurting her this way, maybe they should cool it. Kayla replies that he can’t get rid of her so easily. (you tell him, Kayla! The day will come!) Bo & Hope leave, as do Lucas, Carrie & Will, plus Caroline & Shawn. Austin sits alone and Kate sidles over to gloat. Austin warns her, not now. He abruptly leaves.

Sami has changed clothes, as EJ knocks on her door. She berates him for not coming sooner. John comes out of the church to see Eve talking to Tek. He asks what she is doing there. Lucas comforts Will, as Carrie questions Austin. Sami tells EJ about the phone call she got just before the wedding, and how the mechanical voice told her that if she went through with the wedding, he would tell everyone how she blackmailed Lexie. Sami says she thought she could go through with it. All she wants if for her dad and Will to be proud of her. She thinks her dad has given up on her, but Will said in church how proud he was of her, and if he found out, he would never forgive her. EJ comforts her, telling her it will all work out, as he strokes her hair.

And the previews roll…..

Marlena, very sweetly, to John & Eve: Hi, there, this must be the girl you are dating. Nice to meet you, I’m Mrs. John Black! (love it)

Lexie to Sami: You should be very afraid. Someone else knows our dirty little secret. And this someone can do a lot more harm than I ever could.

Bonnie to Mimi: I’m serious. Whoever took the trouble to switch those embryos is capable of anything.

The credits roll.


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