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Episode #10,374
Tape date-7/13
Director-Phil Sogard

Sami gets Uncle Bo to do her bidding & Kate is brought in for questioning. Meanwhile, Jack is now well enough to go home, while Carrie makes another unhappy decision.

AT THE COP SHOP we have a repeat of Sami rushing in with EJ to beg Uncle Bo to test the envelope for her. He is leery, figuring there must be a crime, and perhaps Sami is the culprit. She denies it, and pleads with him to do her this favor. He refuses, and she says she will ask her dad. LOL, as Bo says that would be a good idea, let’s wake him up, and drag him down here to hear you. Just then an officer brings in an indignant Kate, protesting all the time about who she is, and how she is going to have his badge. Sami gets a kick out of seeing her brought in, and denies having anything to do with it, tho she wishes she had. Sami keeps begging Uncle Bo, who finally caves, and orders dirty cop, Eve Michaels to take the envelope to the lab. Bo questions Kate a tiny bit, but she smoothly denies knowing anything, telling him that the evidence points to him and no one else as the culprit who took the evidence. Bo reminds her that ever since they found Chelsea, she has been interfering in her life, and in his, especially wanting Billie to be with him. Eve returns with the results (boy, that lab does fast work), hand them to Sami. She is surprised that EJ’s fingerprints were on the envelope, but he says she gave him the note to read. She remembers distinctly that she only gave him the note and not the envelope. He says that the note was around the apt. for some time, and he could have touched it at some point. There was no saliva on the seal, so that is a dead end. A worried Eve & Kate exchange a few words, as Kate assures her that there is nothing to connect them to the missing disc, and not to worry. Later, alone, Bo calls “Hank” and pulls a favor. He wants all the phone records for Kate Roberts. Evidently they get faxed, as later Bo is telling the person on the phone that he got them, and thanks him.

JACK IS SITTING UP IN BED, feeling pretty frisky, evidently well enough to go home. He tells Jen & Frankie that now that he is no longer dying, they need to talk about what they’re going to do. He doesn’t want to, says she and Frankie are married and he should go to a hotel. Jen insists he come home. The nurse brings in the papers for his release….and then we later see Jack, Jen & Frankie walking into the Deveraux house. Frankie says he is going to move back into the garage apt. but Jack says absolutely not. He is tired, but will not go to the bedroom, instead will use the guest room. Jen protests, but Jack is insistent and goes upstairs. Jen and Frankie talk a bit. He knows how much Jen loves Jack.She is upset, as this is what she has prayed for, (Jack’s recovery) and how every time there is something big, Jack pushes her away. Jack comes downstairs, and listens as they talk. They agree the lst order of business is to nurse Jack back to health. After that?? Jen doesn’t know. She says she would understand if he would leave. He asks if she wants him to, and she says no. Frankie says that as long as she wants him there, he will stay. They hug, Jack watches, and Frankie tells her the lst step is to help Jack get better.

ON THE ROOF, Carrie & Austin are kissing, but she is also protesting that this is all wrong and they talk about hurting Lucas & Sami. They go round and round, saying much of the same thing over and over, arguing about Lucas, about Sami and about themselves. She tells Austin that Sami loves him so much, and he tells her yes, and Sami loved Lucas so much, and loved Brandon so much. Carrie thinks they have to leave things the way they are, and he has to marry Sami. They return to the apt, and both decide to go to bed.

Sami & EJ return, and EJ again is urging her to tell Austin. She will not, is determined to marry Austin as this is her dream. She thanks EJ, and goes into her apt. As EJ starts to go into his, Carrie appears. (I have no idea where she came from or why she was in the hall). She thanks him for his discretion, telling him that what he saw between her & Austin will never happen again. Sami loves Austin, she herself had her chance with him long ago and blew it, and Austin will marry Sami. EJ agrees that things should remain as they are, and promised never to reveal what he saw.

Inside her apt., Sami crawls into bed next to Austin, kisses him a few times. He tells her he just wants to hold her for a while. She sighs at how happy she is, and how she would die if she lost him. He has something to tell her. It is how much he cares about her, and she does the same to him. And the previews roll…..

ABBY: You might be turning me into a huge fan
EJ: Oh, I might have a job for you.

SHAWN: Anything to make you feel more secure about us and our future
Actually, there’s something you CAN do

JOHN: So what are you getting at?
I need us to separate

AUSTIN: Yeah, we should get married as soon as possible
(giggling and obviously very happy) Oh, Austin…..as she throws her arms around him.


P.S. The headwriter is still listed as James E. Reilly

i'm sooo grateful for u guys for doing this! thanks to this site i won't miss an episode. and u are also very funny :D
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