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Friday, September 15, 2006

Episode #10,401
Taped 8/15
Director – Albert Alarr

Billie appears in court to speak for Bo, who finally gets a good lead in the Eve Michaels murder, while Jack & Jen’s adventure continues (and reaffirms why this couple works so well together, loved it!)

Judge Fitzpatrick comments about Bo not showing up, and having no counsel present to represent him either. She decides to give him a bit more time, calling a 10 minute recess. Patrick uses the opportunity to tell Hope that Bo has just given up on them, but Alice tells him not to count on it. Court reconvenes, and the judge decides to go ahead, questioning Hope about wanting nothing from Bo. Hope tells the judge the marriage is over, she is sorry it has come to this, Bo has agreed to let her have the house and she is healthy enough to support herself, so wants no alimony. Billie arrives, asking to speak for Bo Brady, Hope protests, saying Billie is her husband’s mistress, while Frankie claims that Billie is upsetting his client. Alice tells Hope she thinks Hope should let Billie speak, so she agrees. Billie asks to be sworn in…….and talks at first about the accident and how she pleaded with Bo to protect their daughter. She then tells about Bo having a big argument with Hope, going to the bar, getting drunk, getting into a fight, and how she came and took him to the motel, but nothing happened there. Hope calls her a liar.

But Billie confesses all (AT LAST!!!)……how she slept in the chair, then how her daughter let her know that Hope was on the way to the motel, and how she needed to make sure Bo did not waver from protecting Chelsea, so she would not go to jail for the rest of her life. She tells how she got undressed, left the door ajar, got into bed with Bo. Hope is stunned, as Billie talks of how Chelsea interfered with the e-mails, and that the motel incident is what sent Hope away, to get involved with Patrick Lockhart. She tells Hope that Bo loves only her, always has. She thanks the court and Hope for letting her speak, and leaves the witness stand. Judge Fitzpatrick says Billie gave a very heartfelt statement, & asks Hope if she want to reconsider her stand. Just then the bailiff comes in, whispers in Judge Fitzpatrick’s ear. She apologizes, saying a matter of utmost importance has arisen, and she will have to continue this later. She leaves. Patrick now asks Hope to come to his place, he will fix her something to eat, she has to take care of herself and “our baby”. She finally agrees, as Alice tells the “young man” to enjoy his dinner, as it may be the last one he ever has with Hope. (Don’t you just love Alice? Go, girl! )

IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, Jack & Jen lie on the ground, as the angry, elderly woman fires another shot from her rifle, telling Jen to be quiet…..then going back inside, saying good-bye and good riddance. (the repartee between these two during all their scenes is fantastic!) Jen frantically tries to revive an unconscious Jack, who finally comes to, saying he is fine, and has not been shot. Jen says she heard Enid go out the back door, so they decide to sneak into the house to use the phone. Jack says he is going to call the police, tell them how they were kidnapped, and give the name of the killer. He also promised to call Francois. He picks up the phone, only to hear voices (sort of country accent) having a conversation about doing laundry. (so o.k. this is all sooooo funny). Now the female voice says she can tell someone is on the phone, that this is a party line, and it is her time to yak. Jen’s eyes open wide …”party line, what, is this the 1940s?”. Jack butts in, firm voice, saying that they have to get off the line, it is an emergency. The voice replies, yeah, that is what everyone says. I have my timer on, and I still have 8 minutes left for my time, and refuses to hang up. Just then Enid returns, too late for Jack & Jen to get out the front door. Seems she was after some varmit in the back yard. (at this point my husband passed thru the room, commenting that someone must have been a fan of comic strip, Dick Tracy, as the woman reminds him of Gravel Gertie. I could not stop laughing!)

Jennifer spots a bunch of rag sheets (like the Enquirer, etc) and starts babbling about having seen something in a field down the road, and wanting to warn her. She begins to describe what she saw, and Enid tells her she is describing a space ship, but did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday. Everyone knows space ships only land at night. Jack has joined in the tale, and now Enid figures it landed last night, probably out to kidnap animals. She worries about her blue ribbon prize cow, Jesse, as she cannot afford to lose that one. She has to go check. She takes the phone, and Jack tells her she does not have to do that, but of course she does……if Jesse is gone, she has to contact the mothership to get her back. She leaves. (Now my husband is wondering when B.O. Plenty will arrive, hahahah)

Jack & Jen proceed to look for another phone, figuring the woman never throws anything away. Jack finds an old one in a drawer, and wonders if there is any antique duct tape around. Jen protests that he thinks duct tape will fix anything, but he promises he will fix this……and does. He calls Bo……telling him they were ambushed, has no idea where they are, but they know the make of gun that killed Eve Michaels, and who the killer is. He tells Bo ……but we do not hear it. They both leave the cabin, wanting to find their way back home, but as Jack points out, Jennifer does not have on her red shoes to click together. It has gotten dark, and Jen spots a cave. A CAVE! Jack starts to mention how it reminds him of……..but Jennifer stops him, not wanting to take a walk down memory lane. (An FYI for newer viewers…….Jack & Jennifer made love for the very first time in a cave) He tells her that if he is Batman and she is Robin, what now. He hates bats, but she assures him there are no bats in the cave. They go in, and wonder of wonders, Jen finds an old lantern, with a weak battery, but it does give some light. Jen talks a bit of how the cabin reminded them of the one where Abby was born, and now the cave where they………..

AT THE COP SHOP, Roman is saying goodbye to Sami as Kate and EJ barge in. Kate offers free air time, on a local TV station, to make an appeal for the safe return of Will. Roman is puzzled at the “local TV station”, so Kate explains that she & EJ are in business together, having formed a company called Mystic Communications (sounds like a company Celeste would own, Ha!) and they have purchased the local channel 6. Kate wants to know if Bo is working on the case, but Roman tells her no, it is another case. Kate thinks the missing Will is the most important, but Roman mentions they are working on the Officer Eve Michaels murder, too. This piques Kate’s curiosity, and she begins to ask questions, as does EJ. This now makes Roman suspicious of both of them. Lexie arrives, and Kate is surprised EJ knows her, but EJ explains how they worked together on a breast cancer awareness fund raiser.

Meanwhile, Bo is unable to find what that 9 didget number means, or what it is attached to. He argues with Abe, then gets upset that he is late for court. Abe tries to talks some sense into Bo, but Bo retaliates that Kate has recanted her admission that she paid off Eve to steal the disk, so there is no hard evidence. Bo & Abe continue to argue, as Tek arrives to tell them he has contacted the stores that sell that particular brand of Italian shoes, and will be getting a list of customers who purchased them.

Tek spots Lexie, asking how she has been. “Busy”, she replies. Abe walks in, commenting that Lexie is busy reuniting with her husband. Roman asks EJ & Kate to leave. Tek asks Lexie if this is true, and yes, tho Abe has not moved back in, he and she are taking it slow, as he is giving her another chance. Tek is shocked, seeing as how Abe had been badmouthing her, her father & brother all over the station. Abe tells Tek to butt out, that whatever goes on between his wife and himself is none of Tek’s business.

The list of shoe purchasers arrives, and Bo scans down the list. He gets a phone call from Jack……and tho they get cut off, he has heard enough and orders a search warrant. It arrives, and he takes off with Officer Kasseras.

We now see Bo in a house, searching a closet. Up on a top shelf, he spots a rolled up blanket, pulls it down, unrolls it, to find a pair of Italian shoes, size 11, with mud still on them (how convenient!). He has Kasseras bag the shoes, and the blanket. He now finds a sort of safe at the bottom of the closet, picks the lock open, and finds a gun, gets that bagged, and then, bingo, the missing disk!

As Bo is taking off the latex gloves, the door opens, with Patrick & Hope walking in. An angry Patrick asks what Bo is doing in his house. Bo responds by telling Patrick to turn around, (in order to cuff him) that he is arresting him for the murder of Officer Eve Michaels.

And the previews show……..

EJ to Kate: Patrick paid you for the disk, and then killed her to keep her mouth shut. Kate: uh, huh.

Max to Frankie: I know Jack & Jen are gonna come out of this alive, and you are going to get Jen back

Jen to Jack: I love you so much, and I always will
Jack: I love you now, and forever. As they both passionately kiss.

Bo to Hope: Here’s your proof. This creep – he’s the one you should never have trusted


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