Thursday, September 21, 2006


Friday, September 22nd, 2006

EPISODE: 10,360
DIRECTED BY: Roger Inman
TAPE DATE: 8/19/06

HEAD WRITER: James E. Reilly

As the apartment dwellers try to deal with Will’s disappearance, the loft dwellers absorb the DNA test results and how they’ll affect them. (I really felt the characters anguish in tomorrow’s show…kudos to the actors!!)

Sami and Lucas are both frantic about Will. He admits it’s taking everything in him not to take a drink. Sami’s cried so much her freckles are popping out. Lucas hugs her and they agree they need to work together on this. EJ arrives and tells them the press conference the next morning has been arranged and they’re going to get it on the web and as much coverage as possible. EJ credits Kate and Austin for helping with setting it up. Lucas wonders where Carrie and Austin are as they’ve been gone all day hanging posters of Will up.

Lucas ties to call Carrie’s cell phone and gets her voice mail. EJ figures her battery probably went dead and Lucas doesn’t want to call Austin’s as he doesn’t want them to think he’s checking up on them. EJ tells Lucas about the 800# they have to put on the screen for people to call with news about Will as Sami tries to call Austin’s cell. Lucas is upset about it at first, but Sami tells him she’s worried with all that’s happened to her family and he agrees, something’s wrong. He leaves to go find them and tells Sami to stay by the phone. Sami tells EJ this is all her fault, saying it’s due to her blackmailing Lexie and everything else she did. She’ll never forgive herself if anything happens to Will.

We find Carrie and Austin having a glass of wine after hanging hundreds of posters. They both remember Will’s telling them they’re the next best thing to having his parents together. They worry about what Will’s going through and he tries to take her hand, but she pulls it back. She reminds him they agreed there’s no way they can be together right now. She has to be there for Lucas right now. She checks her phone and sees Lucas tried to call her, but she doesn’t have any reception in there and didn’t hear it ring. They go to leave after Carrie tells Austin for the 10th time they can’t be together now..and Lucas walks in (for a drink?) asking what the hell is going on here. They explain all the fliers they handed out and he apologizes for overacting. He tells Carrie she’s the best wife and Austin’s the best brother he could ask for.

Moments later Sami’s hugging Carrie, grateful she’s okay. Carrie explains about taking a break and apologizes for worrying her. Sami insists Lucas and Carrie go home and get some sleep, saying Austin offered to stay with her. Lucas doesn’t want to leave, but Sami insists. He thanks Austin for staying with Sami, saying he wouldn’t leave her if he hadn’t. Sami also thanks Austin for staying and he finds his razor is missing. He talks about going to get one and EJ offers him one of his extras and leaves to get it. Sami wonders what the big deal about a razor is. After EJ leaves, Sami admits to Austin about being nervous when he and Carrie were gone together, thinking they were talking about getting back together. She reminds him how she suggested he and Carrie get back together, but knows Lucas needs Carrie right now. Frustrated, Austin has to get out for some fresh air and pauses outside Lucas’s door, then heads to the stairway.

Belle is frantic as she meets John at the Cop Shop (with Mimi and Bonnie in her wake) and tells him about what happened with Philip, Claire and Shawn. She tells him about Shawn being Claire’s father as Roman hears too. Shocked, Roman remembers the DNA test Bo ordered. Belle mention she and Shawn don’t remember sleeping together and Bonnie pops up that Claire’s the spitting image of Philip (yeah, the dark hair’s a dead give away). Bonnie pipes up possession is 9/10’s of the law, saying she’d do what Philip did, but Roman disagrees.

Philip, holding Claire for dear life, arrives at the lab and demands Nakita show him the lab results (when will the hospital realize they need a more secure area after all the break ins they’ve had? Hint to new writers…create a new more secure lab!!). Nakita refuses and when Shawn walks in, whips his trusty stapler up to defend himself after his encounter with him in the hall with Mimi. Obviously that frightens Shawn (NOT) and he calmly asks Nakita to show Philip the test results, saying his father was the one who ordered the tests. Guess that reassures Nakita, LOL and he insists they look real quick and leave, not wanting to lose his job. Shawn watches Philip’s nervous demeanor as he holds and talks to Claire, trying to keep things under control. He shows Nakita the 99.9% test results that Shawn is the baby’s father. Philip throws the clipboard on the floor and Shawn tries to calm him down. Philip continues to hold Claire, insisting she’s his daughter. Two Salem PD officers (hip hip hooray) arrive and ask Philip to hand them the baby, assuring him they need to make sure she’s safe and once he’s told they’ll give her right back (not saying to whom), he hands her over..but the officer who takes her rushes out and the other grabs Philip and handcuffs him as Philip yells for his daughter.

Later they walk into the Investigations Office (?) of the Cop Shop with Philip and Roman asks what the charges are and Belle asks where Claire is (ouch). The officer says she’s with her father (double ouch) as Shawn walks in holding Claire. Everyone stares. The officer says he was arrested for disorderly conduct and threatening one of the lab techs. Later while Philip’s being booked, Roman assures Belle after he’s booked and arraigned he’ll be free to go. Shawn offers to take Claire home to feed her and put her to bed. Mimi and Bonnie both try to discourage him in doing that, but Shawn insists and Belle agrees. She thanks him for finding Philip and goes to give him her car keys, but he says he brought Philip’s car from the hospital. Mimi tells Belle they’ll take good care of her and leaves (Bonnie too, guess neither wanted to visit Patrick and say hi while they're in the building).

John joins Belle, saying he couldn’t reach Victor (finally someone tried to call him!) and Belle has a melt down on daddy’s shoulder when he mentions her predicament. Roman offers to give them some privacy, but Belle tells him it’s okay. She voices out loud having two children with Shawn now. John asks her how she sees this playing out in the end. She knows Philip loves Claire. John knows what it’s like to know the children you raise aren’t your own (as Roman agrees) a.nice nod to their own history in Salem. John says you know you love them all the same. Roman says like Eric, Sami and Carrie, that Claire will end up with two fathers that love her very much. He and Roman explain from first hand knowledge how children have two fathers and adapt. Belle mentions how she was responsible for part of that that. John asks Belle to be honest with herself. She pictures her and Shawn sitting together on the couch trying to come up with a name for their baby. If it’s a girl she suggests Alison and the baby kicks. She says she’d be named after Shawn’s Gran (aw) and he talks about his three girls. John watches her face and asks Isabella what she’s thinking. She says it’s all so complicated.

Shawn nicely refuses to let Mimi or Bonnie help with Claire. Mimi confides in Bonnie she knew this would happen if he ever found out and it’s the beginning of their end. Bonnie’s disgusted by the orange turkey baby food, LOL..saying she never fed her kids that disgusting stuff. Mimi remembers all the tv dinners and mac and cheese and knows that’s why she was a blimp. Later Shawn is feeding applesauce to Claire as Mimi and Bonnie watch and smile. Of course the loft door is open a foot as Philip and Belle return (why is he still wearing his dog tags?). She asks him not to make a scene, if not for her, for Claire. He vows Claire is his daughter and has his name and there’s nothing Shawn can do about it.


Carrie tries to reassure Lucas that Will will be found. He thanks her for her support and needs her right now. He pulls her down on the bed. Moments later Carrie walks out of the apartment in tears, rebuttoning her top and also heads for the stairway. EJ sees her do so and razor in hand, knocks on Lucas’ door..

Carrie walks onto t he roof and sees Austin punching the boxing bag hung up there. He turns and sees her and a long meaningful stare is exchanged before the two rush into each others arms kissing. Lucas walks out onto the roof and sees them…and the previews roll…

LEXIE TO ABE (out to dinner): There’s one thing I know, that I can always trust you.

(Billie’s there too): I don’t hate you.
CHELSEA: I’m just really glad to have you back in my life.

SAMI TO EJ: I know exactly how Lucas feels right now. Lucas needs Carrie and she better not let him down.

LUCAS rants to Carrie and Austin: You obviously don’t need me as you have your brother in law to kiss and make you feel better….

As the credits roll

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