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Episode # 10411; Tape Date: 8/25/06; Air Date: 9/29/06; Director: Roy B. Steinberg; Head Writer: James E. Reilly

Max and Stephanie steam and dine; Belle returns to the hospital (does she have her own room there yet?), Steve referees the Reed women over dinner, and Shawn finally learns the truth.

Max and Stephanie continue to simmer inside and out at the spa. Later they’re back at the garage eating tons of Chinese food as he flashes a fake rat to scare her. Max notices her chop stick skills are lacking and steps around her to show her how to hold and manipulate them. She tries to pick up a large clump of rice and drops it. Max catches it and feeds it to both of them. She doesn’t hide her feelings for him as she explains he’s different from other guys. She shares with him how worried she is about losing her dad again. The only way her dad could disappoint them was if he left them again. Max hugs her.

Kate reluctantly joins Billie and Chelsea for dinner at the Hudson Street Diner. Billie tells Chelsea that Kate once worked there as a waitress and is embarrassed she might be recognized. Once they’ve gone inside, Billie notices Steve is there and suggests they leave. Too late. He joins them and Chelsea asks if he’s not Stephanie Johnson’s father. He admits he is and asks if she’s a friend of hers. Chelsea tells him not really and Billie introduces him to her daughter and mother (whom he refers to as a smoking hot mama, LOL). Chelsea says the diner’s got the best burgers in town. Steve asks Billie where she’s been hiding as he hadn’t seen her while job hunting. Billie says she’s been home and she and Kate bicker about not taking Kate’s advice for anything. Steve tries to referee as Kate and Billie argue over what’s best for Chelsea. Chelsea finally excuses herself to start the fun part of her evening, to hang with her friends. Kate leaves as well, leaving Billie alone with Steve. Steve shares his devils food cake with Billie, who protests they can’t do this (see each other). He asks why, saying he took a shower and everything. She asks him to stop staring at her like she’s the only woman in the room and he can’t help it. She asks what if Kayla were here. He tells her he’d tell Kayla what he’s going to say to her the next time he sees her, that he wants a divorce. He assures her that she wasn’t the reason he’s breaking off with Kayla. He’s been through a lot of therapy, but he’s just not the Steve Johnson they knew and loved. She asks why her and he joins her on her side of the table saying she’s beautiful and they’re two people looking to connect. He pulls her into a kiss as Chelsea forgot something and walks back into the diner, seeing them kiss and leaves again.

Bo and Hope are with Belle when she has another cramp. Philip joins them and they all agree she needs to go to the hospital and get checked out. Bo rushes across the hall and knocks on Shawn and Mimi’s door, announcing it’s an emergency with Belle (nothing new there, LOL). Shawn stops mid kiss and grope and answers the door while Mimi’s still buttoning up as an embarrassed and apologetic Bo explains what’s going on. Shawn insists on going with them and Mimi agrees to watch Claire in everyone’s absence.

Mimi called Bonnie back to the other loft and tells her what’s going on. The two talk about the pro and cons of Belle losing the baby. Later we hear that Hope called Mimi with an update. Mama Bonnie suggests Mimi make her man a nice hot dinner and wear one of those hot outfits she gave her. Mimi moans, reminding her she’s watching Claire. Bonnie picks up the baby monitor and asks if it works across the hall. Mimi says it does, even without the monitor most of the time. They head across to the other loft with monitor in hand. We find Bonnie chopping veggies for Aphrodisiac Stew as Mimi changes into a sexier outfit. They hear Claire crying and go to check on her, forgetting the monitor on the counter.

Philip blames Shawn’s custody battle for being the cause of Belle’s stress/cramps. Shawn reminds Philip that his actions haven’t been any less stressful as Bo and Hope intercede. Shawn dogs Philip about knowing he wants Belle to abort his baby. Hospital security breaks up the two guys and Bo flashes his badge saying he’ll monitor the situation and warns Philip he doesn’t need to get arrested again. Shawn sees Belle’s doctor and her face looks grim. She reports Belle’s BP was a little high, but stabilizing. These cramps concern her more and she orders no stress for Belle. Both Philip and Shawn want to see her as Shawn cites it’s his baby and Philip that she’s his wife…so Hope helps remind them they need to do this for Belle. Philip lets Shawn go in first and says he’ll be in shortly.

Philip shares his concern about losing Claire to Hope and Bo.
Shawn tells Belle how connected he feels with this baby and she lets him touch her stomach and he feels the baby move. He lies his head on her stomach and talks to it, telling it to behave as she smiles, watching. He asks the baby to promise to do so and they both smile as they look at the sonogram picture. Shawn leaves to return home and watch Claire. He tells Belle not to worry about Marlena as John’s on the case and will find her soon.

Philip joins Belle and stays calm, telling her to worry about herself and the baby. He loves this baby too and his first priority is his family…which includes her, Claire and the new baby.

Mimi and Bonnie try to calm a crying Claire, who apparently is cutting a new tooth. Bonnie tells Mimi she’ll have Shawn’s full attention with the dinner and that dress (she’s now wearing a low cut black sequined dress). Shawn returns home to their loft and hears voices on the baby monitor that Bonnie forgot to take with them. Mimi tells her mother that Shawn will never forgive her if he finds out she knew Claire was his daughter and didn’t tell him….as Shawn hears and previews roll…

CHELSEA TO BILLIE: You say one thing and then do another. I saw you kiss Steve Johnson…

MIMI TO SHAWN: I love you and I made a mistake.
SHAWN: So did I, the biggest mistake of my life.

CHELSEA TO BO: If Hope can’t forgive you, then maybe you’re better off with somebody else. (cue a wise little smile from Bo)

BELLE to HOPE: When two people love each other, nothing should keep you apart.
HOPE: Maybe you should take your own advice.

As the credits roll..

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