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Monday, October 2nd

Tape date 9/12/06
Director - Roy Steinberg


TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES here's a short version......Sandra may post a longer version later today.

Chelsea gives her mother what for about seeing her kissing Steve. They go back and forth about it, with Chelsea telling her mother she says one thing and does another. Billie tries to wiggle out it, telling Chelsea how Steve intends to ask Kayla for a divorce, but Chelsea is not buy it at all. Billie thinks something else is bothering Chelsea, perhaps she still wants her own parents to be together. Chelsea tells her she is not 9 years old, and this is not Parent Trap! LOL. She leaves to go to the hospital and pull a double shift on her community service in order to end it sooner.

At the hospital, Bo & Hope wait for word about Belle and the baby, with her taking a nap on Bo's shoulder. Kate comes barging in, waking Hope up, and they let her know what is going on. They wonder why she does not seem at all too surprised to learn that DNA tests were run on Claire & Shawn, and that Shawn is Claire's father. Philip is in with Belle, assuring her of his love for her and the baby she is carrying, etc. Oops, the heart monitor for the baby goes off, nurse comes in, then the doctor....and Belle is taken to a private room. They are going to have to run more tests, but the baby's heartbeat is erratic and must be monitored closely. While she is being transferred, Philip talks to Kate, telling her to back off (she had asked if Belle was going to lose the baby)and telling her to leave. Chelsea arrives as Bo & Hope are going up to see Belle. He stays to talk to her, while Hope goes up to visit Belle. Chelsea tells bo about seeing her mom with Steve Johnson. Hope & Belle have a nice conversation, talking about what Belle has to think about in re: her children. Hope tells Belle she, herself, is in somewhat of the same situation, carrying another man's child. Belle tells her everyone knows she and Bo belong together, etc. Hope tells Belle she perhaps should take her own advice.

Shawn hears more of the conversation between Mimi & Bonnie, and comes charging over.He lays into Mimi about not telling him, Bonnie tries her best to deflect and tells him to blame her (Bonnie), but Shawn will have none of that.He tells Bonnie to butt out.....and to please watch Claire while he & Mimi go back to their place, which they do.Mimi tries to explain how she has felt about Shawn & his feelings for Belle, especially when she caught them kissing the lst time Belle had cramps.Shawn will have none of it, tells her she knew before the marriage, he was there thru all her lies to Rex, and she learned nothing from it. He trusted her and she betrayed that trust. The marriage is over.....and he walks out. Mimi screams NO........

and the previews come on...... not remember them too well. Some girl says to Shawn, you think I am nice? as she leans in to kiss him.Bo tells Hope....I am not going to let you do this to yourself. Bonnie tells Mimi they can get Shawn back, but she yells that it was Bonnie's plan that has caused her to lose Shawn in the lst place.


Bo brings Hope coffee and comments on how exhausted she looks. He wants to take her home, but she wants to see Belle. It is her grandchild, after all. Hope still feels that Belle is Shawn’s true love and should have been her daughter-in-law. He compromises and tells her that she can rest on his shoulder. When she hesitates, he tells her to do it for her baby – their baby. Kate comes in and interrupts Hope’s nap and wakes her up demanding answers about Belle. Bo gets her up to speed, and when she tells them she is going in to see them, Bo tells her not to, Phillip and Belle need time alone to sort things out. The three of them see the nurse come rushing out and want to know what is happening. She tells them that the baby is in distress, but they will have to wait for the doctor for details. Hope is very concerned about what Belle has had to deal with. Kate tells her that she knew about Marlena, but nothing about Claire – and wants to know what they are talking about. They tell her about the DNA test and she wants to know if Phillip knows. Bo and Hope are very surprised that she isn’t. She tells them that she is just in shock. She wants to know about Phillip’s reaction.

Just as Bo and Hope decide to go find Belle, who should have a room by now, Chelsea arrives. Bo tells her about Belle. She is sorry, but wants to talk to Bo in private. Hope goes up to see Belle, and Bo stays to talk to Chelsea. She wants to know if they will work things out, especially if Hope hasn’t forgiven him yet. She thinks that if she hasn’t yet, she might never, and he should find someone else. He says, like Billie? She says that if he wants a chance with her, he needs to move quickly, before it’s too late. She tells him about seeing Billie kissing Steve. He says, again? She asks if it happened before, and he tells her about the Cheating Heart. She thinks that he and Billie would be perfect for each other. He tells her his life is with Hope, and that Billie knows that and is free to move on, although he is not happy that it appears to be with Steve. Chelsea is left scratching her head.

Phillip is concerned for Belle. Her blood pressure is stabilized, the baby is fine and she should be able to go home soon. He promises her that he will help her reduce her stress to keep them both happy. She thanks him for his support, and she apologizes for all they have been through over this baby and Claire. He promises to help her put the pieces back together and move on. He wants her to promise, too, but she can’t. They continue talking, and all of a sudden the monitor goes nuts. Belle panics when she realizes it is the baby’s heart monitor, and both call out for help. The nurse comes in to check and rushes out to get the doctor. The doctor thinks that Belle’s stress is causing the baby’s erratic heartbeat. She thinks that there could be something seriously wrong, physiologically. She can’t give them details until the test results come back. She leaves to find Belle a room, and he tries to comfort her and promises her he will do everything he can for both of them. The nurse comes back to take Belle to her room, and Phillip goes out to the waiting area, where Kate sees him and rushes over, all full of concern and with a big hug. He wants Kate to worry about Belle, as he is all right. Phillip wants her to admit that she wants Belle to lose the baby. He tells her that Belle is his wife, and he wants this baby for her. Belle is wheeled past, and he takes the time to reassure her. Kate wants to leave, but Phillip has more to say to her. He tells her that Belle cannot have any more stress. If she can’t be here to wish both Belle and the baby well, she needs to leave. Kate wonders – he did want her to abort that baby because it was Shawn’s. He says that was way back when, and his feelings have changed. He will raise this baby as his own. She doesn’t think that he should raise two children that belong to another man. As much as she loves Belle and thought she was the one for Phillip, she wants him to walk away and find a woman who will love him alone. That’s not Belle, and is never going to be. He wants to know how he is supposed to walk away from the best thing that’s ever happened to him? Kate assures him that Belle was not the best thing to happen to him, and it took her a long time, but she realizes that now. She rattles off his blessings, and wonders why he is living in a dingy little apartment with a woman that doesn’t even love him. There is a woman out there for him, and he needs to let Belle go back to Shawn and go find her.

Chelsea is waiting for Billie to get home. Billie returns Chelsea’s cell phone. Chelsea tells her that she did go back for it… and saw Billie, who was a little busy at the time. She tells her what she saw. Billie wants to know what the big deal was. Chelsea tells her how wrong it was, especially because it was out in the open. Chelsea wants details – are they involved? Billie tells her that it is none of her business, but proceeds to tell her anyway. Chelsea is very angry that Billie is getting involved with another married man. She asks how she is supposed to get her life straightened out and be a better person if she is watching Billie say one thing and do another. Chelsea still can’t believe that Billie is trying to steal her Aunt Kayla’s husband – even after all her lectures about the high road. Chelsea thinks that Billie is making the moves on him – but Billie says that Steve kissed her, and yes, she feels bad for Kayla, but it isn’t working out for them. Steve told her that he is asking for a divorce, and it has nothing to do with her. Chelsea thinks that Billie is trying to get in the middle. Billie continues to justify her actions, but Chelsea thinks she should butt out and let them figure it out for themselves. Billie is not buying Chelsea’s concern over the sanctity of marriage after what she did to Bo and Hope. She tells Billie that she is sorry for that, but it was different. She knows that they belong together, and has heard so from many people (Billie wants to know how she knows this, since she barely knows them). Billie doesn’t buy her sudden principles and wants to know what is really going on. Chelsea is still angry that Billie is a hypocrite. She made Chelsea’s life a living hell over Bo and Hope, and is now coming between a married couple. Billie thinks it is because that Chelsea wants Billie with Bo. Chelsea tells her that she isn’t nine, and it isn’t the Parent Trap. She is not plotting to get her parents back together. Billie still thinks she knows Chelsea better than anyone, even herself. She thinks she really wants her family back together. Chelsea doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, and leaves. Billie thought she was going out with friends, but Chelsea was going back to the hospital to work a double shift towards her community service.

Hope knocks and goes in to see Belle. They have a nice little chat. She tells Hope that she should be upset about the mistake, but she isn’t. Hope tells her to take the time to think about what she really wants, for herself and her children. She tells Hope that she thought about it, but she isn’t the only one married to someone else. Belle comments that Bo and Hope belong together and that nothing should be able to keep them apart. Hope thinks she should take her own advice.

Shawn continues to listen to Mimi and Bonnie over the monitor. Bonnie continues to try to calm Mimi down and make her keep quiet. She thinks it best that it came out when and how it did, and Mimi just needs to never let him know that she knew all along. He is very upset listening to them. Bonnie complains about Claire being coddled and how she is fine. She goes to leave for home to make dinner for Shawn, when he comes barging in and confronts her over what he heard on the monitor. Bonnie tries to run damage control and cover up, but he calls her on it and demands the truth. Both tell Bonnie to stop the lying, and Mimi tells her she can’t do it anymore. She tells Shawn that she did know that Claire was his. Shawn wants to know how she knew, so she tells him about the nurses’ conversation when Claire got her liver transplant, and how Bonnie looked into it and confirmed it. He is very angry that she knew for so long and didn’t tell him that he had a daughter. She confesses that she tried to tell him so many times, and she just couldn’t get up the courage to do it. Bonnie tries to take the blame for making her keep quiet, because Mimi did want to tell him. He does blame her, but Mimi is still responsible for making her own decisions. She chose to keep her mouth shut and keep lying. He takes the blame for trusting her after what she did to Rex. Bonnie still tries to stick up for Mimi –who never knew the truth for sure, and what about Shawn – who lied to Mimi about never sleeping with Belle. Shawn tells Bonnie it is between him and Mimi and asks her to stay with Claire, while he takes Mimi back to their own loft and continues to rip into her. He tells her that if she knew that long, then she knew before they got married and her marriage vows were lies. She claims otherwise, but he isn’t buying. She wants a chance to talk before he makes a rash decision. She tells him of her fears and panic. She tells him how convinced she was that he would leave her for Belle as soon as he found out about Claire. She tells him that she could always tell, despite his words, that he still loved her. He tells her that he wasn’t in love with Belle then, and isn’t now. He loved Mimi. She wants to know who is lying now. We see Bonnie listening, as Mimi continues to tell him how she felt about his feelings for Belle. She admits that neither of them should have gotten married, but she tried and hoped that he would love her. She continues to rip him for lying to her over and over again about loving her more than Belle. She wants him to forgive her because of what he has done to her, too. She admits her mistake, but thinks that they were both wrong. He tells her that he can understand why she would feel threatened, but he can’t understand how she was only concerned for herself and not anyone else. What about Claire? What about Phillip? She didn’t want this to happen to Phillip – he got the wife and the daughter. Shawn is still angry that she ripped apart four lives to suit herself. He can’t forgive her for that.

Shawn picks up the baby monitor slams it down and yells at her for betraying all of them. Now that everything is out in the open, she wants a chance to start over and make their marriage stronger. He tells her it is too late and storms out, slamming the door and she starts screaming, “NO!”


Sami: Would you stop it?
Lucas: He’s been after you ever since he got to Salem. You know that.


Bonnie: We are going to get Shawn back.
Mimi: It was one of your plans that got me in this mess in the first place, Mother!

Girl: you think I’m nice? (kisses Shawn)

Bo: I will not let you do this to yourself!
Hope: Oh! (cries as Bo hugs her).

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