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Monday, September 11

Episode # 10397
Tape Date: 8/10/06
Air Date: 9/11/06;
Director: Roger Inman
Writer: James E. Reilly (yes, still listed that way)

Summary: Shawn takes another DNA test, as Bonnie just can’t keep her nose out of their business…Billie comes to Chelsea’s aid…Jack and Jennifer find themselves in deep trouble with Deep Throat.

At the Cop Shop…Chelsea makes her statement, admitting to leaving the file, but that is all, swearing it is the truth. She says she had nothing to do with the embryo switch. Bo asks for a few minutes alone with her so Frankie leaves. Bo tells her this time “little girl” you are not getting away with it. He promises her that she will pay. Billie rushes in furious to find out from Frankie that Chelsea is alone with Bo. Chelsea swears to Bo that she was only trying to help Shawn because he is her brother. She can never change what happened to Zack, but she is trying to make up for it in some way and be a part of their family. She talks about how she over heard the nurses saying that Shawn may die and she just wanted to give him a reason to fight and hang on. She asks what if it’s true…what if he really is Claire’s father. Bo says there is only one way to find out…check Claire’s DNA against Shawn’s. Chelsea tells him to do it…test them. So Bo makes the call.

Billie goes in with them and Bo leaves, giving them some time alone. Chelsea immediately starts swearing that she is innocent. Billie says that she believes her and they hug. Chelsea tells her that she came across the file by accident, she wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, she just thought it would help Shawn and give him hope. Billie tells her that she believes her. But Chelsea doesn’t understand how it could be true, now that Belle and Shawn say that they never slept together. Billie asks her if THIS was the good deed she was telling her about and Chelsea says yes. She says it was the first time she ever did anything good for anyone and it will be the last. Shawn arrives and Bo gets the swab from him. Shawn is taking low blows at his dad as Frankie tells him not to be so hard on him. Shawn goes to leave but Bo wants to talk, asking him how he is doing, etc. He tells Bo that Mimi is having a lot of trouble with his involvement with Belle and the baby. In the office, Billie tells Chelsea that no good deed goes unpunished…sometimes you try to do good and it is misinterpreted and you get punished, and by nature, that makes a person not want to try to do good things anymore. She says that also sometimes, it takes a while for the good deed to hit the mark…and urges her not to turn bitter over this. She also tells Billie that Max dumped her…just like everyone else. Billie hugs her and tells her that SHE will never leave her. Chelsea says they can be old maids together, lol. Chelsea says she feels like she just can’t get a break and Billie assures her that something good will come out of this. Shawn admits to his dad that he may have gone a bit overboard over the baby and Bo asks if he is going overboard over Belle as well. Well, he just pushed the wrong button, so an angry Shawn leaves. Billie and Chelsea come out of the office, asking if she can go. Bo tells them yes and that the DNA sample is on its way to the lab.

At Chez Rouge…Mimi, Bonnie and Shawn arrive for dinner as Maggie and Bonnie exchange insults. Mimi tells Bonnie to just drop it so they can enjoy their evening. Mimi asks Shawn why he is so quiet and he tells them about Bo taking Chelsea in. Bonnie makes a spectacle of herself while ordering and then goes off on Chelsea, saying she hopes they put her little butt away this time. She is shocked when Shawn says that Chelsea thought she was doing him a favor. The discussion turns to who Claire looks like and Mimi says she thinks she looks like a combination of Belle and Philip. Maggie comes back over as she and Bonnie exchange barbs again, with Maggie getting the best shot, referring to Bonnie and Mimi as “Rosemary’s Baby”…and says we all know who that baby’s father was, lol. Shawn gets the call from Bo to come down to the station, wanting him to come down and prove Chelsea wrong. He finally agrees to go as Mimi and Bonnie try to discourage him from going. But he is determined and leaves. After he is gone, Mimi is sure the gig is up. Bonnie continues to complain about the food as Mimi picks at hers, too worried to eat. Mimi ends up snapping at her, hurting Bonnie’s feelings (I wasn’t so sure she had any). Mimi apologizes, saying she is just upset and worried. They finish their dinner and wait for Shawn to return as Mimi whines about losing him. She talks about once upon a time, Sami broke into the hospital files and changed DNA records, which gives Bonnie an idea. Mimi tells her NO…stay out of it. Bonnie tries to assure her she only wants to help, but Mimi says when she follows Bonnie’s advice, she only ends up in trouble…like now. She only wishes she had told Shawn the truth…and yet once again, considers doing so. She says he is going to find out soon enough anyway, she has to just accept it. Bonnie tells her that what ever she decides, she will stand by her, but Mimi fears she is up to something.

Later, Shawn returns, telling them they swabbed him and sent it to the lab. Bonnie picks, trying to find out which lab, but he doesn’t know. (LOL as Mimi cuts her eyes at her). Bonnie quickly excuses herself, thanking them for dinner and leaves. Mimi apologizes for Bonnie’s behavior and asks Shawn when he will get the results.

At the Pawn Shop…Jen says that they should go to the police with what they have, but Jack says no…they will think they are crazy…they need more evidence. He says he is going to contact Deep Throat again but she is totally against that idea. She says, besides, they have no way to contact him. Sal offers to put the word out on the street, but of course he wants compensation. Jack reminds him he has no more money, so Sal takes his watch in lieu of payment. Jen rips it off his arm and throws it to Sal. Later, Sal has called his contacts and says they may know something soon. Jen is bored, so Sal suggests they play checkers. He drags out the checker board as Jack and Jen argue over who is the better player. Jen accuses Jack of cheating and they start arguing. Having heard enough, Sal yells at them to shut up, they are driving him nuts and yanks away the board. He yells for them to get out of there…he will call them if he hears anything.

They go back to the newspaper office as Jack is at the computer working away on his story. He is excited and says he feels like he has been reborn…a new man. Jen still thinks this isn’t such a good idea, what if he isn’t really in remission, but Jack doesn’t want to hear it. He says they should just appreciate the moment and kisses her. He reads his story aloud about the case and being at the warehouse, and conveniently leaves Jen out of it, offending her. She is making notes for changes as his cell phone rings. He tells Jen it is Deep Throat wanting him to come back to the warehouse, so they rush out.

They get to the warehouse and sneak around in the dark. He tries to talk her into leaving, but she refuses as they bicker back and forth, both agreeing that each is stubborn as ever. He tells her to just play the Lois Lane role and let HIM wear the cape….and the tights, she adds. He says he just doesn’t want anything to happen to her, please understand that. They hear a noise as Jack moves further in, talking aloud to Deep Throat, thanking him for his help. Two thugs rush out and grab him, throwing a sack over his head. Then another guy rushes out and grabs Jen and throws a sack over her head as well and carries her away…as she is screaming for Jack…and the previews show…

Billie (to Max): You know Chelsea…she has a tendency of going off the deep end… (Max): It’s not my problem anymore…

EJ (to Chelsea as he pulls something out of her purse): And what’s this here…Hmmm…exstacy? (as she stares it it)…

Steve (to Kayla): I’m sorry…this just isn’t going to work…

Billie (to Steve): I’m all about romance…living in the moment (as they kiss)…

And the credits roll…

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