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Monday, September 18, 2006

Episode # 10402
Tape Date: 8/22/06
Air Date: 9/18/06
Director: Herb Stein
Writer: James E. Reilly

Summary: The evidence mounts against Patrick…Bo presents Hope with the proof she has been seeking…Kate is quick to jump on the bandwagon against Patrick, but EJ thinks there is more to it than they know…Jack and Jen spend a night in the cave…as back home, Frankie fears he may have lost Jen for good.

At the Garage…Abby is there working to keep busy as Max joins her. She is still upset and tells Max that she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings, but wishes that Frankie had never come back to Salem. They talk about how hard Jack has fought to stay alive and he is sure he will make it, but Abby fears the worst. Frankie shows up and tells Abby to be positive, he is sure they will be okay. Abby excuses herself as Max asks Frankie how he is doing. Frankie apologizes for leaving the press conference but Max says he just missed Chelsea making a fool out of him again. He tells Frankie that he is finished with her. Frankie is worried about Jen but Max thinks he will get her back. Abby is listening as Frankie admits he isn’t so sure…Jack has her heart and always will. Abby walks in and asks Frankie if that is what he really thinks. Frankie gets a call that Jack and Jen are live and Abby is thrilled over the news.

Meanwhile, out in the woods…Jack and Jen are in the cave as Jen talks about the first time they made love to a very uncomfortable Jack. Jen wonders where time has gone as she talks about how she has loved being married to him and joke about how it was never boring, and laugh over their latest adventure. He wants to go out and look for food as she wants to go with him, but he convinces her to stay and gather wood for a fire. Later he comes back with some roots and berries and has some flint. He is trying desperately to start a fire and won’t let her get a word in edgewise, as she tries to tell him she swiped some matches from the cabin (lol). They finally get the fire started and talk about old times (as we see them in disguise on a train…don’t know what that was about). Jack tells her to eat, because there is no guarantee that he will survive and he may not be around long. She won’t listen to that, assuring him that someone will find them and they will both make it. She tells him to be positive as she crams berries in his mouth, telling him they are full of anti-oxidants. He starts choking and she gives him the Heimlich Maneuver as he jokes, saying he must have picked “choke berries”. He jokes, telling her she saved his live…yet again. He tells her he is tired and needs to lie down to conserve his strength so they can get out of there tomorrow. He fixes them a bed and they lie in front of the fire. She says it’s too early to sleep as Jack asks what else is there to do (lol). They are next to each other as he says “goodnight Miss Horton” and she repilies “goodnight Jack Devearux”. Later she snuggles up next to him as she has a flashback of the first time they made love in the cave. She notices that he is also awake as both admit they have a lot on their minds. Jen talks about how strange life has been for them, and it seems like they have come full circle. She says what if…it is all because of fate? She says as hard as she has tried, she can’t get away from loving him…and doesn’t want to…and they kiss. They say they love each other and begin kissing.

At Patrick’s house…Bo presents the search warrant and evidence they found in the closet. Patrick plays innocent as Bo tells Hope that she should have never trusted Patrick. He claims it is all BS, he never saw those things before as Bo ask who put them there then? Bo says he has enough to arrest him and leads him away as he recites the Miranda rights…and Hope is speechless.

At the cop shop…Kate continues to question Roman about the murder case, refusing to leave. Abe comes in and wants to know why she and EJ are so interested in all this. They concoct a story about their tv station (I watched it on CC and it says MYTHIC Communications…I think we all thought it was MYSTIC). The cops (Tek is with them now as well) about how appropriate the name is…(Mythic…as in Mythical, I guess). Abe barks at Lexie, asking why is SHE still there as well. She says she is there to go to dinner with him and is offended at his tone, so he apologizes. Kate pipes in and comments on all the bad deeds of Lexie, who in turn points out Kate’s. Roman asks EJ just what bad things he has done…so he launches into some stupid story about getting arrested in London for some silly crap…and all chuckle.

Bo arrives with Patrick in tow as he continues to claim his innocence. They march him into the inner office as Hope gives Lexie and Kate the low-down about the hearing. And Kate is NOT too thrilled to hear what Billie did. Hope explains that the judge had to leave and there was a continuance…so she and Bo are NOT divorced. Kate says she doesn’t believe that Patrick killed Eve. IN the office Bo and the gang question Patrick, who implies that Bo set him up. Bo (in his usual ‘bull in a china shop’ fashion) grabs him by the collar and tells him he will get the death penalty. Roman pulls him off Patrick and they send Bo out of the room. Outside, Kate pumps Bo for info and he tells her and EJ that this is a police station…NOT a coffee shop…and tells them to leave. They leave, as Lexie decides she should go as well, telling Bo to have Abe call her. This all leaves Bo and Hope alone. He talks about Patrick being a murderer but she says they haven’t proven it yet. He explains that officer Casaras was with him the entire time, so he did not plant the evidence. They sit down as he explains to her about how it was Jack and Jen that informed him about Patrick while investigating the story and she wants to talk to Jen. He tells her they are now missing.

Kate and EJ go to a bar (?) and talk about the case. Kate says she has figured it all out. Bo needed evidence to convince Hope and Patrick had it. EJ asks if she thinks that Patrick paid Eve for the disc and then killed her to keep her quiet and she says “uh-huh”. He thinks it is all too simple and that they are missing something. She is sure that Patrick is guilty, but he says it all fits together too perfectly…there is more to it than they know.

Back in the office, Abe has called Patrick’s lawyer as they tell him he is headed for a fall. Bo has explained to Hope about Jack and Jen and Jack calling him. He says he has men out looking for them and will find them. He gets a call from the lab saying they have a fingerprint report ready. They lead Patrick out of the office on his way to booking as he proclaims his innocence to Hope. Bo gets the report from the lab and asks Hope to go into the office with him. Inside, he hands her the disc and tells her it was found at Patrick’s. And according to the report, Patrick’s fingerprints were on it. He didn’t tell her sooner, until he had proof. Handing it to her, he says here is your proof…Patrick is the one who was manipulating people…not me…Freeze frame on Hope…as the previews show…

Bonnie (looking upward): Okay, I know this is wrong…but I am doing it for my kid (as she types at a keyboard)…

Shawn (to Mimi): There’s no easy way to say this…but your brother Patrick was arrested for the murder of police officer Eve Michaels (as Mimi stares in shock)…

Bo (to Hope): I have NEVER stopped loving you…(Hope): and I have never stopped loving you either…

Jen (frantically, to Jack as she shakes him): Jack if you die on me…I will never forgive you…do you hear me?...

And the credits roll…

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