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Episode # 10407
Tape Date: 8/23/06
Air Date: 9/25/06
Director: Herb Stein
Head Writer: James E. Reilly

Summary: Austin and Carrie are BUSTED, leaving Sami and Lucas both devastated…Abe continues to secretly investigate Lexie, which angers Tek…Bo gives Billie and Chelsea the news of the DNA tests…EJ agrees to not rat Chelsea out.

At the Cop Shop…Bo arrives as Abe tells him about the DNA results…and that he is a grandpa. He also fills him about Philip taking off with Claire and being arrested. Roman comes in and tells Abe it’s time to leave for his date with Lexie. Bo doesn’t think that Lexie is involved in any of this, but Abe says he needs to tie up all the loose ends. Tek walks in and overhears this, furious that Abe is just playing Lexie. Abe tells him it is none of his business but Tek thinks that Abe is doing this to her for personal reasons and just wants to pay her back for cheating. Abe tells him he is crossing a line and if he does so again, he will lose his badge. After Abe leaves, Roman pulls Tek off the Eve Michaels case. Tek protests, telling him that Patrick asked him to help prove his innocence.

At Dune…Chelsea and Billie are there as Lexie shows up to meet Abe. She joins them while she waits, telling them that she is excited that Abe may be giving her a second chance. Later Abe arrives as he and Lexie go to their own table. They small talk about Theo and work and Abe orders champagne. They toast their son as Lexie talks about how she can’t lose him and thanks him for giving her another chance. He tells her not to get her hopes up and she says she knows she has a lot of work to do to prove herself to him. But she knows she can trust him. She notices a change in him and asks what is wrong. He brushes it off, saying this is like a date and he is just nervous. She toasts to their future…whatever it holds.

Back at their table, Chelsea asks Billie what she wanted to talk about and she tells her about confessing at the hearing. Chelsea is upset but Billie tells her it was something she had to do. THEY were the reason for Bo and Hope’s breakup and she had to come clean. She tells Chelsea it took a long time for her to admit, but she has NO desire to get back together with Bo. This doesn’t sit well with Chelsea, who whines about her dad hating her. But Billie says that a big part of being a mother is to set a good example and she has been doing a lousy job of that. Chelsea says she HAD a mother (Mrs. Benson) and they loved each other. She says she was only a mistake for Billie and Bo and they never even knew she existed until recently. She says if Bo and Hope’s marriage couldn’t have been so great, or else it wouldn’t have taken months for them to talk and figure out the truth. She says the real issue here is that Hope can never forgive Bo for fathering her.

Bo shows up and wants to talk to Chelsea. He tells her that he is proud of her…and explains about the DNA test and that Shawn IS Claire’s father. Chelsea gets some satisfaction in being justified and Bo says he owes her an apology. She says no problem…she owes HIM probably a million of them. He tells Billie that Hope told him about the hearing and she says she can’t apologize enough, and hopes it’s not too late. He tells Chelsea he hopes it’s not too late for them either. She says she just wants him back in her life again and they hug. Bo gets a call from Roman and has to go back to the station. After he leaves, Chelsea is thrilled that her dad forgave her and Billie says she has a clean start…it’s all up to her what she does with it.

Back at the station, Roman tells Bo that he got a call about Patrick’s phone records and learned that he did make a call to Sami on the day that Will disappeared…around the same time that Sami got the threatening phone call. But what they can’t figure out is if it WAS Patrick, with him in custody…then where is Will? Tek wants to help out on the case, but Roman tells him to just stay out of it. Bo says he knows where to get the information…from Lockhart…and he intends to get it out of him.

At Sami’s apartment…she is still crying as she holds a picture of Will. EJ comes over and tells her that he saw Carrie headed up to the roof. She says she and Austin had BETTER NOT be up there comforting each other. She moans about how Austin loves Carrie…always has…always will. Everyone loves Carrie. She blames herself if they are together, remembering she told Austin that if he loved Carrie to go for it, but she knows that Lucas loves her as well and she doesn’t want to see him get hurt. She talks about how upset Lucas was when he learned that Carrie wasn’t pregnant…and now Will is missing. She says if Lucas loses Carrie as well, it will kill him. She says that he needs Carrie right now and she had better not let him down. EJ tells her that he just saw Lucas in the hall and he was headed up to the roof after Carrie. Sami worries what may be going on up there, so she takes off as well.

Up on the roof…Lucas comes barging out the door to find Austin and Carrie in a lip lock, yelling at Austin to get his hands off his wife. Carrie immediately starts apologizing, but Lucas is furious. He starts ranting at them as Carrie starts crying. Austin tries to explain, but Lucas starts on him. Carrie tries to tell him that they couldn’t help it and they were just pretending…it would eventually come out. She declares that she does love Lucas (just not as much as she loves Austin, I guess) but Lucas tells her to shut up, she doesn’t know the meaning of love. He says thank God for EJ…who told him she was up there or he would have never caught them. He says but he sees she didn’t need him at all…because she has her brother-in-law to kiss her and make her feel better. He calls Austin a bastard and they get in each others’ faces as Carrie has to jump in the middle and play referee. Lucas also blurts out that he and Carrie had just had sex and he asks her what was that?...pity sex? Well, Sami has walked up now and hears this, asking if it’s true. She yells at Carrie asking “how could you?” Lucas loves you and would do anything for you and you are nothing but a cheating whore. Sami says everyone thinks SHE is such a bad person…but just look at them. Austin tries to tell them that they didn’t want to tell anyone yet because of them being so upset about Will missing, but Sami rants at them about their lack of self-control and how she can’t understand how Carrie did this. Lucas asks Carrie why she even married him. Lucas asks Austin and Sami to leave so he can talk privately with Carrie so they do. Carrie says she doesn’t know what to say and he tells her there IS nothing to say…he wants her out of his life. He talks about when he and Sami were supposed to get married and he thought she had cheated with Brandon, but it wasn’t true. But he didn’t believe her and they broke up because of the mistrust. He admits that he has always had trust issues and now he has no trust in Carrie either. She is continuing to boo-hoo, and he tells her to just STOP crying and playing the victim…this is the second time she has done this…she left Austin for Mike…now she has left him for Austin. He can’t help but wonder how long it will be before she dumps Austin for someone else. He storms off telling her that she and Austin deserve each other. He goes to his apartment and stomps around like an angry bull, until we see him later put her suitcase in the hall and slam the door.

Sami and Austin…are back in her apartment as EJ apologizes for sending Lucas to the roof. Sami says he did them all a favor. Austin gets angry, pointing out that EJ is always inteferring and all of this is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS…so get out. Sami takes up for EJ, so Austin says HE’s leaving. But EJ leaves instead, telling them that getting Will back is what is most important right now. After he leaves, Sami rails at Austin for being so hateful to EJ…then she continues with what he and Carrie did to Lucas. She fears that Lucas is close to going over the edge and may start drinking again. And if he does, it’s all Austin’s fault. Austin says they didn’t plan this, it just happened. She lectures him again about self-control and accuses him of not being able to have Carrie in the beginning so he “settled” for her instead, because she is the “easy” one. She says she admired him and looked up to him…but now it looks like she never knew him at all. He pretty much admits that he settled for her as she calls herself the “wicked step-sister”. He tells her not to play the “poor me” game…for he knows that she and Lucas really love each other, why can’t they admit it. Carrie has admitted she made a mistake…he thinks they have all made mistakes. Austin decides he needs to go up and check on Carrie even as Sami tells him to stay out of it. On his way up, he sees the suitcase in the hall and goes on up to the roof anyway.

Back at Dune…EJ shows up to pick up some take out and joins Billie and Chelsea as he waits. He asks Chelsea how she is doing and she doesn’t know what he is talking about. She tells him she is doing fine as he says she must be feeling EX-static as she stares at him. Billie excuses herself as Chelsea remembers that he was the one that helped her…even though she doesn’t remember much of anything about that night. She asks him to keep it quiet and not say anything to her mom. He says he will make her a deal…only if she never tries that stuff again. She gladly agrees.

Back on the roof…Carrie is still balling her eyes out when Austin returns. She whines it’s all her fault, but he says it’s his too. He holds her as she asks how she can ever face Lucas or Sami again. She asks how could everything get so messed up as she cries.

Downstairs, Sami goes out into the hall and sees Carrie’s suitcase and goes to Lucas’s. He snaps at her but she says that she didn’t do anything wrong. She tells him that he can finally see that Austin and Carrie are NOT perfect and they are both better off without either of them. He agrees that she is right…and to hell with the both of them. Sami says that Lucas deserves better…someone who will love him completely. She tells him that true love isn’t easy to find, but she still has hope that she WILL find her soul mate. Lucas says he wouldn’t know his soul mate if she were 2 feet in front of him (just as he and Sami are face to face, lol). He turns away as she just sits and stares at him…and the previews show…

Patrick (to Hope): The truth is there is only one person who could have set me up to take the fall for all of this…and that is Bo…

Bo (to Roman) Was Lockhart’s gun the murder weapon?...Roman (as he hands him a file): see for yourself…

Austin (to Carrie): You’re acting like you are the only one to blame here…(Carrie): Because I married a man that I didn’t’ love…

Sami (with Lucas by her side, to Kate): We are willing to do whatever it takes to get our son back…so DEAL with it…

And the credits roll…

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