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Monday, September 4, 2006

Episode # 10392
Tape Date: 8/3/06
Air Date: 9/4/06
Director: Phil Sogard
Head Writer: James E. Reilly

Summary: Carrie goes to Marlena for advice…the gloved hand is at it again, this time working on Marlena…Sami lays it on the line with Austin.

At the Hospital…Roman and Marlena talk about Sami’s non-wedding and Eve’s murder. He is there to check the autopsy report. Roman says until they learn who did it for Marlena to be careful…frightening her. She asks why there were so many undercover cops at the wedding but he doesn’t give her an answer. As he is leaving, we see the gloved hand slipping a letter addressed to Marlena into her pile of mail. Carrie shows up as Marlena asks what’s wrong. Carrie talks about how she feels sorry for Austin and can’t believe what Sami did to him. Marlena tells her that Sami says she wasn’t ready to be married. But Carrie thinks that there is more to it than that. Carrie talks about Sami turned her life around and she is proud of her. But Marlena knows that Carrie still loves Austin and asks why she sacrificed her love for him. They go out on the terrace to talk privately as Carrie tells her about the tests Lexie ran on her and the results. She says that she thinks she convinced herself that it was now or never with Lucas and convinced herself she was pregnant…and those are the reasons she married Lucas. She says she does love Lucas, but she feels that she was trying hard to convince herself of that love…but it’s not working. She just can’t get Austin off of her mind. She says that everything that Marlena said to her previously, before the wedding, was true. But she didn’t want to hurt either Sami or Lucas by admitting to it. Carrie thinks that everything that has happened (not being pregnant and the non-wedding) could be a sign from God that she and Austin could have a second chance. She says she has to make things right, but she doesn’t want to hurt Lucas in the process. Marlena thinks that she may end up hurting Lucas even more if they stay together. Marlena tells her she must stop putting other people first and do what is best for herself. She assures her that whatever she decides, she will be behind her 100%. Carrie hugs her and thanks her for taking time to talk to her. She leaves to go talk to Lucas, saying she just needs to find the courage to say what she has to.

After she leaves, Marlena goes through her mail and opens the envelope left by the gloved one. Roman walks up as she is reading the letter and asks what’s wrong. She tells him nothing is wrong, it is good news…just overwhelming. She tells him the letter is from a commissioner (?) of something in New Jersey. He had heard of her work at the hospital with her Women’s Empowerment Group (huh? When has she been working?) and wants her to come there and set up a similar program. Roman thinks it is an honor but she is worried about being away from Salem too long. She says she has already been gone too long from her family and patients. She isn’t so sure she should accept the offer, but Roman pushes her to, calling her Wonder Woman…she can do anything. She finally (with his urging) says she will call and accept the offer and they hug.

At Sami’s…Sami and EJ are going at it on the sofa as Lucas and Austin are talking in the hallway. Lucas is urging him to go and talk to Sami and find out why she stopped the wedding. Austin doesn’t want to pressure her but finally decides to go in. Inside, Sami hears something in the hall and puts the brakes on EJ. He goes out in the hall as Sami hides the letter. Austin asks what he is doing in there…with his shirt off. EJ starts explaining, saying something about coming over there to take a shower as Sami comes out and backs up his story. Sami and Lucas get into it as Austin breaks them up and wants to talk to Sami alone. She tells him to forget it…it’s over…she is NOT going to marry him. Lucas and EJ talk as well as Lucas makes a comment about how much time EJ spends with Sami…shirtless (lol). EJ can tell that Lucas doesn’t trust him, even though EJ says he and Sami are just friends. But Lucas doesn’t trust him and says he never will. Inside, Austin wants answers from Sami. She starts on Kate, but he tells her to leave his mom out of it. He tells her he doesn’t believe her flimsy excuse she gave him at the church and demands to know what happened to change her mind. Lucas tells EJ to stay away from Sami, she doesn’t need him around as EJ accuses him of being jealous. Sami spies the letter peeking out from under a pillow and asks Austin to get her water as she hides it. He sees the food and is angry to learn that EJ made it and is sure that EJ is after more than just being friends with Sami. She assures him that she does NOT love EJ and he is NOT the reason she walked out…the reason is CARRIE.

In the hall, Lucas assures EJ that he is not jealous, he says he is just protective of Sami because they share a son. As they argue, Carrie walks up as Lucas demands that Carrie tell EJ that they are happily married. Inside, Austin wants an explanation from Sami, asking what Carrie has to do with it. She says she saw Carrie crying at the wedding and thought at first that she was happy for Sami, but then saw she was looking at Austin. She realizes that Carrie still loves him and she knows he loves her as well. Lucas explains that EJ accused him of being jealous of Sami and he wants to prove him wrong. Lucas has to leave to go meet with Max and Shawn and after he is gone, EJ points out that Carrie never confirmed what Lucas said about them being happily married. Austin swears that he loves Sami, but she says it doesn’t matter how much she loves him, his heart will always belong to Carrie…she can’t ignore that…and they should be together. She says he proposed to her because Carrie wasn’t available. She says she stood to lose so much by marrying him…her dignity for one. She says she can’t marry someone who considers her second choice. She deserves to be with a man who loves her as much as she loves him. If she can’t have that she would rather spend her life alone. She says she refuses to settle for anything less than she deserves. Even though she loves him, she has learned that you cannot MAKE someone love you. Austin finally gets it and says he wishes it could have been him. He tells her to remember he will always be her friend and she can count on him. He says he loved her when he proposed to her and he still loves her. She says she knows that…but just not the way she wants to be loved. He kisses her as she grabs him and hugs him hard and her tears flow. She tells him to follow his heart, he deserves to be happy…as he leaves and she breaks down in tears.

Austin runs into EJ and Carrie in the hall and tells them he was there to talk to Sami. He tells Carrie that he now needs to talk to her and she agrees that they need to. EJ goes in to check on Sami and she tells him she convince Austin to walk away…he and Carrie are still in love. She tells him that oddly enough, she feels better now. She says she has met half of the demands and gave up Austin, but HOW can she give up her son? Austin and Carrie go up to the roof as she asks what’s going on. He tells her that they love each other…and it’s time they admit that they have both made mistakes and get back together…the way it was meant to be. Freeze frame on Carrie as the previews show…

Lucas (to Kate): You got all tense when John mentioned that officer’s death….now you can’t wait to get away from me…what gives?...

Marlena (to Sami and EJ): Is there something going on here that I should know about?...

Austin (to Carrie): If this was my last day on earth, I’d only want to spend it with you…now the question is…do you feel the same way?...

Steve (to Billie): I am going to have to stay on my toes with you…(Billie): Sounds like you have something to hide…do you?...

And the credits roll…

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