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Thursday September 28, 2006

Episode # 10410
Tape Date: 8/24/06
Air Date: 9/28/06
Director: Phil Sogard
Head Writer: James E. Reilly

Summary: After a minor accident, Stephanie takes care of Max (take that how you will)…much to Chelsea’s jealous dismay…Philip is served with custody papers…Bo and Hope break the news about Marlena missing to Belle, to disastrous results. Brandon Beemer (the new Shawn Brady) makes his debut.

At the Hospital…Chelsea is there working (actually minding her own business for once) when she sees 2 giddy nurses. She asks them what’s going on and they go on about a celebrity being there. They tell her it’s Max Brady and that his girlfriend is with him. We learn that Stephanie beat him during time trials and when he got out of his car, he was so angry that he kicked the car, he broke his toe. He is really embarrassed about it and begs her not to tell anyone how it happened. The doctor releases him with some pain meds, assuring him he will be okay. Chelsea walks in and asks if he is okay, as he assures her he will be fine. She makes a couple wise cracks about him and Stephanie (the green-eyed monster rearing its head). She asks to speak to him alone so Stephanie leaves. She wants to tell him about being exonerated over the DNA result fiasco. But he doesn’t want to hear anymore from her and leaves.

At the Garage…the new Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) makes his debut crawling out from under the hood of Max’s car. Frankie shows up (Shawn had called him) and he notices the big dent in the car. Shawn tells him he will have to ask Max about it. Shawn tells him that he is going to need his help, so they go into the office and talk about Claire. He tells Frankie he wants to split custody with Philip/Belle and wants to be named as the legal father. Frankie warns him that Philip will fight it and it will be tough to pull off. He advises him to think it over…he and Philip are friends as well as family. But Shawn is sure that Philip won’t listen to him and wants Frankie to move forward, despite his cautions.

At Loft #1…Bonnie drops by to see Mimi…and beware…she is bearing gifts. She has shopping bags of lingerie, including a candy thong. (She even announces that she bought one of those for herself as well.) That is something that Mimi could have gone without knowing…us as well. As she sits and nibbles on the thong (EWWW) she tells her that all this stuff will keep Shawn’s mind off of Belle. Mimi tells her thanks, but she doesn’t need any of those things…she thinks that even though Shawn knows the truth about Claire, his feelings for her won’t change. Bonnie shows her a sexy maid’s costume and Mimi tells her to take it back. But Bonnie proceeds to tell her that one is from her own personal collection (as Mimi EWWW’s again). Bonnie has one more thing…and pulls out a brochure on a town home, urging her and Shawn to move (now that one I agree with). But Mimi says they can’t afford it. Bonnie reminds her that after Max wins the race (with Shawn’s invention) they will have lots of money. Bonnie tells her they need to get away from across the hall from Belle. Mimi assures her that she is making too big of a deal over Shawn and Belle.

At the Hudson Street Diner (or where ever Abe & Lexie were yesterday…it’s NOT the pub)…Bo and Hope meet. Bo tells her about Marlena missing and John going to look for her. Hope notices that Bo is in a strangely good mood (almost giddy) so he breaks the news to her…that they are grandparents…Claire IS Shawn’s daughter. He explains that the DNA report Chelsea left in Shawn’s room was accurate and that she was only trying to get the truth to Shawn. She can’t understand how it is possible and asks if Philip knows. Bo tells her yes and explains about Philip’s snatch and grab with Claire and being arrested. They talk about how he must be feeling…which leads to how they were raising JT and he wasn’t theirs. As they go to leave, they talk about Shawn having 2 children and how it seems like only yesterday they were taking baby Shawn and sailing around the world. Cue flashback of them boarding the boat to leave Salem (these flashbacks include Steve and Kayla as well). Hope smiles, asking HOW he ever talked her into that. She says she did it because she loved him and how happy they were. He says he thinks t hey can be that happy again.

At Loft #2…Victor is visiting with Philip and Belle (It seems he has been out of town for a while, they explain). He talks briefly about Chloe and Brady so I assume he was visiting them. They talk about the upcoming Salem Gran Prix and how they are sure Max will do well. This leads to Victor lecturing Philip about taking Max’s car and wrecking it. He also tells him he learned he was arrested and wants to know what that was about. Philip makes up a lie about that and says it won’t happen again. Upstairs, Claire cries, and Victor is anxious to go see her, so he volunteers to check on her. After he leaves, Belle asks why he lied to his dad and Philip says Victor doesn’t need to know the truth. Later, Victor is back downstairs with Claire (without the headband for once) as Philip takes her and ooh’s and ahh’s over her. A messenger shows up, handing Philip an envelope, telling him he has been served. After reading it, he is furious, telling them Shawn is trying to take her away. Philip explains to Victor that the DNA results found at the hospital were correct…as Victor concludes that is part of the reason that Philip was arrested (smart man). Victor says something about Claire being Shawn’s child as Philip snaps for him to NEVER say that again. Victor says he understands how he feels, and talks about not knowing that Bo was his son and missing out on his childhood. He says he can’t change things for Philip…including the pain he is in. But Philip wants him to help fight Shawn for custody but Victor says he can’t. Bo and Hope arrive and ask Philip how he is doing. Victor tells them the news about Shawn’s custody suit, shocking them. They apologize, but Philip says when all is said and done, Shawn will be the one that suffers. Hope reminds him that he isn’t the only one suffering here…all of them will. Victor agrees and says this situation will be with them for life…and that they are all family. Victor has to leave to go to an appointment, so Philip walks him out.

Back at Loft #1…Shawn arrives home and asks what is going on as he sees the pile of lingerie. He informs Mimi about the custody suit, something she nor Bonnie like the sounds of. He tries to smooth things over but Mimi is clearly upset. He tells them about his meeting with Frankie. Bonnie assures him that Mimi will stand by him, even though Mimi says she wished they had discussed it first. He goes off to work on the nursery. Mimi whines to Bonnie that Belle and Claire will always be coming between her and Shawn and it is something that she just can’t compete with. Shawn overheard her and asks Bonnie to leave. After she is gone, they talk how happy he is that Claire will be a part of his life, but apologizes for not considering Mimi’s feelings. Mimi thinks he is going to give her an ultimatum, and says she can love Claire as long as she still has him. He assures her she has nothing to be jealous of over him and Belle. But she says he and Belle will always be bonded. He tells her that they are bonded as well as she tells him to show her, they start kissing…undressing…and fall to the sofa.

Back at the Garage…Stephanie gets Max ice for his foot as they banter about the race. He says he has the cure for all their aches and pains and tells her to follow him. We next see them in the steam room at Titan, clad only in towels. Meanwhile, Chelsea drops by the garage to find no one there. As she is looking at the car, Frankie walks in, asking what she is doing there. He asks her where Max is and she tells him she doesn’t know…and goes on to explain about Max getting hurt and being at the hospital. Frankie asks how he hurt his foot and Chelsea says she didn’t ask…because Stephanie was hanging all over him. He asks her if she told Max about being cleared and she says she tried, but he wouldn’t listen. Frankie assures her that Max will forgive her, but she hopes it’s not too late. Meanwhile back in the steam room, things are really steaming up as Max is busy hitting on and kissing yet another of his nieces.

Back at Loft #2…Claire wakes up and Hope asks to hold her, noting that she has Shawn’s eyes. She takes her upstairs for her nap. Belle tells Bo that he is sorry about this mess they are in and she notes that he is stuck in the middle of it…between his son and his brother. Bo tells Belle that he has news for her and it’s not pleasant. After the break, Hope is back downstairs as Bo has told Belle about Marlena missing. She is upset and angry that she even went to New Jersey, noting that they need her there at home. Bo tells her that John has gone to search for her, sure that he will find her. Belle grabs her stomach and doubles over in pain, saying “something’s wrong”…as the previews show…

Mimi (to Bonnie): I don’t want anything to happen to Belle’s baby… (Bonnie): but if she were to lose it, that would be one less tie she has to Shawn…

Shawn (to Philip, in the hospital): You don’t want this baby…You wish it had never been conceived…and you wish like hell that it never had to be born. Philip explodes all over him, yelling SHUT UP and choking him as Bo tries to separate them…

Stephanie: It’s like something is pulling him away from me and my mom…

Billie (to Steve): What about Kayla?...(Steve): I would ask her for a divorce…

And the credits roll…

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