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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Episode # 10395
Tape Date: 8/7/06
Air Date: 9/7/06
Director: Jim Baffico
Writer: James E. Reilly

Summary: Abe puts the plan to investigate Lexie into motion…The press conference for the Salem Grand Prix is underway…Jack gets a tip on the Eve Michaels murder…Bo takes Cheslea into custody.

At the Hospital…Jack and Jennifer eagerly await his latest test results. Jack fears the worst, but Jennifer is cautiously optimistic. Frankie shows up (Jen had asked him to come). The nurse has some papers for Jack to fill out, so he tells Jen and Frankie to go get coffee. In the hallway, they talk about how well Jack is doing and Frankie asks what now? Jen talks about how she loves Frankie as well, but is torn over her emotions for Jack. On one hand, she has loved him for most of her life (and still does) but is still angry at him for leaving the way he did when she thought he was dying. She doesn’t know what to do and tells Frankie if he walks away, she wouldn’t blame him. Dr. Berman (?) shows up and they all go back to Jack’s room as he explains that Lexie is off duty. He tells them that they still don’t have an answer to whether he is in remission, they are awaiting more test results. Frankie offers to call his friend and see what he can find out. Frankie tells them that he is going to the press conference and invites them to go along, but Jack says he is tired and wants to go home, but urges Jen to go with Frankie. She refuses and says she is going to drive him home. After Frankie leaves, Jack gets a call and it’s that mechanical voice, telling him that he has information on the Eve Michaels murder and wants to meet with him. Jack gets a pen and paper and repeats everything (not too smart Jack) as he writes it down. They are to meet at the warehouse across from pier 5 within an hour. Jack is excited and determined to go, even though Jen tries her best to discourage him. He rushes off excited as Jen tries to stop him…to no avail.

Later, he is at the warehouse sneaking around calling out to his contact when he is told to sit down. The contact is behind a stack of crates (we only see his shadow). Jack hears something and tells him to hold on. He doubles back around and finds Jennifer lurking behind some boxes and chews her out for being there. He tries to explain to “Mr. Deep Throat” that she is his assistant, but the guy is already gone and Jack blames her. She says she refuses to let him risk his life. He goes on about how great he feels (although he becomes a bit overwhelmed) and now she has ruined it. He sees something and they go over and find a photo of a gun. They wonder what it means as they take the photo and leave.

At the Cop Shop…Bo is tracking leads on Will as Abe comes in and they talk about Sami and the notes she was receiving. They can’t believe she destroyed them and how she thought it was Lexie sending them. Abe tells Bo that he is going to keep Lexie busy this afternoon. They talk about whether she is innocent and the possibility of trouble at the press conference (Bo says he has several cops there posing as press). They wonder if Eve’s murder and Will’s disappearance are connected and see Lexie as the common denominator. But they don’t understand why Lexie would want to harm Eve…or if she even knew her for that matter. Lexie walks up as Bo hides the huge board with her name under “suspects”. She asks Abe why they are meeting there as Bo excuses himself. Abe turns on the charm, telling her that he has had second thoughts and is withdrawing the petition for the divorce. She is excited and relieved as he lays it on thick, saying it was all his fault and he drove her away. She falls for it, hook, line and sinker and asks him to forgive her as well. She swears it is over between her and Tek. Abe talks about how he misses her and Theo as his family as she moves in and kisses him. He tells her he isn’t ready to move back in just yet and asks her out to dinner at the Penthouse Grill tonight. A cop comes in and tells him that they have a positive ID on the file left in Shawn’s hospital room. Abe studies the report as Lexie asks if it is bad news. He says it is as bad as it could get for the Brady’s and picks up the phone. When he gets off the phone, he tells Lexie that Chelsea is a suspect and she could be in big trouble. Lexie tells him about Philip’s theory (that the one who left the folder could be the same one for the embryo mix-up). If that is the case, she could be in big trouble.

At Chez Rouge…the place is closed for the Salem Grand Prix Press Conference (according to the huge placard outside). Max, Abby and Chelsea are all inside as Abby is anxiously awaiting news from her mom about Jack’s results (why isn’t she with them?). Philip arrives dressed in his Sunday best and they all talk about Will missing. Max goes to get ready and runs into Stephanie as they spar about the upcoming race. Kate and EJ are also there, prepping their notes for the press conference as Maggie suggests that maybe they postpone it, considering that Will is missing and Austin/Sami/Lucas can’t be there. Abby tells Chelsea she heard about the test results turning up in Shawn’s room and asks if she was responsible for that. Chelsea admits to it, saying she thought it was the right thing to do. But it didn’t turn out as she had hoped and now Philip suspects the same person who planted that file is also responsible for the switch. Philip goes over to EJ & Kate (with a chip on his shoulder) and tells them he learned on MSNBC (or was it CNBC?) that they had formed a new company (yea, right, BIG news, lol) Mythic Communications and they spar about competition. Later, Max and Stephanie are both dressed in their racing uniforms, ready for the conference. Chelsea walks up as they are chit-chatting and he kisses her. Frankie shows up as well and he fills her in on Jack & Jen, telling her that this is driving him crazy. He tells her that Jen has to make a decision. Bo has also shown up by now.

The press conference starts as Maggie welcomes everyone and introduces EJ. He talks about the new company he and Kate have formed and then introduces their driver, Stephanie. She says a few words (I mean very few) and then Philip takes the mic and introduces Max Brady as the Titan driver, who in turn says he feels like the luckiest guy on earth. Max and Stephanie ham it up for the reporters, and talk about how each of them is going to beat the other. They asks their sponsors to join them at the podium as EJ makes a crack about Philip taking Max’s car for a test spin. Philip talks about how Max’s car is in top form, fitted with the new Shawn Brady turbocharger (my eyes are about to roll out of my head here). Kate takes the mic and says that both drivers will do great. One reporter picks up on the chemistry between Max and Stephanie and asks if there is anything going on “off the track as well” as Chelsea seethes. Max denies it and introduces Chelsea as his good luck charm. Bo gets a call from Abe and tells everyone that the press conference is over. Kate asks if there is info on Will and he says no…he is there to take Chelsea into custody as everyone gasps. Bo grabs her by the arm and drags her off with cameras flashing. Outside, he berates her as she tries to explain but he tells her he doesn’t want to hear it and takes her away. Inside, a reporter asks Max…”what about your good luck charm now”…Freeze frame on Max…as the previews show…

Jennifer (to Jack): How else would he get a picture of the gun Jack…unless… (Jack): He already had it in his possession…

Mimi (to Belle): If you baby is tired, then rock her…stop coming to my husband for help…

Bo (to Chelsea): What I should do is lock you up and throw away the key…(Frankie): Try it and you’ll have me to deal with…

Shawn (to Philip): Are you trying to tell me my DNA matches Claire’s?...

And the credits roll…


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