Monday, September 18, 2006


Tuesday, September 19th

Episode: 10,398
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 8/11/06
Headwriter: James E. Reilly

Good show tomorrow as Bo and Hope have a good talk; Jennifer and Jack talk about their future and Bonnie and Mimi make one last ditch effort to change the DNA test results.

Shawn strolls the pier wearing his suit and calls the cop shop to check to see if his DNA test results are back. Bo picks up the phone and tells him how they arrested Patrick for killing Eve and thought Shawn might want to be with Mimi when she finds out. Shawn asks if they have concrete proof, knowing that Bo isn’t objective regarding Patrick. Bo tells him they found evidence at Patrick’s house and Hope is with him now in his office. Shawn snips back that Bo should be happy with the outcome and has to find Mimi as she’ll need him when she hears this.

Bonnie the candy striper lectures Mimi on how she should take action to make sure Shawn’s and Claire’s DNA tests don’t match. She herds Mimi and the rolling book cart onto the hospital elevator as Mimi looks worn out after their conversation. Bonnie tells Mimi to make nice with Mr. Lab Technician while she sneaks into the lab. Mimi taps on the lab window and taunts the male lab tech to the door. Nakita, the tall, long haired Russian male tech sees her and combs his hair a tad before answering the door. Mimi looks adorable and uses her female charms and fake southern accent asking the tech about his name and saying she wants to become a lab tech too, etc., while Bonnie slithers into the lab (you would think by now that Salem U’s hospital would have SECURITY around it, wouldn’t you and more than one little room with so big a hospital, haha)

Shawn arrives and is told Bonnie and Mimi got on the elevator a little while ago. He goes to find them. Nakita is totally encouraged by Mimi in the hallway and asks her out to dinner the next night. He goes to put his hand on her shoulder when Shawn grabs his arm and asks what does he think he’s doing with his wife. Bonnie hears this and practically falls off the chair in the lab. Shawn shoves Nakita and tells him that ring on her finger means she’s married in this country and not available. He puts his arm around Mimi’s shoulder and walks her away as a confused Nakita returns to his lab. We see Bonnie scrunched up under the desk as Nakita sits down and tells someone on the phone about the Claire Kiriakis lab test, saying he had accidental, correcting himself interpersonal..sigh…apologizes and says he’s speeding up the test while hanging up. Later we hear Nakita telling someone on the phone about this sexy woman as Bonnie tries to curtail a sneeze under the desk. Her cell phone rings (oops) and Nakita hears it and looks under the desk. He pulls Bonnie out and throws her out of the lab..zipping his lip and saying he won’t tell anyone (my husband is in the background saying “how cheesy”, LOL)

Upstairs Mimi tells Shawn she’s looking for “Bon Bon” and he mentions a nurse saw her with her mom. Mimi says she was called to be with a patient, confusing Shawn as he knows Bonnie’s just a candystriper. Giving up finally, he tells her about Patrick being arrested. Mimi asks if Bo might have set Patrick up. Shawn calmly tells her that she might be right.

In the hallway Bonnie answers her cell. It’s Mimi. She tells her she only had time to do a few keystrokes before he returned (looks like Bonnie knew her way around a computer when she did get on it)…Mimi’s on the hospital phone…calling Bonnie on her CELL PHONE..cough cough….and tells her about Patrick.

Bo holds the baggie holding the cd after the lab checked it out (wow they’re fast!) and tells her the lab reported only finding Patrick and Eve’s prints on it. Bo asks if she still believes that he stole it to keep Chelsea out of jail? He goes to put the disk in the portable DVD player as Hope mentions Roman found a cd in Eve’s apartment as well. Bo plays the cd and although it’s grainy (we don’t see it), they can tell it’s the video in question. Hope apologizes for misjudging Bo. He tells Fancy Face he’s sorry too, about everything, but especially for letting Chelsea drive that night. He thinks about Zack all the time, remembering making his special pancakes, telling stories about super heroes, etc. Zack’s favorite story was wanting to sail around the world with them like they did with his big brother Shawn. Hope tells him how wrong she’s been and about what Billie said in court earlier. Bo is shocked as she tells him how she saw him in bed with Billie that time at the motel (which is news to him obviously) and that’s when she left Salem. Angry, he realizes Billie was as responsible as Chelsea for her leaving and she had lots of time to come clean about. He tells her that he has never stopped loving her and she (with tears in her eyes) says she has never stopped loving him either. He asks why they’re apart then. She has a little pain in her abdomen and he has her sit down. She tells him it’s gone now and Bo, on bended knee…tells her that he knows Zack started his life as part of her and his loss brought her down. He knows as much as it hurts for him to be gone, inside they don’t want to let go of the painand anger because if they do, they’ll know their little boy will be gone forever. He’d do anything to make his dream come true to bring their little boy back to her arms. In tears, Hope knows that. What they’re doing, being apart, makes things worse and they’ve got to find a way to remember their son and the joy he gave, other than fighting. Their memories of Zack are wrapped up in negative feelings and (now in tears himself), says they’ve got remember him with joy and honor..together.

He tells her he’d do anything to get back together with her, including therapy and raising another man’s child. She’s his wife and he’d do anything to prove how much he loves her..just asks her to come back to him. She’s not ready yet, but strokes his face saying she needs time to think. Discouraged, he tells her she knows how to find him when she wants to and leaves the office.

Hope goes to Zack’s grave and bends over it talking to him. She asks Zack what she’s suppose to do now. She asks him why she can’t forgive his father. She knows he didn’t steal the disk and didn’t do a lot of the things that Mommy was so angry about before. It should make a difference, right? Your dad gave his daughter the keys to his car. Crying she says his father is just as guilty and she asks God what she’s suppose to do. She lies her head on the headstone.

Later, while Hope’s at the cemetery, we see Bo with his shirt pulled out of his pants as he sits at the pier looking at a picture of him and Hope with Zack. Wiping a tear from his eye he looks up.

Jack admits remembering the first time they made love in the cave and other fond memories about when he was Santa Claus, not being able to keep his paws off Mrs. Claus. Jennifer tells him she never wants to be away from his side ever again as they kiss and the picture fades to the fire. Later we rejoin them as Jack said it was better than ever (Jennifer’s still dressed) and asks how it was for her. She responds positive too, but he asks what about her other husband. A solemn Jennifer ponders her response and tells him she feels so guilty as Frankie’s the sweetest man she’s ever known. He jokes about Frankie being perfect, but she tells him she knows that Jack is perfect for her. She thanks Jack for tonight and said she finally feels like herself again. Kissing her, he tells her she’s welcome. He says he would grab her and their kids and hug her til the end if need be. Jennifer tells him they’ll never be torn apart again and fate won’t allow it. All of a sudden Jack passes out and falls into Jennifer’s lap as she calls to him. She feels his weak pulse and yells at him that she’ll never forgive him if he dies now. She hears a helicopter and runs outside to wave at the spotlight. It zigs back and forth to find her and locks in on her. Later the paramedics have a stretcher and examine Jack…as Jennifer urges them to hurry as the camera freezes on her face..


Patrick (in a cell) tells Tek he had nothing to do with that woman’s death and needs him help to prove it.

Jennifer and Frankie are both in tears as they tell each other GOODBYE

Lexie tells Jennifer to stay calm and she’ll check Jack out. Jennifer yells back asking Lexie not to let her die.

Bonnie and Abe stand next to Mimi as she asks Shawn what the test results say. Shawn says “I’m Claire’s father.”…

As the credits roll..

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