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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

EPISODE: 10,408
TAPE DATE: 8/23/06
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
HEADWRITER: James E. Reilly

It’s a new day in Salem as Sami and Lucas plead for Will’s safe return; Austin joins Carrie at the pub as they talk about what to do now and Hope and Bo talk to Patrick at the Cop Shop.

Hope visits Patrick and he asks if she believes he’s innocent. She says she likes to believe people are innocent until proven guilty. She’s having their baby, but after reviewing the evidence, it’s hard not to believe he’s not guilty. He takes offense as Hope refers to him as a perp as he insists on being innocent. He says J&J’s source was wrong and reminds her how they slept together and made a baby. When she reminds him how she thought Bo was guilty and then found out he wasn’t, he says Bo’s the only one who could have set him up. She knows that Bo would never frame an innocent man for murder and if she had to believe one of them right now, she would believe Bo. Bo happened to arrive at that point and overhear and smiles. Patrick glances up, followed by Hope. He walks in saying she’s right, he’d never frame anyone. Bo saddles up a chair next to Patrick saying the evidence proves him wrong. The ballistics report showed the bullet that killed Eve was shot from his (Patrick’s) gun. Patrick said the gun wasn’t his. He also denied calling Sami on the day of her wedding. Bo doesn’t buy any of this and tells Patrick he’ll fry with all the evidence they had. Hope leaves and Bo threatens Patrick that he will get the truth out of him one way or the other.

Earlier, Bo asks Roman for another shot with Patrick, saying he wants to bring Will home. As Bo goes to leave, an officer brings the lab report in about the gun used to kill Eve. Bo asks if it showed it was Patrick’s gun and Roman hands him the report.

Later Carrie walks into Roman’s office, practically in tears, and our Commander isn’t fooled she’s not there for a social call, LOL. He asks what’s wrong and she tells him she’s made a mistake and doesn’t know what to do before going into his arms. He knows whatever it is isn’t as bad as she thinks. She tells him she and Austin have gotten back together and how Lucas found out. He remembers asking her the day of the wedding if she was sure about marrying Lucas and she said she was. She was worried about disappointing Lucas and knows how stupid that sounds now. She knows he deserves a better wife than her. When asked, Carrie admits loving Austin and wants to be with him, just feels bad for Lucas now. Roman knows it won’t be easy for Lucas, but he’ll rise above it. Roman tells Carrie both she and Lucas can come out better from all that happened and not to indulge in self pity. She reluctantly agrees he’s right and Roman tells her if she loves Austin that much, not to make the same mistake again. She laughs saying for a police commander h e makes a good psychiatrist. He suggests they call Marlena and do so. Instead of calling Marlena’s cell phone, he calls the contact number she left. The phone rings and Jeffrey Taylor answers and learns Marlena never showed up. Her contact had left four messages on her cell phone, but concerned too when she never responded (gee, maybe he should have called HER family then?)

Austin arrives at the pub and finds Carrie in a booth. They talk about how Lucas found them on the roof the night before. She calls herself a slut and Lucas is right that she should not consider herself the victim and he’s right. The important thing is finding Will. Austin assures her everything will be okay and for her to stop thinking negatively. They both need to find a place to live, a home and he tells her anyplace with her is a home to him. Carrie’s uncomfortable with Austin sitting close to her, saying Lucas may know what happened, but no one else does and she doesn’t want them finding out this way. They step outside as she tells him she doesn’t know who she is anymore. He reminds her that he was unfaithful to Sami too, so she’s not alone. Carrie wishes Marlena were there instead of on her NJ business trip. She decides to go see Roman at the station and he says he’ll go back to Sami’s for the press conference.

Lucas arrives and learns Austin left to go see Carrie. Lucas says finding Will is his priority now and moments later EJ, Kate and the crew from the TV Station to do the request for Will arrive. Sami thanks Kate and EJ coaches Sami and Lucas. His research shows parents talking with love and concern about their missing child works the best. Kate suggests she talk as well as Austin and Carrie to show family support, but Lucas tells her they aren’t part of his family anymore. When we return Lucas finishes telling Kate about finding Carrie and Austin on the roof. As the hair stylist fluffs Sami’s hair, Lucas tells his mother he’s tired of good girls and will take his chances with bad girls. Kate glances at Sami and tells him no way. Kate justifies her concern is parental just like theirs is for Will. She and Lucas are positioned on the couch and urged to show affection for each other for the audience to respond. Kate doesn’t like it.

Kate and EJ banter about Lucas’s ordeal. Sami’s so nervous about saying the wrong thing and Lucas gives her positive affirmations. Austin arrives and tears into EJ about why he’s there. EJ calmly states he’s in charge of the broadcast and if he doesn’t like it, leave. Kate joins them and also tells Austin his being there isn’t very sensitive to Lucas right now. Offended, Austin reminds them he’s family, when Lucas looks up commenting he didn’t know it was trash day. Sami asks him to be nice, saying focus on Will.

Sami and Lucas sit on the couch and the camera rolls as Lucas starts the talking, pleading for Will’s safe return. Lucas looks into the camera and asks if Will’s watching to know how much they love him, how his football team won their first game and it’s not too late for him to join them, he got an A on his math test and his friend is shocked and wants Will to help him study, etc. Lucas begs whoever took Will not to hurt him and if it’s money they want, let him know how much and he’ll get it, but his son is his life and the one person he can count on.

Sami talks about how Lucas and Will practiced his fast (er, curve) ball all summer. Sami apologizes for all the disappointments Will’s had in his life, saying most of them were her fault. Lucas puts his arm around Sami, saying that’s not so. She remembers how he was alert from the moment he was born and was born with an old soul. She still sees that look in his eye and it made it easier for her to treat him like a grown up. She tells him that he’s the most important person in their lives and whoever it is that has their son, take her if it’s her they’re angry with, not Will. He needs his family and to come home. We see the door to the apartment open and in walks Will, wearing a knit hat. He says hi to Uncle Austin, who shocked yells WILL. Sami and Lucas rush off the couch and hug their son as the previews roll..

Kate to EJ: I don’t think Sami ever got Lucas out of her system.
EJ: Maybe there’s something we can do about that.

Roman to Bo and John: The police found a blood stain in Marlena’s hotel room.

Lexie to Abe: I’ve missed you so much.
Abe stands up to kiss her and Tek walks up watching this.

Will: The reason I didn’t go back to school is…as he stares at everyone watching him....

As the credits roll…

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