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Tuesday, September 5th

EPISODE: 10,393
DIRECTED BY: Jim Baffico
TAPE DATE: 8/4/06
HEADWRITER: James Reilly

SUMMARY: The Reeds frequent the pub and get acquainted with Steve; Austin convinces Carrie they should be together; Marlena visits Sami to say goodbye for a while and Sami is frantic about the latest note..and with good reason we find at the end of the show.

Lucas and Billie chat over coffee. He tells her that Shawn and Max are still working on the car and couldn’t join him. She asks on how Austin is doing, hoping he’s finally finished with Sami. Lucas isn’t betting on that.

Steve walks in and Lisa hands him the usual, a cup of black coffee on the house. He is frustrated with no job, no money and living upstairs without contributing anything. Billie spots him and calls him over. He introduces himself to Lucas and Billie said she only knows that he plays a mean game of darts. They ask him to join them and he scoots in next to Lucas. He tells her he’s trying to get a group of people together to watch the game on Sunday night. He says Kayla hates all sports and Lucas jokes Billie is a sports fanatic. Lucas can’t believe Kayla wouldn’t like racing, but Steve agrees. Billie said she’ll get back to him about the game and Steve invites Lucas too, saying he seems like a nice enough guy. Lucas said Carrie’s a big Giants fan, but he likes the Colts. Steve asks if they’re talking about his niece Carrie and when told yes, hopes he and Billie aren’t related somehow (LOL). She laughs saying she hopes not (love that Salem humor about their CLOSE family ties ;-), but with his surprised looks, tells him no, that Carrie is just her best friend. Steve asks about how her brother Austin is doing and Billie mention fate happens and whatever will be will be. Lucas challenges Billie, asking if she doesn’t believe he and Carrie should be together while Steve gets refills for all of them (what a guy!)

Kate walks in and joins the Sami bashing as Steve watches the show. He’s introduced to Kate and Lucas fills Kate in on how Steve’s lost his memory from his Salem days. She wishes she could say the same as Billie tries to reign her in. Steve can’t believe she’s their mother and knows where Billie got her good looks from (always a charmer). Steve mentions his frustration about nothing to do and Kate mentions how Billie use to be in the ISA before too. He wonders if they had met before as Kate’s brain clicks away as she ponders this new information. Billie tells him about not being with the ISA anymore and with Countess Wilhemina cosmetics. She explains leaving the ISA after all that happened (they just showed him pictures of her daughter Chelsea..and comment how she’s around Stephanie’s age). He asked what happened and she gives him the Readers Digest condensed version about her and Bo having Chelsea (er Georgia) and thought she was dead, found her, her parents were killed in a car crash, then they found out she was their daughter, yada yada. (Strange Bo didn’t tell him about it being he’s helping Bo find out who took the video tape at the cop shop) Steve is frustrated that Kayla asks him several times a day if he remembers anything and he’s tired of disappointing her.

John walks in and Kate asks how his new girlfriend is (ouch, ex fiancées can be sensitive). He asks if she means Eve and says she’s dead, murdered last night. They all extend their sympathies and John says he didn’t know her very well, but she was so young. Kate leaves and Billie signals Lucas to give her a minute and he sees Kate forgot her purse and rushes to find her with it. Billie asks John if he thinks her mother had anything to do with Eve’s murder. Steve watches and says he thinks Kate might be involved. Billie said not in murder. She asks John if he was dating Eve and he clarifies it was more of a business arrangement and excuses himself to make a phone call. Billie senses Steve knows more and although he doesn’t say anything, she feels he’s in on whatever it is. He realizes she’s no dummy.

John calls Roman, saying he hates to say it, but thinks Kate’s involved in Eve’s death.

Outside Lucas asks Kate why she rushed out and is she involved. She explains she just realized how in the blink of an eye you can die. Nobody is safe from that.

We join Austin and Carrie still debating on their true feelings for each other. Carrie knew he had moments before just tried to get Sami to marry him, but he says she refused and told him the real reason she won’t…because she knows he loves Carrie. Carrie’s surprised to hear that Sami knew and he fills her in on how Sami saw the tears in Carrie’s eyes during the wedding. (gee, I cried at my sisters wedding too, but out of happiness) Austin says they have to stop lying to everyone and themselves. Carrie regrets what happened, but heard him say his vows to Sami and knew he meant what he said. He says he would have been a good husband to Sami, but he doesn’t have the love for Sami like a man should have for his wife. They both know how they broke each others hearts years ago and hear they are, still in love. They should be together. Austin tells Carrie if he can’t have her, he’d rather be alone. He tells Carrie she’s IT for him and if this were his last day on earth, he’d want to spend it with her. Does she feel the same way? Carrie says she takes her vows before God seriously. Austin reminds her she didn’t have any problem divorcing HIM (good point). He asks her if she loves him and to be honest with herself and him. Does she want to send her life with him or not. She smiles, saying she does and rushes into his arms. After kissing, he assures her that Lucas will get over her. She says there’s another problem they can’t fix. She can’t have children. He comforts her, saying they’ll deal with it. She knows he wants children and deserves them. He suggests adopting, but knows he wants his own son or daughter. Is he ready to give up that dream? (hey..surrogates are a dime a dozen in Salem, ask Mimi and Shawn, ha!) They kiss and tell each other how much they love each other. He says this is where they belong, together, and lie down on the ground together.

Sami is frantic over the latest demand for her to turn full custody of Will to Lucas. EJ wants to call the police about these threats. Someone knocks on the door and Sami freaks..EJ tries to calm her and when she refuses to answer the door, does so himself. It’s Marlena, who comments on EJ’s always being there, LOL. Sami tells Marlena about telling Austin that he belonged with Carrie and her mom’s proud of her. Sami says Lucas deserves to be happy too. Marlena tries to encourage Sami to regroup and not rush into a new relationship. Sami takes offense, but Marlena reiterates that it’s normal and tells Sami about her new women’s empowerment group at the hospital. She watches EJ out of the corner of her eye as she tells Sami about her newest business offer to create a state wide group. She gives Sami’s kudos on all the powerful decisions she’s made in the last day or two, then says she’s leaving for Trenton tomorrow to start this new work. The STATE OF NEW JERSEY SEAL is shown as we see someone talking on their cellphone and legs propped up on their desk. He tells someone(wearing black gloves) that Dr. Evans will arrives tomorrow andthey’ll take care of her as instructed.

Sami tears up, hoping her mom would be around for a while. She covers, saying she’s excited for her mom and Marlena reminds her she can call her whenever she wants..and her email and cell number won’t change. Sami said she’ll miss her and the two hug and kiss. EJ promises to take good care of Samantha in her absence. Marlena asks Sami to tell Will she loves him and they hug again. We hear heartpounding thumping as Marlena thought she saw someone outside Sami’s door when she leaves. Once she’s left, EJ rushes out to check it out as they both fear it was the note sender. She rushes out to give EJ a bottle of wine to hit the guy with, but rushes back when the phone rings (as does EJ). It’s “the voice” saying it’s the first day of school, does she know her son is? She calls the school and learns he didn’t show up at school. She breaks down and tells EJ if anything happened to Will, it’s her fault….as the previews roll..

Patrick and Hope are at the hospital and a nurse walks in saying “The doctor is ready for you Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart.
Bo walks in overhearing that and turns to walk away. Patrick stops Hope from going after him by saying “Hope, let him go.”

MARLENA TO JOHN: “I simply came here to tell you goodbye.” John’s eyebrow continues to be exercised.

SAMI TO LUCAS: “It’s Will.”
LUCAS: “What about him?”
SAMI: "Lucas, I don’t know. Oh my God, he’s missing!”

KATE walks into ROMAN’s office and he says “Kate, I’m busy.”
KATE puts her wrists out to be handcuffed and says: “I want you to arrest me…NOW.”

As the credits roll…


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