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EPISODE: 10,399

Show revolves around three couples…Bo and Kayla, Hope and Patrick and Steve/Nick and Billie as all of them ponder their futures.

Kayla and Bo chat about her lack of progress with Steve. She’s worried she pushed him too far by having a quiet romantic dinner with his favorite foods at the Salem Inn. Bo refuses to let her go down to the waterfront alone to look for Steve, reminding her she was attacked there before. Later we join them at the Cheatin’ Heart and find he’s put out the word to all the force on the waterfront looking for Will (Uncle Bo doesn’t seem too worried about him, does he?) to also look for Steve. He asks the bartender if a friend with an eye patch had been there and was told no, but the bartender says he’ll keep an eye out and tell the other bartender too. He and Kayla sip drinks as she remembers high school days and worried Steve’s returned to Cincinnati already..so they leave to look some more. No sooner do they walk out when Steve and Billie walk in. She goes to the bar to order drinks. The bartender welcomes her back, saying it’s been a long time and pours her sparkling water. She smiles, says it has been, but she’s back. Steve puts an oldie on the jukebox (Nothing but a Heartache). She mentions playing Pinball and heads to the machine. Later, Steve offers her another drink and she tells him her drinking days are over and about her drug problem. She tells him why she had taken herself off the market. She had caused some serious damage to a friends marriage..Bo and Hope’s..and has a reputation in Salem. Steve says from what he’s seen, Bo is a one woman man..Hope. He asks if she’s moved on and she kisses him, asking if that answers his question. The bartender delivers another beer and sparkling water, saying he’ll run a tab for them. Billie tells him she knows he doesn’t think there’s anything happening with him and Kayla, but she’s NOT going to interfere with another couple again. She’s sworn off married men and staying with single ones from now on. Steve insists there’s nothing going on with him and Kayla and he doesn’t even remember her and only interested in Billie right now. She’s flattered and tempted, saying he’s cute and she’s attracted to him..but that’s where it’s going to end. He asks for one dance first as she goes to leave, purse on arm. She reluctantly agrees to ONE dance, that’s it, and puts her purse back on the chair.

Kayla and Bo sit on a bench as she talks about “Nick”. She’s worried he might be right and too much has happened, but Bo reassures her not to think that way. She’s worried about having to lose him all over again. They only had 5 years together and now he’s had 3x that on his own to replace their old memories. Brother Bo has a sailors analogy saying the heart is like a compass..always point to the right direction and Steve will follow it. Bo tells her she and Steve are soul mates and will wind up together. She asks if he’s really talking about him and Hope and he agrees. He tells her Hope invited him to the ultrasound and he ran late..she got pissed and invited her damn boy scout to be there. He was trying to find solid evidence of his innocence and the divorce hearing is the next day. He tells her Nick/Steve is still a romantic as he offered to help Bo save his marriage. She tells herself that she and Steve are soul mates and will find their way back to each other. She thanks him for the pep talk and for introducing her to Steve a long time ago. Bo asks how come she’s so classy and he’s not. They laugh talking about the old days and she offers to buy him a drink. He suggests the pub, but she wants to go to the Cheatin Heart. Naturally it’s a slow song that Steve and Billie are dancing to when Kayla and Bo walk in. Kayla confronts Steve and words are shouted by all four of them. Steve reminds her that he can’t be the man she wants him to be. Billie insists it was just a dance and she had told Steve she wouldn’t come between them. Kayla realizes that Steve wanted more to happen with Billie and his silence confirms it. She stares at him saying he’s right, he’s not the man she married and leaves. Bo glares at Steve and warns him if he hurts his sister again, he’ll regret it. He and Kayla leave. Billie apologizes to Steve, saying she should have stopped it before. He might not remember him and Kayla, but there’s nothing wrong with her memory (I didn’t think Billie was around when Kayla and Steve were in Salem) Billie says “I don’t know what to say Steve:: and he corrects her with Nick. He doesn’t know what to say about his marriage, but doesn’t think he (and Billie) are done yet.

Back at the pub, Bo tries to convince Kayla that Steve will find his way back to her. He tells himself that things will work out with him and Hope too.

A pregnant Hope arrives on a private plane to meet Patrick for a special meal. He says he’s taking her to NYC for dinner. Naturally she’s shocked at this, saying no one has ever done something like this for her (hmmm…hard to believe with all the jets in Salem), but she and Bo had taken the Fancy Face up the coast before. She asks about the price and knowing he was having a hard time making the rent payment. He says he called in a favor and promises everything else is going to her and the baby. He tells her to prepare for a whole new adventure as he takes her hand and smiles. In flight we learn Patrick has done his pregnancy 101 homework and delivers cookie and milk for her. He found a nutritious cookie recipe on line with organic flour and nutrients and baked them for her. She bites into the chocolate chip cookie and likes it. She jokes being they’re both chocoholics they name their baby cocoa or bittersweet. She tells him how she named Shawn Douglas and Zack, but doesn’t know about this one. He suggests Addie if it’s a girl and she tells him that was her mother’s name. He knows that and touched, she says thank you, liking the idea. Later she tells him she can’t eat any more cookies and still have room for the dinner they’re flying to NYC for. She gets up to put them in the galley as he rushes after her saying that he’s waiting on her tonight. The jet hits an air pocket and he catches her when she loses her footing and they kiss. Marty (the pilot) apologizes for the turbulence and says he changed altitude and the rest of the flight should be smooth. Patrick thanks Marty on the phone for both the smooth air and turbulence. Patrick then brings a basket laden with baby clothes and goodies. She is really concerned/puzzled now as to where he got all the money to pay for all of this. She doesn’t want to pry, but she knows what rookie cops make (guess he made the program) and doesn’t want him in credit card debt for this. He says he had a chunk of money stashed away. He tells her not to worry about it and there will always be enough money for her and the baby. He wasn’t born with a trust fund (ouch) and his mother taught him how to survive. Hope wishes everyone could see him the way she does and he has a good heart. He looks her in the eyes and says he loves her and always will. She tells him this is not a good time and she’s not even divorced. Now sad, she remembers how Bo was there for her. She can’t believe Chelsea only got community service. Patrick reminds her about things she’s angry with Bo about, the disk, not showing up for the ultrasound, etc. (smart thinking on his part to get her out of the Salem the night before the divorce too). She tells him she is going through with the divorce hearing the next day. Once that’s over, then her marriage to Bo is really over…


Abby runs into the cop shop and says to Bo: “I’m glad I found you. My parents are missing.”

Jennifer to Jack: “I can’t even imagine what Frankie must be thinking.”
Jack: “That we ran off together.”

At the cop show…Bo to Patrick: “I don’t ever want to see you in this office again.”
Patrick: “What’s the matter Bo. You scared I’m going to take your job like I’ve taken your wife?”
Bo rushes at Patrick saying “You son of a …..”

Hope to Gran: “I think he went after the disk. It really was the last straw gran.”
Gran. “You don’t really believe that Bo did that, do you?”

As the credits roll…

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