Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Episode #10,404
Taped 8/17
Director – Albert Alarr

Lexie delivers good news to the Deveraux family, while his family visits Patrick, who gains an ally to prove his innocence, and Jack gets an exciting offer.

AT THE COP SHOP, Abe tells Frankie how Jack was unconscious at the time of rescue, and was airlifted to University Hospital. Frankie leaves immediately. In comes an irate Bonnie, Mimi and Shawn, harassing Abe about the wrongful arrest of Patrick. Tek goes to see Patrick, telling him his arraignment has been pushed up. Patrick claims innocence and badgers Tek to help him out. Patrick tells him he was the one who gave him the clue about the Italian shoes, and certainly would not have done so if he owned them. Abe is trying to calm the others down, who claim Patrick was framed. Abe tells them of all the evidence in the closet, with Shawn noting that the first thing he would do if guilty would be to hide all the incriminating evidence in his closet in his house. Patrick is telling Tek that the evidence is bogus, that he has been a good guy, wanting to be a good father to his baby, and turn his life around. He convinces Tek to look around and see what he can find out. He leaves, and now Bonnie & Mimi visit Patrick, telling him how Shawn thinks perhaps Bo might not have been on the up and up when it comes to Patrick. He asks about Hope, saying she was going to come visit him, but has not shown up. Bonnie flies off the handle and starts to rush out to give a piece of her mind…..but both Patrick & Mimi tell her to not interfere in their lives (hmmm, just like Kate) with Patrick telling her he does not need her to fight his battles, and to stay out of it. Meanwhile, Abe is telling Shawn that the DNA results are ready, and are being sent over by messenger.

AT THE HOSPITAL, the medics bring Jack in, with Lexie questioning a frantic Jennifer. She asks a barrage of questions as to why Jack would pass out, then goes to check on Jack. Jen paces the hospital corridor, as Abby arrives and they hug. She tells Abby the whole story, of how they were following a lead in the Eve Michaels murder, got double crossed, kidnapped, the mountain woman, the cave, the whole shebang. Abby is thrilled to learn her parents were together and working on a story. Lexie comes in with her “voice of doom” look, saying she has news. Break for commercial. NOW, Lexie says Jack is awake, that he was suffering from hypoglycemia and when was last time he had eaten. She also said he was suffering from hyperthermia. The combination of not eating and being cold in the cave with his weak condition from having been so sick were why he passed out, but he is fine. Jen & Abby go into see Jack, happy is awake and alert. Now Lexie delivers the extremely good news. The hospital in DC faxed the results of his tests, and Jack is definitely in remission. She is discharging Jack, to lead a long and happy life. Frankie arrives, and they all thank him. Jack is standing with one arm around Jen and the other around Abby…….very apparently the happy family unit. Jack tells him that he is in remission, and thanks him again. Abby apologizes to Frankie for the way she acted like a brat towards him, thanks him, and asks him to forgive her, and can they start over as friends. Jack asks Abby to wheel him out, which she does, but not before Frankie insists on a goodbye hug. As Abby wheels Jack out, he raises his hand, saying Jack Deveraux is leaving the building………yahoo! Jen starts to say something to Frankie, but he tells her he already knows…….she is going back to Jack. Jen tells him she loved him, and wanted to marry him, but Frankie replies that he completely understands. She tells him there is a gal out there for him, but he says the gal would not be Jen. She replies that whoever she is, she will be able to give Frankie her whole heart, which Jennifer cannot. Both are in tears as they say good-bye, and hug. She leaves, as Frankie turns away, alone and still in tears.

He bumps into Lexie on the way out, and they talk. He tells her he is going to give them all some time together, and then will go get his things, and leave. Where to, sez Lexie. I don’t know, will spin a glove, blow on his finger, point and go wherever. Lexie thinks he is lucky to be independent. She says her life is so complicated, with her mom, her job, her son. Frankie remarks she did not mention Abe, but Lexie says that tho he has said he wants to try and mend things with her, his heart does not seem to be in it.

At the Deveraux house, Jack is excited to be back home. He suggests champagne, then changes it to ice cream sodas to celebrate. He answers the phone, and it is Harold. Jack seems surprised and startled, tells Harold he has to talk to Jen and Abby first and will let him know. He is a bit shocked as he tells Jennifer that Harold has offered him the job of London Bureau Chief. Jen tells him that is a plum job, and Jack says yes…….for both of us. Now he surprises Jen with the news that Harold wants Jennifer to be the Chief European correspondent. She is shocked. They talk of how this had always been their dream, as Abby correctly adds “before you had kids”. They mention previous adventures in Europe, how Jen & Abby nearly got themselves killed in Ireland, how both Jack & Jen almost got massacred at Greta’s coronation (nice nod to past history!) and then they mention Ubilam, and agree not to talk about that. (so o.k., I have no idea what that meant, but the word IS Malibu spelled backwards…….lol) Abby urges they accept, but they do not want to leave her, being as she will be going to college. She insists she can live in a dorm, or stay with Aunt Maggie, or Great-Gran. Jack & Jen realize their daughter really is growing up. They debate a bit, and finally decide they WILL go to Merry Ol England……and God Save the Queen!

Back at the jail, Abe comes in to tell Bonnie & Mimi their time is up. Bonnie feels they barely got there, but Abe tells Mimi that perhaps she should be with her husband when he gets the DNA results. Bonnie is floored, as is Mimi. Shawn is on the phone with his mom, as the messenger arrives, and he watches a cop sign for the envelope. He hangs up on his mom, promising to call her back. Abe comes in with Bonnie & Mimi, and the officer hands the envelope to Abe, who gives it to Shawn. Mimi suggests he wait til they get home, but Shawn wants to open it now. He is anxious for Chelsea to be put away. He opens the report, is puzzled by all the numbers, which mean nothing to him. He goes to the last page, and is absolutely stunned, as he looks up at everyone, saying “I’m Claire’s father”. And the previews roll………

Bo & Kayla, sitting in a booth at the pub. Bo: Go after Steve, fight for him the way I am fighting for Hope.
Kayla: Cuz we’re Bradys, and Mom says the Bradys don’t give up, right?

Hope, who is hugging Jen: Cause I’m really ready to move on with my life.
Jen: Good, and bring Bo with you.

Jack, tenderly, as he hugs Abby: That’s not the greatest thing I ever did. You are!

Shawn, as Philip (holding Claire) and Belle listen: The report that showed up in my hospital room was correct. I am Claire’s father. Freeze frame on Philip’s face.

And the credits roll.


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