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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tape date – 8/24
Director – Albert Alarr

Will explains what happened to him, while Roman calls on John, & Lucas makes a surprising decision

Roman is on the phone with Jeffrey Taylor, as Carrie listens in. He learns Taylor is the Commisioner of Health & Human Affairs for the state of New Jersey. (in my state it is called Human Services……and I do not think the head man is a commissioner….lol, but o.k.!) He repeats that Marlena never showed up for their appointment. Roman later learns that Marlena was having coffee in the coffee shop at 7:a.m., then went up to her room. Bellhop reported she left her room around 8 a.m. No one has seen her since. He decides to call John.

At the Cop Shop, Tek and a female police officer are watching the Sami/Lucas plea for the safe return of Will, and are flabbergasted as they see Will walk in. Bo arrives in the room, Tek calls him over to see what is going on. Bo & Tek argue about Patrick. Tek tells Bo how Lockhart wants him to help clear him, but Bo says No, that the evidence has just piled up. Tek says Lockhart thinks he is being framed, and proclaims his innocence. Tek warns Bo that if Patrick is telling the truth, his family could still be in danger.

At Sami’s apt. it is bedlam, as Lucas & Sami are all over Will, hugging him, questions tumbling out one after the other, TV cameras in his face. A bewildered Will has no idea what is going on, why the TV cameras, and learns that his parents were making a plea to his kidnapper. He has no idea what they are talking about, as he confesses that the reason he did not show up in school was because he ran away.

At a restaurant (looks very much like the Hudson St. Diner to me……..it is NOT the Pub) John is sitting at the counter as Abe, Lexie & Theo come in. The Carvers are having a family day, and are going to the Science Museum in Brookville. Lexie comments that Abe eats lunch here every day, so that is why they are there. Small talk about baseball cards (Theo collects them). John gets a call from Roman and leaves. A bit later, as the Carvers are enjoying their meal, Tek comes in, greets them, tells them about Will being back, then sits behind them. Theo has put money in the jukebox, and on comes the song that Lexie & Abe danced to on their lst anniversary. They hold hands and reminisce, then Abe leans over to kiss Lexie, Theo wants them to do it again, and they laugh and do so. When Lexie takes Theo to the bathroom, Tek takes the opportunity to confront Abe, warning him about hurting Lexie. The Carvers happily leave for their outing when Lexie & Theo return.

At Sami’s apt., Will is explaining that he ran away because he was embarrassed again by what Sami did at the wedding, that he knew how he would get teased at school AGAIN. Sami, Lucas & Will are all practically talking at once, Sami is apologizing and trying to explain. Will tells her that she always is leaving, that she ran away when pregnant with him, left them all when she was Stan. EJ stops the cameras, saying it is now private family discussion and they have enough for now, telling the TV crew to leave. Kate makes the observation that if Will ran away on his own, how did the person who called Sami know? They realize someone is keeping an eye on them, and Sami wants to call her dad, to “sweep” the apt. for bugs, etc. Bo arrives, and Sami babbles at him. He tells them that the cops know the call to Sami came from Lockhart’s house. (which still does not explain how the person knew Will was gone, in order to take advantage) He claims the vendetta is seemingly against him and his family, but Lucas/Sami do not buy that.

Later, with everyone gone, Will explains how he took his saved up birthday and allowance money, and hopped a bus to Chicago. Lucas & Sami are appalled. He says the lst day he went to a Cubs/Pirates game, and the next day he went to a White Sox/Cleveland Indians game. Ran out of money, missed his family, was hungry so came home. Sami evidently makes him a big plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, which Will just is wolfing down. (just an observation here, and no offense intended, but young man, you just definitely need a haircut of some kind). Sami comments that he must be hungry if he is eating her cooking (good one, Sami!). She is surprised that he was not stopped by Chicago police for ditching school. Will admits he was stopped and interrogated (since when does a kid say “interrogated”? LOLOL). He nonchalantly tells his parents that he told the police he was a gifted student, graduated high school at age 14, and was going to the University of Chicago on a Biological Science scholarship. Color Lucas & Sami shocked, as Sami murmurs Will IS his mother’s son.

Sami talks to Will about how she ran away when she was expecting him, how scared she was, how she did not know what kind of mom she would be. She tells him she knows she made a lot of mistakes, but that she must have done things right, because he is a great kid, and apologizes for all her mistakes. Will talks about thinking he was going to have 2 families, with his dad married to Aunt Carrie…….and Lucas breaks the news that he and Carrie split up. Will freaks, but Sami tells him how Austin & Carrie never stopped loving each other, and realized they belonged together. Will knows he will now definitely be the butt of comments at school. Lucas tells Will he is not going to get off scot free, that he is grounding him indefinitely. Will pleads with his mom, who agrees with his dad. Lucas then says that he thinks think Will needs closer parenting controls, so he is going to move in with him and Sami. Now color a shocked Sami, who says the other bedroom was turned into an office, so there are only 2 bd.rms. Lucas just comments that he is sure they can work something out. (loving this! )

Carrie joins Austin, EJ & Kate, who are celebrating their ratings coup. All 3 are bragging to each other at how well their station is doing, and with the big race coming up, the rivalry between Max and Stephanie (oh, give me a break!) and they all toast each other. Later Carrie is alone with Austin, telling him about the advice her dad gave her to follow her heart. She also fills him in about Marlena. Meanwhile, Kate is still moaning to EJ about Sami & Lucas probably getting closer, and she cannot bear for Sami to get her claws back into Lucas. EJ offers to help “with that situaltion”.

Back at the cop shop, John has arrived, and Roman has filled him in on Marlena. Roman asks John if he can go to New Jersey, that he would go himself, but no jurisdiction (glad Days admitted this at last!) and has other cases needing his attention. Roman gets a call, and then tells John the New Jersey police found a bloodstain in Marlena’s room. Lab is running tests to see if it is hers. John decides to fly there on next available flight. Bo joins them, telling John how Patrick is proclaiming his innocence. Bo says that Patrick may have a “big Boss”……and that person could be Tony. John leaves to catch his flight. And the previews show……..

Hope to Bo: Shawn is gonna want to be involved in raising Claire, but I hope to God he takes into consideration what Philip will be going through.

Belle: Philip, what is it?
Philip: (as he waves a paper in his hand)It’s Shawn. He’s trying to take Claire away from us.

Mimi to Bonnie: Shawn knows that Claire is his daughter now. My life with him isn’t going to change.

Max to Stephanie (who is in a towel turban): Too bad we work in a profession where you have to wear a helmet.
Stephanie: Why? Closeup of Max kissing Stephanie.


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