Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Wednesday, September 6th

Episode #10,394
Taped 8/7
Director – Albert Alarr

Roman catches Kate in the act, as Hope gets an ultrasound, while Sami tells Lucas that Will is missing.

Bo, Steve & John are having coffee at the Brady Pub, with Bo explaining he has to meet Hope later and go with her for her ultrasound. They talk about the Eve Michaels murder, with all of them convinced that Kate knows something. Meanwhile, Kate is sneaking into Eve’s apt. after jimmying open the door. She is searching around when Roman comes out of another room, asking if this is what she is looking for, as he holds up a disk. She lamely tries to wiggle out, but no dice. Roman is onto her, as he gets her to admit she was trying to protect Chelsea. They argue a bit, but he arrests and cuffs her hands behind her back.

Meanwhile, Bo has left, leaving John & Steve to talk a bit. John tells Steve how he, too, has no memory of his former life, and just made himself a new life there in Salem. He talks of Kayla, and how fiercely she loved Steve, not wanting him to change, etc. Marlena comes in, and introduces herself to Steve. He remembers that she is the shrink that Kayla wanted him to see, that she is the best, and asks her if she will help him. Marlena gives him her card, telling him to call her secretary, who will fix him up with Dr. Baker. John is very surprised at that. Steve leaves.

Marlena & John sit in a booth & have coffee, as she tells him she came to say good-bye. John replies he thought their separation was only temporary. She tells him that is true, but she needs more time, as she is going to New Jersey to set up a statewide women’s empowerment group. She mentions having seen Sami, and he promises to look in on her, saying how much he loves her, even though she pushes him away. They talk a bit about Belle, and again, he says he will look in on her, too. They kiss.

Hope arrives at the cop shop, looking for Bo, who is not back yet. Tek is talking with Patrick about the murder and the size 12 footprint they have, from very expensive shoes. Tek tells her that Bo went to see some friends, which Hope misreads as him not caring. She comments that if the child she is carrying was Bo’s, there would be no way he would not be there. She leaves and Patrick eagerly accompanies her. At the hospital, they are waiting, when the door opens and Bo begins to come in. Just then the nurse tells “Mr. & Mrs. Lockhart” they are ready for them now. Bo turns around and leaves. Hope tries to call him back, but Patrick stops her. Later, Dr. Bader is doing the ultra sound, talking of how healthy the baby is, etc. and takes a pic. Outside the room, Bo is again about to go in, but changes his mind…..and ultimately leaves. Hope does not want to know the sex of the baby, wants to be surprised. She talks a lot about Zack, and how she thought that she and Bo would be sharing the pain of their loss together. But they are not.

Roman brings Kate into his office, telling her to sit a while, until someone will take her down to booking. He puts the disk he found into the DVD player (handy that it is right there on his desk, lol) so she can see what she paid for. Alas, it is just a video of someone paddling away in a kayak Roman utters his famous “What the hell”, and realizes the killer has switched the disk already. Kate is free to go. As she gets up to leave, Roman warns her to be careful. She is puzzled, but he tells her that the killer knows she is involved, that she paid off Eve, and she had just better watch her back. Kate begins to leave…..but turns around and holding her hands in front of her, for the cuffs, insists that Roman arrest her right now.

Up on the roof of the apt. bldg., Austin & Carrie are basking in the afterglow. He wants her to tell Lucas…….and Sami right away. Carrie protests a bit, hating to be so quick and so blunt, but Austin convinces her it is better to do it quick. Meanwhile, a frantic Sami wants to call all of Will’s family & friends, but Lucas is knocking at the door. She gives EJ the list, telling him to do the calling. He opens the door to leave, and there is Lucas with a bottle of champagne, wanting to know if she is going to marry Austin after all. It is obvious Sami is upset, as she tries to hide her terror and bluff. Lucas will have none of it, he recognizes the look on her face, and tries to get her to tell him what is going on, as she berates herself, begins to cry, saying it is all her fault. Sami finally breaks down and tells him Will is missing, just as Austin & Carrie come in. Lots of yelling back and forth. Austin quietly tells Carrie they will have to put off telling Lucas & Sami. As Sami explains about the phone call, then talking to the school, she finally spills the beans about the notes she had been receiving. EJ comes in, having no luck with the phone calls he made. Lucas insists she call her father. Later, Roman is there, as Sami is again explaining to him about the notes. He wants to see them, but she says she got rid of them. He has a fit, telling her she is the daughter of a cop, and knows the importance of evidence. She puts her head on her father’s shoulder, as she cries. And the previews show……

Jack to Doctor Berman: So tell me, am I still dying or not? Jennifer & Frankie are there.

Abe to Lexie: I miss you & Theo, and the family we created together. They kiss.

Bo: I’m here to take Chelsea Brady into custody. Shocked look on Chelsea’s face as she says “What?”

Reporter to Max: So Max, what kind of good luck charm is your girlfriend now? (There is a large crowd, and it looks like it is the day of the big race)


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