Thursday, October 12, 2006


FRIDAY, October 13, 2006

EPISODE: 10,421
TAPE DATE: 9/20/06

It’s a new morning in Salem as families gather to talk about their lives…at the hospital, pub, Basic Black, Sami’s Apartment, Chez Rouze, and the garage…busy show.

I’m sorry to say Shawn wakes up with Willow on a cot at the garage. Willow can’t stop thanking Shawn for helping her find a job and place to live as he returns the compliments for being such a good listener and a friend. She questions if that’s how he thinks of her, touched as she hasn’t had a friend in a while. She kisses him, asking if friends do this. Later, after more extracurricular activity, she has to get to Chez Rouge as he hears Bo calling out for him outside. Bo walks in (door’s not locked?) and Shawn’s shirtless (of course) and buckling his belt as he didn’t dress as fast as Willow. Shawn introduces him to Willow and Bo’s expression is priceless as Willow tells Bo she can see where Shawn gets his good looks and that he’s raised a good son. Bo replies “sometimes I think so”, LOL….as Willow leaves. He asks Shawn “just what the hell are you doing?” As Shawn calmly folds blankets, Bo tears into him. He asks about Mimi and Shawn says they’re through. So, Bo said, you have sex with someone on a cot? Were you wearing protection? Shawn snips back he didn’t give her a baby. Bo retorts that that’s not what he’s worried about, he’s more worried about what she gave him (very good point!)
Shawn questions why things have happened and Bo calmly tells him he loves him and will always be there for him. Shawn asks like when he was there for Zack or there for Chelsea? Bo calmly knows Shawn is angry with him and understands that and thinks they can work through this, the 3 of them (including Hope).

Later the two talk about living arrangements. Bo doesn’t like the idea of Shawn living in the back room of a garage. Shawn can’t afford the Salem Inn and won’t move home or on the Fancy Face and live with Bo…they aren’t that close yet. Bo tells him he’ll move into the pub (getting crowded I bet with Kayla, Steve, Stephanie there as well..probably Frankie and Max too now that J&J are gone?...and just how IS Stephanie doing???) Shawn agrees as long as there aren’t any conditions, including who he sleeps with. Bo said only one condition, that Shawn doesn’t take her out beyond the last buoy and Shawn agrees. Bo tosses the keys to him and Shawn thanks him. Bo tells his son to let him know if he needs anything, a few bucks, a beer, whatever, to call him.

Earlier Hope and Bo meet at the pub. Putting her keys in her purse, she’s worried about Shawn and thinks she should talk to him alone. Bo disagrees, saying families need to stick together. Patrick walks into the pub which raises the hairs on Bo’s neck. Patrick smirks, saying he’s been found innocent and needs to speak with Hope. Bo tells him he’s not leaving her with a cop killing stalker, but Hope calmly asks Bo to go find Shawn as he needs him more than she does right now. Bo obliges and warns Patrick that he’s watching him as he steps out. Patrick says he doesn’t have anything to hide. Patrick sees Bo stop to speak briefly with Lisa (the waitress) who glances over at the table as Bo’s on the way out and asks Hope if she thinks he’s deputizing her (LOL). Hope smiles saying that Bo doesn’t give up when he thinks he right about something. He didn’t want to upset her and has stayed away til now..but he wants to be with her and their child and determined to do whatever that takes. He’s tired of being passive. He asks her to go away with him to prove they can be happy together. He agrees to separate rooms if she wants it that way, just a way to see if they have a future. She doesn’t want any place with memories involved. She still doesn’t agree, and says Shawn needs her now. He mentions Chicago and leaves to research restaurants there.

Abe joins Hope and she says she values his opinion. She tells him about her concern about being pregnant with Patrick’s baby and how Bo is convinced Patrick is a criminal. Abe tells her not guilty isn’t the same thing as innocent. Someone did kill Officer Michaels and is targeting the Brady’s. Until they have proof of who that is, everyone’s a suspect. Outside the pub Patrick talks to someone on his cell saying he’s got the money and asks what to do.

Lauren joins the apparently full time candystriper Bonnie at the hospital, agreeing to sell Bonnie her grandchild (aw, a Kodak moment). Bonnie will remortgage her restaurant and give her half the money now she promises. Later Mimi (looking very nice in a red jacket and plaid skirt) finds Bonnie working and says she had an appointment with the Director of HR at the hospital and found there were no jobs available (gosh, she got a meeting with the Director to talk about job openings?) Bonnie said she can work at Alice’s, but Mimi knows what Bonnie pays and needs more money than that. That opens the door for Bonnie to remind her about the money she could have gotten from baby Kirakis. Mimi protests Philip’s sperm was never meant to be with HER egg and a mistake. Bonnie smirks, knowing she’ll have that baby.

EJ can’t believe he spent the night in Kate’s office. Buttoning up her blouse (different one) Kate tells him he should be flattered as she’s usually happy to show men the door after she’s gotten what she wants. He punts back with maybe she didn’t get all she wants which leads to another session (eww..sorry…he’s way too young for her). Later Chelsea barges in (no EJ) insisting she has to talk to Grandma Kate. Kate chides her for just barreling in without knocking first, saying she could have been in the middle of a meeting. Chelsea glances around the office and wisely knows Grandma Kate was having sex in there and tells her so ( many times did I ever say that to MY grandmother…) Kate sniffs that is not a proper thing to discuss with her, but Chelsea doesn’t give up and wants the details. EJ walks out of the bathroom, straightening his jacket and Chelsea gets her answers. The two exchange good mornings..knowing the other is wise to what’s going on. Chelsea is impressed with Kate’s ability to get what she wants and states she wants her parents back together (oh, paleeze, not again) Kate warns her to prepare herself as it might get ugly, but Chelsea doesn’t care. Kate asks what’s the strongest bond Bo and Billie share…and Chelsea knows it’s her. Chelsea remembers Sami telling her at the church that she’s a whore just like her grandmother. She smiles and leaves Kate guessing what she’s going to do.

Lucas whines about the couch not being very comfortable as Sami yawns and grabs a cup of juice. She tries to ignore him, but finally warns him that if he pulls another stunt like he did the night before..he’s outta there. (hey Sami, your “date” slept with Lucas’ mother instead of you last night..give Lucas some slack, haha) Sami blasts him for letting Will get in the middle of their arguments. Lucas reminds her that Will is old enough to handle it. Lucas tells her he had a steamy dream about her and asks if she wants to know how it ended. She tells him on the couch where he’ll continue to wake up from them. Lucas tells her to go ahead and date EJ and he’ll deal with Will and the low points of his life. Sami doesn’t want a guilt trip from him, saying she can be there for Will and date EJ. Lucas insists that Sami listen to her libido and ignore Will, no problem. EJ calls from the hall and asks Sami if she always looks so beautiful in the morning. Lucas rolls his eyes as EJ tells her he heard she was looking for him at work. They kiss. Sami points out Lucas is there and EJ walks in, calling Lucas “Captain Stink Bomb”. Lucas reminds Sami about Will’s schedule and leaves for work (in suit, tie and carrying a brief case! Amazing!) EJ tells Sami he appreciates the logic behind what Lucas and Will did and she tells him it won’t happen again…because she can’t go out with him. She tells him her priority is Will. EJ says Lucas is manipulating her and she denies being in love with Lucas. He figures she’s still punishing herself for blackmailing Lexie. Sami insists she has to grow up and take responsibility and that’s what she’s going to do. She apologizes as EJ leaves. She hugs him (he doesn’t return it) saying she wants to stay friends. Outside he smirks after she closes the door.

Must be next door to the garage as Willow is back there before Shawn answers Bo’s question, LOL. Maggie has met with Mimi and agreed to hire her as a waitress. Mimi mentions the awkward situation with her being Shawn’s Aunt and almost not coming there, but sweet Maggie says she loves Mimi too and everyone makes mistakes. She introduces her to Willow (first names only) and asks her to show Mimi the ropes. Willow compliments Mimi on her top and admits being new herself, happy to have someone else that’s new too. (come on Maggie, what are you thinking? You saw Willow and Shawn together too) We return to Willow showing Meems the ropes. Mimi knows how to use the credit card machine as she worked at Alice’s. Willow states she knows Alice’s as it was her old territory. Mimi thinks she was a sales rep, but Willow admits being a prostitute as she had to live on the street. Mimi can relate, saying her family had to do that too. Willow says it looks like she came a long way and Mimi mentions her husband just left her. She says her husband was in love with someone else when he left her. Willow explains to Mimi that she met an angel who helped her get the job at Chez Rouge and she’s now staying at the Y and even bought her own comforter and picture of a boat to put over her bed. Mimi’s face softens and appreciates how much that means, saying her place is filled with memories. Willow smiles hoping Mimi will find her own angel and Mimi tells her she thought she had. They both have a fresh start. Later Shawn calls and invites Willow over to his new digs, the Fancy Face III, to christen it. She asks to bring a new friend that needs cheering up and he isn’t happy about it, but agrees. Willow says they’ll cheer her up and send her home, then they can christen the boat. Willow invites Mimi to join her and she finally agrees to.

Lucas is summoned to Kate’s office and chastised as to where he’s living. We learn he gave up his apartment, saying it had too many memories of Carrie. Kate isn’t happy, but Lucas says he knows what he’s doing.

We see Chelsea is a sleazo outfit, weak ankles on the tall shoes as she poses at a mail box chanking on her gum.


Bo returns with smiles to tell Hope what happened. She’s concerned about Shawn living on the boat alone. Hope’s relieved and goes to check on Belle, saying she paid the bill. Abe tells Bo it’s been a long time since he’s seen Bo smile like that.

Patrick gives Dr. Bader an envelope of money. She slips it in her pocket and warns him that just because she altered Hope’s test results to make it appear that Patrick was the father, it doesn’t mean Hope won’t have other tests to determine paternity. Patrick’s confident no more tests will be done as he and Hope are leaving Salem…for good!

As the previews roll

STEVE TO KAYLA AND STEPHANIE: Cheeseburgers for everybody.
STEPHANIE: It’s happening mom.
KAYLA: It’s a cheeseburger…

WILLOW (with Mimi and Shawn): You guys know each other?
MIMI: Meet my husband…

LEXIE toasting glasses with Abe (?): Nothing’s ever going to come between us again.
TEK walks in saying: Think again.

BILLIE (with Bo at Cop Shop) as Chelsea is brought in by cops “Oh my God, Chelsea!”
CHELSEA (with huge smirk on face)..”Hi Mom”

As the credits roll..

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