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Friday, October 20, 2006

Episode: 10426
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape date: 9/27/06

It’s Confrontation Day in Salem…in Ring one…Lexie shows Tek she’s serious, in Ring 2..ding ding…Carrie’s backbone is strengthened (with the help of Jack Daniels I think) and she takes on Lexie for lying to her, in Ring 3…ding, ding, ding..Lucas and Will lay in to Sami….in ring 4..ding, ding, ding, ding….Bo is arrested for his punching out Patrick and the top cops are tired of it…I know…lots of dinging and even more tongue lashing in Friday’s show…hope they get it out of their systems and back to loving soon, haha… head hurts….

(aka Ring 1 and Ring 2)

Carrie tells Austin she’s going to make Lexie pay for what she did to her. Austin attributes Lexie as being a victim just as they are of Sami, but Carrie disagrees, saying Lexie had a choice. He agrees and washes his hands of everything in Salem, he’s had it and just wants out. Carrie has too, but NOT until she’s paid back Sami and Lexie for almost destroying their lives. She’s going to make sure that they’re held accountable. Austin offers to join Carrie, but she wants to do this alone. She kisses Austin goodbye at the table.

At the bar….Tek approaches Lexie, pleading that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She firmly tells him she doesn’t want to marry him and wants him out of her life. He refuses to listen, saying she only wants to stay with Abe for Theo’s sake. She finally opens her purse and gives him the restraining order and he can’t believe she really did it. She explains he didn’t give her a choice, she had to call Mickey Horton and get the restraining order. Tek says he can’t leave her alone. She vows to have him arrested if he doesn’t and pulls out her cell phone to call the police. He throws some money on the bar and leaves after saying she’ll realize he’s right about they’re belonging together.

Carrie walks up and greets her good friend Dr. Carver. Lexie smiles and invites Carrie to join her. Carrie, holding her drink in her hand, tells Lexie she knows that Lexie would never lie to her, which Lexie agrees to. Carrie spews out..”how the hell do you live with yourself?” Long conversation as Lexie tries to explain what happened and how she was worried about losing Theo and Abe if she told her the truth. She almost did and got a call warning her not to. Carrie remembers the odd call and Lexie tells her it was a mechanical voice threatening Abe and Theo if she told, so she couldn’t. Carrie takes the info in, still angry though. Lexie reminds her how she tried to convince her to follow her heart. Carrie says they both know she would have chosen Austin had she known the truth though. Lexie apologizes and says it killed her to know what she did because of Sami. Carrie says she can try and blame it all on Sami, but she’s equally responsible. Lexie apologizes again, wishing there was some way she could make it up to all of them. She knows Carrie won’t believe it, but she will miss her friendship. Carrie says she’ll miss more than that. She violated her oath as a doctor and she’s planning to report her to the AMA and will also tell Abe what she did. She’ll lose her husband AND her job and will get just what she deserves…then walks away, drink still in hand.

RING 3 (Sami's Apartment)

Sami tries to explain to Will what happened. She tells him about the cake she had gotten him for making the bball team. Lucas won’t let Sami put off telling Will what happened as he wants to make sure she doesn’t put her spin on it when he’s not around. She tells Will she and his Aunt Carrie had a fight and Will asks what she did now. She tells him it’s what she did a few months ago that they argued about and when she changes the subject back to the cake, Lucas reigns her back in. She finally tells him she blackmailed Dr. Carver to get Carrie to be with his dad, etc. Will turns on her and rants about the results, saying it’s the sickest thing she’s ever done. We return as she tearfully explains the situation. As she tries to smooth things out, saying she did it for him (Will), Lucas pipes in disagreeing and Will flat out tells her that Sami only did it for herself. Uncle Austin and Aunt Carrie would have been together a long time ago otherwise and dad wouldn’t have had his heart ripped out. Will’s had enough of this crap and moving back in with dad for good, saying he’s not giving her another chance. Sami begs Lucas not to take her son away again, but he says Will is old enough now to make up his own mind where he wants to live. Will throws a few things in his bag and asks if they can go now. Lucas glares at Sami and calmly agrees. They open the door and we see Kate standing there. Sami’s in tears and just turns her back to the door.

Lucas gives Kate the short version about what happened and Kate knew she was right, that there was more to it. Sami calmly tells Kate this wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t sabotaged her wedding to Lucas. Kate says she did it to protect her son and was right in doing so, then offers to share her huge suite (LOL) with Lucas and Will. Sami says “no way in hell” to that. She won’t let her son be under Kate’s influence and his mind poisoned against her. Will speaks up reminding her that he’s right there and can never understand what she did. Lucas pipes up that Carrie, Austin, even her parents will never understand. She asks if he himself can. Later Kate hands Lucas the key to her suite and he says it’s only temporary until they find their own place. Kate leaves, saying she’ll see them there. Lucas’ voice cracks as he tells Sami she got what she deserved and it’s over. Sami is shaken but quietly begs them to tell her what she can do to make this right. She loves them and can’t lose them. Will says there’s nothing she can do and Lucas walks his son out. Sami breaks into tears and then gut wrenching sobs as she slides to the fall wailing..while the camera pans to the picture of her, Lucas and Will from several years ago (when Will’s face could be seen without all that hair, haha).


Roman walks Bo in, still wearing handcuffs. Bo tells Abe that Patrick started the argument, but Hope walks in saying that’s not true. She witnessed the whole thing. Abe has Bo put in an interrogation room, saying Bo’s the one who broke the law, which Bo can’t believe. Bo looks at Hope saying she’s making a mistake as Roman walks him away. She can’t understand why he’s acting like he is. He had her almost convinced to give their marriage another try, but he just kept hitting Patrick in the face when she asked him to stop. It’s killing her that she’s having Patrick’s baby, but she has to accept it. Abe vows it won’t happen again and he’s going to make sure right now. He asks her to make her statement then to go home and get some rest (is she still on the force?) A female officer offers to take her statement and Hope sits down until Patrick walks in with a bloodied face. She suggests medical treatment, but he says Bo’s the one who’s going to be in trouble. She apologizes profusely, saying that wasn’t the action of the man she fell in love with. Patrick takes her into his arms to comfort her. He suggests keeping his distance from Bo (gee, ya think?) might help. Hope says with his being the father of her baby, Bo has to get use to the idea. Patrick hugs her again with a smirk on his face. She returns to make her statement while Patrick makes a call on the pay phone in the hall. He leaves a message that he wants to know why they haven’t returned his calls and needs to meet with them ASAP, it’s important. Later Hope returns and refuses a ride home. He asks about Chicago and she reminds him she said she would, but no promises other than that. He walks her out.

Bo tells Roman that Patrick was provoking him intentionally and Hope’s being taken in by him. He’ll regret taking him off this case. Abe walks in saying he’s close to losing his badge. Abe is furious and demands that Bo sit down, shut up and listen to him. He cites how long they’ve worked together and he’s looked away at Bo’s unorthodox methods, but he still thinks the rules don’t apply to him. He can’t look away anymore. He insisted that Bo stay clear of Lockhart and he didn’t. Bo knows that Patrick is working with someone and had his own agenda. He asks Bo to let him do his job and catch this guy before anyone else gets hurt. Abe orders Bo to stay away from Patrick. Bo said if losing his badge is the price to keeping his family safe, so be it. He understands they have to do what they have to do though. Abe will speak to internal affairs if Bo will promise to stay away from Patrick. Bo can’t promise that. Bo sees Patrick in the office and rushes at him. Roman and Abe pull him back in the interrogation room and Abe says he just blew his last chance. Hope looks crestfallen at how Bo reacted.

Bo insists he’s right as Abe and Roman yell at him. Abe asks for Bo’s badge and gun, saying the department can’t risk a law suit. He’s off the force!

In an alley, Patrick calls his contact on his cellphone, saying they have to talk. He says Bo’s not giving up and he doesn’t think it’ll be long before he’s on to them. EJ steps out of the alley and asks what he wants saying this had better be good!

MARLENA TO SAMI: “…and I pray for you, but if you think you can manipulate me again, you had better think again!”

HOPE TO SHAWN: “What do you think you’re doing, sleeping with a hooker?”

JOHN TO BO: “…wrong.”
BO TO JOHN: “Lockhart and whoever he’s working for…they’re going down!”

EJ TO PATRICK: “If you cross me, she finds out that that’s Bo’s baby she’s carrying and you can kiss your future with her goodbye…”

As the credits roll…

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