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Friday, October 6, 2006

EPISODE: 10,316
DIRECTED BY: Herb Stein (although the ending credits say Albert Alarr?)
TAPE DATE: 9/14/06
HEAD WRITER: Hogan Sheffer

WOW..What a change for Salem! Great acting, suspense, drama…WELCOME TO THE NEW WRITING TEAM…great show as new evidence proves Patrick’s innocence; Steve’s memory of Stephanie returns (get the Kleenex out!!); Abe and Lexie reunite; and Shawn grows up and thinks what’s best for Claire. Kudos to the actors tomorrow, especially Stephen had me in tears!!


Show starts with an anxious Steve rushing in to tell Billie (who’s now alone in the room they were watching the race from) that “they’re both alive, but that they wouldn’t tell him how badly they were hurt”. He said Kayla was going to the hospital with Stephanie and Grandpa Shawn was going with Max. He knows he should go to the hospital, but can’t. Billie tries to convince him to go, saying Stephanie needs her dad. Steve is upset and feels guilty for being responsible for Stephanie being upset when she went to the race and now his little girl could die. They talk about how they both feel responsible for not being there for their children when they were growing up. He and Stephanie get along just fine, but she wants him back with her mother. He says they’re both better off without him. Billie knows that if he could have a fairy tale ending, he’d want to have his old life back, wouldn’t he? Is he willing to live his life wondering what might have been?

Stephanie’s gurney is rushed in with Kayla following. They won’t let Kayla go with them as she begs them to take care of her daughter. We see Stephanie’s head secured and the doctor orders a portable chest x-ray and a c-spine and head CT when her vitals are stable and to page orthopedics.

Pop Shawn arrives saying Max was banged up, but okay..Caroline’s with him. She goes to give him the necklace he gave Stephanie, but he tells Kayla to hold onto it for Stephanie and leaves. Max walks out in his gown, worried it was his fault..but Kayla tells him it wasn’t. Later the doctor tells Kayla that Stephanie is conscious but not alert or oriented and he’s ordered a CT scan to assess the damage. She asks to see Stephanie and is allowed to. She sits next to Stephanie and Stephanie says hi to her mom. She apologized for the wreck and asks if her father is there. Kayla tells her no and Stephanie cries asking where is he.

Lexie can’t believe what Tek’s saying …that Abe’s only using her to get more goods on her. Tek said to ask Abe herself if she doesn’t believe him. Tek tells Lexie what Abe’s motives have been and she’s angry..especially that Abe’s used Theo too. She leaves to go home to get ready.

The doctor tells Philip and Shawn about the risks of Belle surviving without terminating the pregnancy. The baby is now at 21 weeks and the risks of it surviving are questionable regardless the doctor says. She leaves the forms with Philip (and Shawn). Philip sits down and tells unconscious Belle that he promised to do everything he could to protect the baby, but he can’t risk losing her. Shawn watches silently. We return as Philip signs the form. He tells Shawn he’s sorry and knows it’s his baby, but he’s got to protect his wife. Shawn tells him he understands and if it helps, he would have done the same thing. The doctor returns and Philip gives her the forms. She calls the nurse to come take Mrs. Kiriakis to the delivery room.

Later Philip and Shawn are allowed in Belle’s room as she’s just coming out of anesthesia. He tells her that they had to take the baby and Belle is angry, saying he promised. Crying, she yells that he never wanted that baby and orders him out. Philip asks Shawn to stay with Belle and he does so. Shawn sits down and takes her hand and comforts her as she cries. He tells her that Philip really didn’t have a choice. Belle cries my baby, our baby, but Shawn is just grateful she’s okay. Philip watches from the doorway and the nurse comes in saying she’s been through a lot and adds some sedative to her IV. Belle looks at Philip and apologizes to him. Philip asks for a moment alone with his wife and Shawn walks out. Philip sits down and snuggles next to Belle’s face as he strokes her head.

Stephanie was no sooner wheeled into the hospital when we find Abe and Roman at work in their “suits”. Apparently Abby had collected whatever evidence was left at the garage (glove, note,etc.) and brought it to the station. Abe and Roman had it in an evidence bag Being Lexie was with Abe this whole time, they can now rule Lexie out as a suspect. They also say Patrick obviously wasn’t responsible either and Bo won’t be happy about that. Roman tells Abe he can now cancel his date with Lexie, but realizes Abe might not want to just as he had thought.

The judge has her hands full as both the defense attorney and district attorney argue their cases. Reece claims Bo has a vendetta against Patrick and Bonnie, true to form, agrees. The judge warns Reece to be prepared to back up what she’s saying and Reece said it involves Detective Brady’s wife. Reece continues on how Bo’s been setting Patrick up and how Patrick would like to speak for himself. Although not common, the judge agrees and stops the DA from protesting when she begins to. Patrick apologizes that Mrs. Brady has to be dragged into this, but it’s unavoidable. He says that she is carrying his baby and that Bo had vowed to make him pay. Patrick denies killing Officer Michaels and wanted to spend the rest of his life with Hope and wouldn’t do anything to stop that from happening. The judge gives Bo a chance to respond and he admits not liking the defendant, but would not set him up. The evidence they found speaks for itself. Roman walks in and disagrees, carrying the evidence from Max’s Garage. Cue surprised looks on Patrick and Bo’s faces. We return after the judge has examined Roman’s evidence and allows him to explain what they had. Roman tells everyone about the serious accident involving two cars at the Grand Prix today. He doesn’t know the extent of injuries. They were led to items in the garage, including a glove, a scorched toy car and a note.


Bo protests and the judge says he’s out of order. They also found forged receipts, fake gun registrations that led them to find that the gun that killed Eve was not purchased by Mr. Lockhart and the shoes weren’t Patrick’s either. They also found the note predicted that when a certain car in the race hit 200 MPH it would explode, which it did. Whoever left this note while Mr. Lockhart was behind bars is the same person who killed Officer Michaels and has been causing all the trouble to the Brady’s. They also think the burned toy car is this person’s sick way of thumbing his nose at the police and Bo. The judge gives the DA the opportunity to dismiss the charges, which she does. The judge tells Patrick he’s free to go and he’s surrounded by his family..the Lockhart clan is ecstatic.

Hope confronts Bo. He tells her there was no indication that the evidence they found wasn’t real. She tells him that he was so blinded by his hatred of Patrick that she wanted to believe it. He tries to explain not knowing what to believe now. She believed him and trusted him about Patrick. Bo denies any knowledge of what happened and Roman interrupts, insisting on speaking with Bo. Hope walks away and speaks with Patrick at the doorway. She apologizes for doubting him, but the evidence looked pretty bad. She’s happy he’s been exonerated. She just wishes he and his attorney hadn’t aired their dirty laundry in public. Patrick’s offended that’s what Hope thinks of their baby. Hope stops and pauses at that statement. She just wished she knew he was going to bring it up and he apologizes for not being able to give her the heads up on that. He would be a good father and she knows that, but says she’s sorry and leaves.

Roman tells Bo he can’t set the department up for a law suit. Bo wants to continue investigating. Roman tells him NO, not even on his own time and that’s a direct order. He warns Bo that he’d risk losing both his job and wife over Lockhart if he pursues this.

Shawn returns to Belle and Philip’s loft and tells Margie the babysitter (nice to see she’s got one) that he’ll watch Claire. He explains Philip might not even be home tonight. He puts Claire down and we hear a baby cry (sounds more like an infant crying than one Claire’s size). He tries talking to her (come on Shawn, pick her up) when Philip walks in surprised that Shawn’s there and had let the babysitter go. Shawn explains he thought he’d be with Belle at the hospital all night. Philip said Belle was sleeping, so he came home. Philip picks Claire up and the crying stops. He thanks Shawn for trying to help out. Shawn apologizes for giving him a hard time earlier. He tells Philip he’s a good dad. Philip explains he’s the only father that Claire’s ever known, but he’s always been there for her. Claire starts giggling and she and Philip go to play. Shawn pulls his cell phone out and calls Frankie and gets his voice mail. He tells him he’s been thinking and wants to drop the custody suit. Claire should stay with Philip and Belle.

Abe arrives asking Lexie which of his favorite dinners she made and she slaps him hard calling him a son of a bitch. Later he figures out that Tek told Lexie what’s going on. She asks how he could pretend that he wanted to come home to her and Theo. She can never understand how he could give their son hope that he wanted to come home to them. She’s done things herself, but would never use their little boy like that. Abe said what he said was true, but he also had to follow up on those other things and if he didn’t do it, some other officer would have had to. Crying, she says he’s suppose to protect them. She cries saying she thought he wanted to come home and he admits it’s true..he does and that he still loves her. Lexie tells him too much has happened now. He asks her to look him in the eyes and he can understand why she doesn’t believe him. If he were her, he wouldn’t either. He knows that it might take some time, but their marriage is worth fighting for. He’s asking for a leap of faith and admits he still loves her. In her heart she knows it. She tells him she never stopped loving him and wants their family together too, but how does she know he doesn’t have a hidden agenda. He asks to show her and kisses her face. For so long he couldn’t show her, but now….. She asks if he can now….and he starts kissing her passionately in response

Mimi (what’s with that funky hair style and dress??) picks up the phone to end the surrogate arrangement with Philip and Shawn. Bonnie jumps up saying she’s not going to let her do anything as boneheaded as that.

Steve arrives and identifies himself as Stephanie’s father. Kayla walks out, glad to see him and says Stephanie’s been asking for him. He goes into Stephanie’s room and Kayla warns him she might be asleep. Billie tells Kayla she prayed for Stephanie. Kayla tells Billie they need to talk. Billie tells Kayla she won’t stand in Steve’s way if he gets his memory back and wants to get back with her (wow, how nice of her). Kayla excuses herself to return to her daughter.

Inside the room Steve apologizes to Stephanie (whose eyes are closed) for not coming right away. He breaks down saying he can’t remember. If asks if he was willing to give it a try, would she put up with him? When she gets better, will she give him another chance? Crying now, he begs her to get better and to give him another chance. Steve has a flashback of him rocking baby Stephanie, saying he missed her when he was gone and always promising to be there for her. Back to present, he breaks down saying “oh my God, I remember, I remember”…as Kayla and Billie (smiling) watch from behind him in tears….

The previews roll….

JOHN: “I just hope whatever it is, leads me right to my wife.”

ABE (naked in bed with Lexie): "I HAVE TO DEMAND that you never see Tek …. "

EJ TO SAMI (with a jealous Lucas standing behind them): "You need taking care care of you and I’m the one to do it. "

MIMI: "I’m the one to decide what to do with the rest of my life and I don’t care what anyone else has to say about it."

FRANKIE: "You might want to rethinking this custody case."

SHAWN: "Claire’s better off with Belle and Philip."

BELLE to Claire: "He’s not even going to fight for you, for either of us."

and the credits roll...

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