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Monday October 16, 2006

Episode #: 10422
Tape Date: 9/22/06
Air Date: 10/16/06
Director: Phil Sogard
Written by: Hogan Sheffer & Meg Kelly

Summary: Lexie gives Tek the brush-off, but he just will NOT take no for an answer…Chelsea is busted…Stephanie tries to bridge the gap between her parents…Abe warns Bo to lay off Lockhart…Shawn and Willow find themselves in danger.

At the Hospital…Steve and Billie arrive to see Stephanie as he frets that he will screw up being a dad to her. Billie reassures him he will do fine. He goes into see Stephanie as she opens her eyes and smiles. He has a white teddy bear for her (wearing a patch…awww). She is thrilled that he remembers her. Then she sees Billie in the doorway and asks WHY is SHE there? Stephanie is a bit rude to her so she steps out into the lobby. He doesn’t want to discuss Billie with Stephanie, saying she is his friend. So instead they talk about the memories he has of Stephanie as a baby. She begs him to give it a chance with mom and he says he can’t make things work that just don’t feel right. But she is sure he feels something…some kind of attraction. He changes the subject as she asks him why he does that. He tells her he isn’t too good at the daddy thing and she tells him that it is his job to give her a huge allowance and spoil her rotten. He says he will keep all the bums away from her and she tells him that there is only one guy that she is interested in, but he doesn’t seem to have interest. Steve knows it’s Max and tells her that they practically had to drag him away from the hospital. But, she points out, he hasn’t been back since. Outside, Kayla has arrived and runs into Billie and the space between them is cold enough to make ice cubes. Billie starts in on her about what Kayla wants and Kayla says she does NOT want to be having this conversation with her. Billie assures Kayla that if Steve wants his life back, she doesn’t intend to stand in his way, but Kayla is skeptical, reminding her how she came between Bo and Hope. Billie takes offense to that and says that Steve has no one…no support system at all, she is his friend and will not abandon him. Billie gets a text message and rushes off upset (about Chelsea…see below). Steve asks Stephanie if she wants to rough Max up but she says no…but thanks for offering anyway, lol. He says he is trying to get a handle on this daddy thing as she says she had always dreamed of having a dad and is sure it will all get better. Kayla comes into the room with magazines for Stephanie and tells Steve that Billie had to leave. Steve offers to go get Stephanie a cheeseburger from Buddy’s and that sounds good to her. Kayla offers to run interference with the nurse and Stephanie suggests cheeseburgers all around. After he leaves, Stephanie says “it’s happening, mom”. Kayla says it’s ONLY cheeseburgers, but Stephanie says “it’s a beginning”.

On a Street Corner…Chelsea is hanging out when some guy comes by asking if she is for sale. He pulls out some cash, but she tells him she is out of his price range. He won’t give up and gets forceful with her. Another guy comes by (Rick) and helps her out and chases the guy off. He talks about being lonely and she asks if he wants some company. She names her price of $500 (she sure does think highly of herself, huh?) as he whips out the money…along with his badge and tells her she is under arrest for solicitation. He reads her the Miranda rights but she is trying to talk her way out of it. He says he knows the story…she is from a good family and her folks will just die when they find out. To herself, she thinks “that’s the plan”…as he cuffs her.

At the Pub…Lexie meets with Tek. He is trying to kiss her but she turns away. It seems she had called this meeting to dump him, telling him she is going back to Abe, who has forgiven her. She swears she never stopped loving Abe and even though Tek swears he loves her, she tells him to leave her alone. He can’t understand why she is doing this, but she says she is trying to put her family back together…her heart belongs to Abe and it always has. Tek tries to get her to admit that she loves him, but she says she must make a choice…and that choice is Abe. He says that Abe can’t even make love to her, but she says not true…Abe is everything she wants in a man. She tells him that it is over…he must accept it and move on. With that she leaves.

Later on…Abe and Lexie meet at Chez Rouge for a romantic dinner. She tells him about her meeting with Tek and how he didn’t take the news very well. But, she says she made it clear that her future was with Abe. She says it is time for them to live happily ever after and they both promise that they will never let the other go. They make a toast to their future as Lexie says that nothing will ever come between them again…just as Tek walks up and says “think again”. Abe is furious, as Lexie cannot believe he is there. She asks did he NOT understand what she told him? He says she said all the right words, but he knows that she still loves him. They almost get into a fist fight as she has to step in between them and break them up. Abe tells him to get out of there…as Tek pulls out a ring and says “marry me, Lexie” (as Abe looks as if he is about to have a stroke).

At the Docks…Mimi and Willow are on their way to the boat. Mimi doesn’t want to be a third wheel and tries to leave, but Willow talks her into going. They stop and Mimi sees the Fancy Face 3 and (with a THUD) it hits her and she realizes that Shawn is the one Willow has been going on and on about. He steps out, asking why Mimi is there. Mimi turns to Willow and says “meet my husband”. Mimi is furious and says that it is a small world, then lights into Willow, telling her that Shawn was just playing the role of the knight in shining armor just to get laid. She rants at them, asking what is this…their version of ‘Pretty Woman’ and calls Willow a slut. Shawn tells her to shut up and leave her alone. They all argue back and forth as Willow says she just wanted to be Mimi’s friend…she didn’t know that Shawn was her husband. Mimi finally storms off in a huff as Shawn apologizes to Willow.

At the Cop Shop…Abe is busy investigating the case, trying to tie all the incidents together (Eve’s murder, threats against the Bradys, Marlena’s kidnapping, Sami’s threats, the accident at the race, Patrick) tracking down every lead. He is sure that there is something tying them all together. Another cop reminds him that if it was Patrick, then he is a magician…because he was locked up during the time of the race accident. Bo struts in, sure that Patrick is responsible, as Abe reminds him that he is off the case. Bo rants on, so Abe marches him into his office and rails him out for not following orders. Bo says he is not going to give up until Lockhart fries for murder. He refuses to walk away from the case and they argue as Abe says his personal feelings have clouded his view and that he has become a liability to the department. Abe says that if Patrick IS guilty…for them to have any chance of conviction…he can’t let anyone think that Bo railroaded Patrick…only because he slept with his wife (don’t they think that already?) Bo turns the tables and asks Abe how HE felt when he learned that Lexie slept with Tek. Abe admits that he feels the same as Bo does right now…but he didn’t use his position to go after him (excuse me Abe…but didn’t you threat to FIRE Tek???) Abe warns him that if he doesn’t lighten up, he could lose his job AND Hope. Because of that statement, Bo realizes that Abe has talked to Hope about all of this and is upset that Abe didn’t try to help turn her against Patrick. Bo says he just wants to rip Patrick out of Hope’s life. Abe says he can’t do that…and he WILL be watching every move that Bo makes. With that, Bo storms out of the office.

Later, Mimi comes rushing in, wanting to talk to Bo about Shawn…telling him he is in trouble. Bo asks for the ‘Readers Digest’ version when Mimi starts rambling. She fills him in and learns that Bo has already met Willow. She informs Bo that Willow is a WHORE…a prostitute who sells her body (lol, as Bo tells her he KNOWS what a prostitute is). She tells him that they took the boat out and this worries Bo because he heard that there is a storm brewing. He is going to talk to the harbor master but before he can do that, Billie comes rushing in babbling about Chelsea. Bo hasn’t heard this latest development and is shocked to learn she was arrested. Billie informs him that one of her friends on the force sent her a text message and gave her the heads up. About that time, the cops drag her in as Billie & Bo’s jaws simultaneously hit the floor and Chelsea looks over and sheepishly says “hi mom”.

Back on the boat…Shawn shows Willow the boat and she suggests they go for a sail. They take the boat out and talks about sailing around the world with his parents when he was a baby. He also gives her some pointers on fishing (with her almost falling overboard). Later, they start kissing and end up making out on the deck. It starts raining and they go at it again. Downstairs, we hear the radio issuing a storm warning for all boats to return to port as we see the approaching storm on radar…and the previews show…

Tek (to Lexie): You are making a mistake and you are going to realize it…as she hauls off and slaps him, calling him a BASTARD…

(Victor): If there is anything I can ever do…(Belle): I’d sooner live on the streets than take any help from you…

Hope (on the phone with Bo): If you care any at all about your son…you will get her NOW…

Shawn (to Willow): Tell them we are disabled and give them the location…

Willow (on the radio): Please…we need help…please (as we see a wave wash over Shawn and carry him off the boat)…

And the credits roll…

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