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Episode #: 10427
Tape Date: 9/27/06
Air Date: 10/23/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: Sami turns to Marlena for help, who gives her some “tough love”…Bo enlists John’s help to bring down Patrick…EJ gives Patrick some advice…Max dumps Stephanie…Hope learns the truth about Willow.

At Chez Rouge…Mimi whines to Bonnie about her car breaking down and needing money but Bonnie tells her that she doesn’t have the money to loan her and even suggests that she ask Max to fix her car. Later, Mimi is upset when she sees a receipt where Bonnie had wined and dined someone with an expensive meal. Meanwhile, we learn that it was Lauren (the surrogate) that she was treating. She is on the phone with her, telling her that she wants that baby, even if Mimi doesn’t. Mimi confronts her about the receipts and Bonnie tries to make up a lie, saying it was an investor. But Mimi doesn’t buy her story, thinking instead that she is chasing after some “geezer” at the hospital. Bonnie goes along with the story, finally offering to pony up the money. But then, Mimi says she gave in to easily…and really doesn’t believe her.

Meanwhile, Hope has arrived as Maggie offers her tea and a sympathetic ear. Hope goes on about Shawn’s adventure as well as Bo and Patrick’s run-in. She talks about how angry Bo is about the baby and how he is taking it out on Patrick. She fears that something bad is going to happen. Maggie tries to assure her that everything will work out. Maggie has to go make a phone call but promises to be right back. While she is gone, Mimi comes over and asks how Shawn is. Hope assures her that he is fine and thanks her for calling her. Hope asks how SHE is doing and Mimi says she is fine, at least she isn’t living on the street…which is where Shawn may end up now. But, she says, at least Willow will feel at home. Color Hope confused, so Mimi goes on to explain that Willow is a hooker. Hope is shocked to hear this and can’t believe that Maggie hired her. Hope confronts Maggie about it, asking her if Willow is really a hooker and wants to know why she hired her. Maggie says it was a favor to Shawn, and suggests that she talk to him about it. Hope says that is exactly what she is going to do and rushes off. After she leaves, Willow comes over and asks Maggie what that was all about.

At the Hospital…Abby is visiting with Stephanie as they talk about Steve remembering her and they hope he will remember Kayla as well. Abby asks Stephanie what’s wrong and she tells her she is upset because Max hasn’t visited her…why is he avoiding her? Abby reminds her about the note she found at the garage and suggests that maybe he is only looking out for Stephanie’s best interests and trying to protect her…maybe he blames himself for what happened to her.

At the Garage…Shawn and Max are working on t he car, even though Max says it is pretty much a total loss. Max notes that everyone that drives his car, drives into a wall (lol). Shawn tells him about Philip leaving town and about how he is being such a jerk with Belle. Max admits that he has done the same thing to Stephanie. Max wants out of that relationship, admitting that maybe he used her to get rid of Chelsea. Max is worried about breaking it to her but decides that he must do it soon. Abby shows up telling how she visited Stephanie and she is looking for him. Abby even brought a gift for Max to take to her. He leaves as Abby goes on to Shawn about how wonderful Max is and Shawn asks if SHE has a thing for him too. She says no, but he IS hot and Stephanie is a lucky girl…but he is just a friend to her. Shawn warns her to keep her eyes open with Max.

Back at the hospital…Max visits, claiming that he stayed away to give her time with her dad. The doctor comes in to check on her as she opens the gift bag and finds a stuffed bear, that says “be mine” on it (apparently he didn’t check it before giving it to her, lol). After the doctor leaves, she tells him that she loves it, but he says he shouldn’t have gotten it. He goes into his speech about how he likes/respects her and all…BUT… She asks what he is trying to say and he says that maybe it would be best for them to move on. She starts hyperventilating and he calls for help. The doctors and nurses put her on oxygen, telling her to stay calm, as Max apologizes for upsetting her. He is there for her.

Back at the Garage…
Hope shows up demanding to know what Shawn is thinking…sleeping with a hooker? He says he was just trying to help her out and tells Hope to stop putting Willow down. She lectures him about responsibility and says she cannot stop him from divorcing his wife…hurting Belle…or sleeping with a hooker. BUT, there is one thing she insists on…that he be a father to Claire…and if he refuses to do that…she will have a sad and miserable childhood.

On the docks…EJ is lecturing Patrick, who tells him that they have a problem…Bo Brady…he is dangerous. EJ says that Bo is clueless and so is everyone else. Patrick MUST follow his orders and no one will ever know that they are the ones terrorizing Salem. Patrick is upset about EJ killing Eve Michaels…that isn’t what he bargained for…but EJ reminds him that he used the situation to frame Bo. EJ tells him that he had better calm down and take it easy. Patrick says it’s a miracle that Max and Stephanie survived that crash but EJ says it is his goal to make ALL the Bradys suffer. Patrick reminds him that HIS sister is suffering too (with the embryo switch). EJ eludes to the fact that there are others involved in this (besides him and Patrick) and warns Patrick to keep his mouth shut. Patrick asks what if he doesn’t and EJ tells him NOT to try him…he will regret it. Patrick tells EJ not to strong arm him, he isn’t afraid of him and EJ reminds him about Hope and threatens to expose all that he has done if he crosses him. Patrick finally succumbs and asks EJ what he wants him to do but EJ says the less he knows, the better. It will all come out when he reveals his TRUE identity to everyone. Patrick is sure that EJ’s luck is going to run out eventually and he will NOT be there to take the fall for him. Patrick says that EJ underestimates Bo Brady but EJ tells him to remain calm and follow his orders. Patrick says that if Bo gets too close to the truth, he won’t hesitate to sell him out…and EJ warns him that will be a mistake…then he leaves.

At the Penthouse…Marlena and John are kissing hot and heavy when John says they need to talk about remarrying…he wants to make an honest woman out of her. He drops to one knew to propose when Sami comes barging in, wanting to talk to her mom. John gets a call from Bo and goes out in the hall, to give them privacy. Sami tells her mom that her life is over…everyone hates her and now Marlena will too. In the hall, John talks to Bo, who tells him about him being suspended because of Lockhart. Bo says he needs Johns help in proving that Patrick is up to no good.

Back inside, Sami explains the whole blackmail story and the fallout to Marlena, who proceeds to let her have it with both barrels. She asks Sami if she even has a conscience at all…playing with people’s lives like that. Sami tells her that she is sorry and asks Marlena to look at her, but she can’t. Sami wishes she could just take it all back…now she has ended up losing Will and Lucas forever and she can’t bear that. Marlena says all this makes her heartsick and doesn’t know WHAT to say to her. Sami begs her to say that she loves her and won’t give up on her like everyone else, but Marlena says she thought Sami and Carrie were getting along and that Sami had changed. Sami says it was selfish of her, but Marlena says it is WAY BEYOND that. She asks Sami if she only cares about herself. She says no, even Carrie is out for revenge, vowing to destroy Lexie now and is sure that Carrie will also tell Roman…and he will hate her too. Sami says she needs help, but Marlena is onto Sami’s games and says she will NOT go to Roman on her behalf…if she had to go around begging forgiveness (on Sami’s behalf) to everyone…it would take her a lifetime. Sami asks what about her…can she forgive her? Marlena says she can’t…this is the last straw…Sami made this mess, now she has to get HERSELF out of it. Sami cracks that Marlena would rather run off with John again. Marlena tells her she knows how Sami feels about John and that everything is NOT about her. Marlena reminds her that once upon a time she LOVED John…but she has never grown up…she wants to play the little girl who wants her mommy and daddy back together…and yet again, the only one she ends up hurting is herself. She says she is so worried about Sami’s self destructive behavior and she loves her and prays for her, but she is NOT going to manipulate her once again. (Wow! GO MARLENA!) Marlena knows that Sami will blame her…she has heard it all before…she was a bad mother…she abandoned her…not sympathetic to her…she is starved for attention…”am I on the right path here?” Marlena points out that when she WAS gone…John was a good father to the children…and NONE of the others turned out like Sami. She says if Sami wants to be a better person…SHE is the only one that can change things. Sami says this was a mistake and storms out, telling her to enjoy her life with John. Out in the hall, who shows up but EJ! He sees she is upset as she explains about the latest note and how now everyone hates her. She tells him when she finds out who ruined her life…she is going to kill him. EJ claims he cares about her and wants to help…as she thanks him for being such a friend. She tells him that Lucas and Will moved out so he insists that she come to his place and she accepts. Inside, Marlena calls John and asks him if they can continue their conversation before Sami came. He says he will be home soon (he is with Bo right now at the cop shop).

At the Cop Shop…John meets with Bo as he explains to him about how he was arrested and Patrick is pressing charges and has to keep his distance from him. Bo wants John to help him investigate Patrick and reminds him that he was once a part of the DiMera organization…a fact which everyone seems to have forgotten. John reminds him that he saved everyone on the island and that he helped save Marlena from Alex as well. But Bo says he feels that Hope is in danger…and he is helpless…the same way John felt about Marlena with Alex. He says that John can get info from Patrick that he can’t. Bo is sure that he is up to something and he doesn’t want Hope to get hurt. John promises to help. After he gets off the phone with Marlena, John calls Patrick and invites him out for a drink, saying he owes him that for his help back on the island and Patrick accepts. After he gets off the phone, Bo tells him that he will find out he is right…that Lockhart…and whoever he is working for…are going down…as the previews show…

Patrick (to John): Why am I starting to feel like this isn’t a friendly little drink we are having here…It’s starting to feel like one hell of an interrogation…

Mimi (to Shawn): I am still your wife…and I have a right to know… (Shawn): You have NO rights with me, Mimi…

Marlena (to Roman): Sami is still the same selfish, conniving, little witch she always was…

EJ (to Sami): I adore the bad girl in you (as he kisses her)…

And the credits roll…


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