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Monday October 30, 2006

Episode #: 10432
Tape Date: 10/3/06
Air Date: 10/30/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: Shawn and Belle argue over Claire…EJ runs to Kate to give her an update (and more)…Bo pays a visit to Sami…Lexie pitches in to try and save Steve and Kayla, to which the Bradys are grateful.

At the Penthouse…Shawn shows up and hears Claire crying inside. Belle is struggling with her and trying to put her to bed (Poor kid is probably crying because her headband is too tight ;-) She puts her down and opens the door, asking Shawn what he wants and ends up slamming the door in his face. He won’t leave and keeps knocking on the door. She tells him he can’t see Claire and proceeds to chew him out for all of his recent misdeeds, saying he just isn’t the ideal father figure. He says she is just mad because of Willow, which she denies. She says she only cares about Claire…she just got her to sleep and is NOT going to wake her up just because he suddenly feels like being a father. Right on cue, Claire starts crying again which pisses Belle off even more and will not let him come in. They argue as he says when he walked away from them, he was only trying to what was best for everyone. She says she doesn’t even recognize him anymore and he says he has missed a whole year of Claire’s life already and he doesn’t intend to miss anymore. She asks him to leave or she will call the cops. Shawn finally says he will leave, but he is calling a lawyer and if he has to, he will sue her for full custody. With that, he storms off, giving her something to think about.

At the Pub…Caroline, Roman and Frankie are standing around wringing their hands, worried about Kayla and Steve’s condition. Lexie and Abe are outside, but she says she can’t go in and face the Bradys but he is trying to convince her. John and Bo are in a booth speculating about the Lockhart / EJ Wells connection. Bo talks about the envelope that Sami had brought in a few weeks ago and how EJ’s prints were on it. He thinks they need to go talk to Sami and find out what was in the envelope and what she knows. Roman overhears this and asks “What da hell”…Sami has done now? Bo assures him that she isn’t in trouble, they just want to talk to her about EJ (and explain about the connection to Patrick). Roman reminds Bo that he is suspended but he tells him that Abe gave him the okay. Outside, Abe is still trying to convince Lexie to go inside, telling her that she made a mistake and needs to make amends…and needs to begin that by facing the Bradys. He promises to be by her side. They finally go inside but are greeted with silence and cold stares from everyone. Abe explains that Lexie had an idea that could maybe help Steve and Kayla. Roman tells them thanks, but not thanks, but Caroline is the first to hold out the olive branch, telling them that they have ALL made mistakes and she and Abe will always be welcome there and Frankie stops them from leaving. Caroline reminds everyone that her grand daughter (Sami) played a MAJOR role in what happened and put Lexie in a terrible position. Roman admits it’s true and agrees that Steve and Kayla are what is important now and tells Lexie to tell them what she knows. She tells them about a study she read about concerning toxins, so she and Frankie go to check the internet for more details. Bo is ready for him and John to go see Sami, but John thinks that Bo should go alone, considering Sami’s feelings toward him. Bo agrees and heads out. John asks Abe what that is about as John explains to him. Lexie finds what she was looking for on the internet and how it may help Steve and Kayla. She also explains that it is just a trial drug and not FDA approved, but gives them a name and number to call. Roman thanks her for her help as Caroline hugs her. Lexie is just glad she could help. They rush off to the hospital as Abe tells Lexie how proud he is of her. She tells him that she would have never been able to come in if not for him and he says he will stand by her. She promises she will never give him reason to mistrust her again.

At Sami’s…Lucas tells her to make her decision…him and Will or EJ. She tells EJ that she can’t choose him over Will and Lucas. He tries to convince her to turn her back on them, pointing out that they will only let her down…again…and he is sick of playing second fiddle to them. As he leaves, she asks him to please understand…Will means everything to her. Will asks if that’s true and she says do you really have to ask? She tells Will she knows that she has made LOTS of mistakes, but she loves him more than anything in the world. EJ lashes out at them so Sami asks him to leave. He pouts and tells her NOT to call him when she needs someone. After he leaves, Lucas says that EJ is no good for her anyway. She defends him, saying that EJ is her only friend right now. They start arguing, so Will has to break them up and forces them to make peace and try to get along. Lucas tells her that’s right…he wants to be her friend and get along…for Will’s sake. Sami agrees that she too is willing to try and will do whatever it takes. They talk about how they both love him and Sami wants Will to move back in with her. He says he can’t now, but maybe later….give it time. Bo arrives, wanting to question Sami, saying it can’t wait…it’s important…we do it here or at the station. Will shakes his head, saying “here we go again”. Sami swears she hasn’t done anything…not that they don’t already know about and Bo backs her up, saying he just needs to talk to her, so Lucas and Will leave.

Back at the Penthouse…John comes home and asks Belle what’s wrong. She explains about Shawn and John asks why she wouldn’t let him see Claire. She explains and tells John that Shawn threatened to sue for custody. John assures her that he wouldn’t stand a chance and that she is perfect mother…BUT…he thinks that Shawn should be a part of Claire’s life. Belle thinks that she should just get her own place…for Claire’s sake, but John says for her sake, she needs her father in her life too. She says that the way Shawn is acting, Claire is better off without him. John thinks that maybe Belle can help him with that as well. He thinks that maybe she should make a list of conditions but she laughs at that, saying Shawn cannot stand someone telling him what to do. Finally she considers John’s advice but he warns her, this is not about her getting back together with Shawn…it is about them being good parents. She says she will give it a try. Meanwhile, Shawn returns to the garage to gather his things. He is in a foul mood when Willow arrives and suggests that he move in with her. He reminds her that she lives at the YWCA but she says she has a way around that…if he is up for it.

At the Hospital…Roman, Caroline and Frankie take the information from Lexie to the doctor and he thinks it may be worth a chance, even though it’s no sure-fire cure. He reminds them that there are risks, including allergic reactions and even possible death. He asks if they are prepared to take that chance. They talk it over and decide they have to do whatever it takes. He goes to prepare the release forms and call the CDC as Caroline’s boys support her.

At Kate’s Place…EJ arrives to give her an update on the Sami situation. He is not happy with the way Lucas and Will keep interrupting his plans…which Kate isn’t too thrilled about either. He says he has had enough and is giving up on Sami…if she wants Lucas and Sami apart, she will have to deal with it herself. Kate says she needs EJ for insurance against Sami…besides she can tell that he is a little too attracted to Sami. He hugs Kate and kisses her neck and she says maybe she can convince him to keep working on Sami. They start hugging and she puts the chain on the door as he has her pressed up against it. They start undressing when they hear Lucas’s voice outside as he starts knocking on the door wanting in. Kate shuffles a reluctant EJ into another room and lets Lucas and Will in, with Lucas demanding to know what’s going on. She can tell he is in a foul mood and assumes that things didn’t go well with Sami. But Will says she is wrong…and that Sami needs them now more than ever. Kate tries to steer Lucas away from Sami and says that Sami is just working them…she tells him that Sami is an addiction, worse than alcohol and will just ruin their lives.

Bo reminds Sami about the envelope she brought by and that EJ’s prints were all over it. He needs to know what was in the envelope but Sami won’t tell him. He explains about whoever has targeted the Bradys has now attacked Steve and Kayla and they are in grave danger. She is shocked and refuses believe that EJ could be a part of it. She won’t tell him what was in the envelope (I don’t understand why…he already knows she was being blackmailed). Bo warns her that he doesn’t trust EJ and that if she is smart…she won’t either. As he leaves, EJ rounds the corner and stands there staring…as the previews show…

Mimi (to Bonnie): Shawn and I are OVER…can you please get that through your head? (Bonnie): Well, can you?...

Willow (to Belle): I would LOVE to stand her and talk fashion with you all day but… (just as Shawn comes bursting out of the shower, clad only in a towel)…

Hope (to Bo): I am Patrick’s alibi, Bo…

Billie (to Chelsea): If you keep pushing your father and I to be together, you are going to push him right out of your life…

And the credits roll…

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