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I just want to preface this by saying I HATE HOGAN SHEFFER! LOL…just kidding…I can tell already it is going to be difficult summarizing his work. There are SO many characters in this show…and SO much going on…it’s hard keeping up. I have to say there is more emotion and story movement in this one show than we are accustomed to in a week of Reilly’s work. And kudos to all the performers involved, I have not seen such raw emotion and powerful acting on this show in a long time. PLUS there are even has some surprising twists and surprises at the end. This man is UNPREDICTABLE! If this is a taste of things to come…I am looking forward to it!

Episode #: 10417
Tape Date: 9/15/06
Air Date: 10/09/06
Director: Albert Alarr
Written by: Hogan Sheffer & Meg Kelly

Summary: Abe and Lexie share a night of passion and renewed commitments…The green-eyed monster in Lucas rears its head…John’s search for Marlena leads him to a startling discovery…Steve is in emotional turmoil over remembering Stephanie, but not Kayla…Bonnie delivers another devastating blow to Philip.

At the Carvers…Abe and Lexie go at it hot and heavy on the sofa. Afterwards, they talk about it being like old times, even though he points out it has left them both wondering if it is for real. They talk about trust issues between them and he says it begins with being truthful. She starts apologizing, but he says that they have both made many mistakes…and he takes responsibility for a lot of it. He talks about when he was blind and was so angry and bitter and pushed her away. He can understand WHY she turned to another man. Lexie talks about how much she loves him and what a good man he is…his morals and integrity. She says she never felt deserving of him. She says she can’t understand how he could love her after all the things she has done. He says both of them have made mistakes, but through it all, he has always loved her. He only has one thing to ask…no, demand…that she never, never see Tek Kramer again. Without hesitation, she promises that he is out of her life for good…Abe is the only man she will ever love. It’s just her, him and Theo. They kiss as the camera pans to a family photo of the 3 of them.

At the Kiriakis Loft…Philip puts Claire down and returns to the living room, asking Shawn why he is still there. Shawn wanted to talk to him, telling him he understands Philip’s decision to terminate the pregnancy and that he knows he had no choice. He tells Philip that he is a good father and husband and he is grateful for that. With that, Shawn goes to his loft and finds Mimi there who informs him that she is going to call the surrogate and cancel the contract (still not sure what that means). Shawn says FINE, it’s not his baby any way…it’s between her and Philip. He tells her that Belle just lost the baby. Mimi says she’s sorry but Shawn says he doesn’t want her fake sympathy. He throws some things in a duffel bag and leaves.

In a New Jersey Hotel Room…John and a detective search her room. John examines the blood in the door facing (quite a bit) and worries. The detective gets a call and informs John that it wasn’t Marlena’s blood…in fact, it wasn’t even human…it was pig blood. He can’t understand what is going on, but John says he does…someone is purposely tormenting them. While searching, John finds a receipt for a storage facility. The detective is sure it wasn’t there before. John is sure it was planted there for them to find. So they take off to the warehouse.

At the Hospital…Belle wakes up to find Sami sitting by her bedside. They talk about Marlena missing and her losing the baby. Sami tries to assure her sister that everything is going to be ok. Belle talks about how Philip loves Claire and how he is so afraid of losing her. She tells Sami about Shawn suing for custody. Sami says she knows how Belle fells about Shawn…she promises not to judge her. Belle just wishes Mom were there and Sami agrees. She says they all need her…they just pray nothing has happened to her. Sami decides to call John to see what is going on with the search…to put their minds at ease. She calls him and tells him that she is with Belle and about her losing the baby. He tells her that he will call them as soon as he knows something and that they will be home soon. She thanks him for all he is doing and hangs up. She shares what she learned with Belle, who is grateful Sami did that…knowing it must have been difficult to call John. Sami says that Belle is her baby sister…she would do ANYTHING for her as they hug and cry together. Later, after Sami leaves (see below) Belle is lying in bed looking at a picture of her, Philip and Claire, when Maggie arrives holding Claire. She tells her that she thought she could use a little pick-me-up and has just what she needs. Of course Belle is thrilled over this.

In the ER…Steve is crying over an unconscious Stephanie as Kayla watches. He tells her he remembered Stephanie as he calls her his “baby girl” and holds her hand. He walks off, telling Kayla he needs a moment. In the lobby, Billie asks him if he is okay as he continues to sob, talking about having memories of Stephanie as a baby. Kayla comes out to join him as Billie leaves them alone. Steve tells her that he just can’t handle all this as Kayla falls into his arms, both crying now. Kayla is thrilled that he has gotten his memory back and assures him that they will all be okay. But he dashes water on this by telling her that he remembers Stephanie…NOT her. He keeps crying, saying he knows how she felt now…before he was dead inside…and maybe things were just better off that way. He says now, he is so scared of losing Stephanie…after he missed her entire life. He asks what if he can’t be a father to her. Both are still crying as Billie watches from afar. Kayla says the only way he could ever disappoint Stephanie is by walking away. She says they both know that his leaving was not his fault, but to CHOOSE to leave now, would be too painful. Now, he is getting his memory back and he can’t go back and forth…he must make a commitment. But he says, that isn’t all that Stephanie wants…she wants them together. He says he can’t stand to be in Stephanie’s life and not Kayla’s. He cries that he doesn’t want to hurt Kayla anymore, but he just doesn’t know that guy that once loved her. (Powerful acting from these 2 today!)

Outside Belle’s Room…EJ has arrived with a huge bouquet of flowers. Lucas asks if they are for Stephanie. EJ says no…Lucas asks, for Belle? EJ says no, but you are getting closer…they are for Sami. Lucas asks what is he trying to prove and EJ says it’s just a nice gesture and none of Lucas’ business anyway. A clearly jealous Lucas says that Sami is vulnerable right now and asks him to leave her alone, but EJ says she is a grown woman who can make her own decisions. He tells Lucas that he must either stake his claim to Sami or HE will. Sami walks out of Belle’s room and asks what’s going on. She gives them an update on Belle as EJ says he brought the flowers for BELLE. He asks Sami out for dinner but she declines. After learning she hasn’t eaten, he insists, saying she needs to be taken care of and he is the guy to do it. So she finally accepts as she turns toward Lucas and they share a look. She asks Lucas why is he staring at her…and why does he even care. He says he doesn’t, so she leaves with EJ…as Lucas fumes.

Kate and Victor are also at the hospital and she tells him about Belle losing the baby. Kate says she is sure that now, Belle will leave Philip for Shawn. Victor tells her to just butt out of it, but we all know Kate. She talks about the surrogate that is carrying Philip/Mimi’s child…Victor’s grandchild. She reminds him that the child is half Lockhart and asks if he REALLY wants Bonnie in his life FOREVER. Shawn arrives asking about Max and Stephanie. Victor asks Kate to leave (he wants to talk privately to Shawn) and tells him that Titan is pulling out and will not be a sponsor to his turbo engine. Shawn is upset but Victor reminds him that there have been 2 accidents so far involving his invention…and he has stock holders to answer to. He says it’s just too risky for Titan. Shawn is devastated and storms off. He runs into Frankie (literally) who asks what’s wrong. Shawn says everything…he has lost his family, friends, career. Frankie says he should think about dropping the custody case but Shawn says no…Claire is better off with Belle and Philip and storms off, kicking things in his wake. Frankie goes to see Belle and tells her that he has good news (well, at least he thinks so). He tells her that Shawn has dropped the custody case. A disappointed Belle tells him that she is happy, but after he leaves, she holds Claire and tells her that Shawn isn’t going to fight for her…or them for that matter.

Philip is back at the hospital now as Mimi tracks him down. He lights into her about lying to them all along. She asks him what they are going to do about Lauren, the surrogate. He says he has so much on his mind right now and he can’t even think about that. She wants to void the contract as he asks what would happen to the baby (good question, would they abort it?) He tells her that he just can’t think about that right now…it will just have to wait and walks off.

Later, we see Philip with Victor and Kate, telling them there are 2 children’s lives at stake and he must make the right decision. Kate opens her mouth and is ready to tell him what she thinks, but Victor grabs her by the arm and drags her off, telling her he will buy here a coffee (ROFL!...go Victor). After they leave, Mimi and Bonnie come flopping up and he tells them that Kate is urging him to terminate the surrogate’s contract. Bonnie is furious over this, saying that Kate thinks the Lockharts aren’t good enough to be a part of her family…even though Mimi WAS good enough to use to keep Shawn and Belle apart. Color Philip confused…until Bonnie blurts out that Kate knew the truth about Claire all along and conspired with them….so she is NO BETTER than they are. Philip is in shock as Mimi gives him a nod. He storms off to find Kate as Mimi asks Bonnie WHY she did that. Bonnie says she just wanted to tell the truth…just as Mimi always wanted to do…and it felt GOOD!

Back in New Jersey…John and the detective arrive at the warehouse, cut the lock off and go inside. They search for a clue with John saying whatever they find, he hopes it leads him to his wife. They find an old steamer trunk and rip it open to find Marlena tied up inside. She is disoriented and shaken as John lifts her out. She cries as she clings to him, sobbing…I knew it…I knew you would come for me…as the previews show…

Carrie (to Belle): Let Philip go…so he can build a life with someone who loves him…as much as you love Shawn…

Kate (to Philip): Maybe I should have told you the truth…but I did what I thought was right…(Philip): There is notihg you can do…and DON’T COME NEAR ME AGAIN…

Woman (jumping into EJ’s arms): Baby…where have you been?...I have missed you so much…(as Sami watches)…

Victor (with Kate in the background): What the hell are you doing?...(Shawn): I am going to make you pay!...

As the credits roll…

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