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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Episode #: 10420
Tape Date: 9/20/06
Air Date: 110/12/06
Director: Albert Alarr
Written by: Hogan Sheffer & Meg Kelly

Summary: Mimi urges Belle to stop Philip from leaving town…Lucas’ admission catches Sami off-guard…Shawn visits Belle, then turns to Willa…and we learn that EJ has been in cahoots with Kate all along (in more ways than one...depending on how you define “cahoots”, LOL).

At Sami’s apartment…Sami does a double take and asks Lucas to repeat what he just said (about having feelings for her). He tells her again, which she cannot believe. Sami says he would still be with Carrie if he hadn’t caught her cheating and points out that he was clinging to her like plastic wrap. He admits it is true but claims he turned to Carrie because he couldn’t have Sami…she is the one he wants…always has. (EJ is listening to them from the hallway and says that “mummy isn’t going to be very happy” to hear this). Sami thinks that Lucas is just using her to get over Carrie, but he insists it is the other way around. Sami can’t believe him, but he says he loved Carrie in a peaceful, calm way…but Sami…she drives him CRAZY. (LOL). He says with her, she brings it ALL out…the good and the bad. She says she can’t go down that road with him again. But Lucas says she is the only one he wants, but she insists she IS over him…and has been for a long time. He tells her to look him in the face and tell him that, but she has trouble doing so, but finally tells him she doesn’t want him. Lucas is sure that she is only going out with EJ to make him jealous and she tells him he has one hell of an ego. She gets flustered, yelling at him to pack his things and get out…take a hike. About that time, Will comes charging into the room, yelling he KNEW she would ruing everything…she always does. If he had known this, he wouldn’t have come back home. Sami quickly starts trying to cover, saying he misunderstood. She stumbles around, and says she says she meant that they need to “get out” more often as a family. Lucas points out she told him to “pack up” and she says she meant “pack a picnic”. Lucas then prods her, saying she told him to “take a hike” (LOL at Sami trying to explain all this. Anyway, they end up planning a family outing the coming weekend, complete with a picnic and a hike. Will goes back to his room, a happy camper, as Sami is furious with Lucas and rushes out the door. After she is gone, Will comes out, Lucas telling him he did a great job and they high-five each other. Lucas tells him that this is only part of the plan. Will wants to know if this is for real…he is tired of being a yo-yo. He asks if Lucas thinks he and Sami truly belong together and Lucas says yes, he is sure.

Meanwhile, EJ pays Kate a visit at her office…giving her a report on how things went with Sami, and we learn that he is working for her to keep Lucas and Sami apart. He informs her that Lucas refuses to let Sami go. Kate is sure that all Sami has over Lucas is sex and she says she has overestimated EJ’s charms. But he says he understands how Lucas feels and tells her about how Lucas and Will ruined every one of his attempts to seduce Sami. Kate also learns (for the first time) that Lucas has moved in with Sami and is furious over it. She rants and raves about Sami as she encourages EJ to step it up and do whatever it takes to keep her away from Lucas. She asks just WHAT is it about Sami and men, and EJ says that everything about Sami says sex and he bets she is hot in the sack. Kate eludes to the fact that Sami isn’t the ONLY one who is hot in the sack and comes on strong to him, piquing his curiosity…as the get closer and start to kiss. There is a knock at her door as EJ scrambles into hiding and Kate opens the door to find Sami there, looking for EJ. Kate claims she doesn’t know where he is and Sami asks her to give him a message. Kate informs her she is NOT his messenger service and slams the door on Sami’s face…as Sami yells “BITCH”. After that EJ comes back out and Kate tells him she got rid of Sami…apparently Lucas isn’t the one Sami wants…she wants him. They start kissing again as EJ lays her across the desk and the porn music starts. (Almost too much for me to take so early in the morning, lol).

At the Loft…Mimi sees Philip in the hallway and he tells her he is leaving for good. She does her best to change his mind, but he is determined to leave Salem, saying Belle will be fine. Mimi says it’s all her fault but Philip reassures her that honestly, he doesn’t think Belle ever loved him. He informs her that it’s not because of Shawn, he dropped the custody suit and Belle was just looking for an excuse to get out of their marriage. She begs him to stay and he asks why and she admits it’s because it would ease her guilty mind. But Philip’s mind is made up and turns to go, telling Mimi he will miss her. He asks one thing of her, for her to remind Claire that he loves her and will always be his little girl, with that, he leaves, with Mimi chasing after him.

At the Penthouse…Belle and John are playing gin when Marlena suggests tea. Shawn arrives with a gift for Belle, explaining he bought it for her when she was in the hospital but didn’t get it to her. Marlena notices the bruise on his face and asks if he is ok. Not elaborating, he says he is fine and John suggests he and Marlena go out on the terrace. Once out there, Marlena admits that deep down she would like to see Shawn and Belle back together. John is glad she is home and she tells him she has a confession. Shawn takes a joke book out for Belle (how lame) and a stuffed turtle for Claire. He tells her he feels responsible for her losing the baby (because of the custody suit). He tells her he dropped it because Philip is a good guy and a great father to Claire and that he was too selfish to be that. He asks her what is it she wants. She says it is complicated…at first she was confused, but now she knows as she reaches for him. She gets woozy, but insists she is okay. She says she talked to Carrie (as Shawn has a flashback of what he overheard…out of context) and goes to leave. She tries to stop him, but he says the timing is off…and about a dozen other excuses. She is angry as she throws the stuffed turtle at him as he leaves. Later, she is awaken by the doorbell as Mimi comes over to tell her about Philip leaving town, and encourages her to stop him.

Out on the terrace…Marlena tells John that she was afraid that she would never see him again and it scared her. Now, being home, with him, Belle and Claire…the thought of leaving again terrifies her. He assures her that they all love her and is thrilled to have her home. She knows that and says that the feeling she had was so frightening…afraid of losing them. He asks how can he help her get over that and she tells him to just hold her…and never let go. Which he is happy to do. She asks if he is happy she is home and he says of course, but she knew that already. Later, inside, she finds a note from Belle about running an errand, asking them to listen for Claire. She cries…she is so happy to be home with him…Belle…their grandchild. She says this is the way it is supposed to be. John says it is a nice life. She says it is a WONDERFUL life…and she is never…ever…ever going to leave again, as she leads him upstairs.

At Chez Rouge…Shawn arrives to be greeted with a hug from Maggie. She has been worried about him and insists he take a seat and eat. She also says she owes him anyway for her new waitress, Willa. She sings her praises…even though Shawn forgot to tell her that she was a hooker. Maggie asks if he came by to see her or hoping to see Willa…hmmm…and he admits to both (Willa is standing nearby and smiles when she hears this). She comes over and says hi as Maggie reminds her that her shift is almost over and insists she sit with Shawn while she gets his food. She thanks him for all his help and asks if he is ok. Again, he doesn’t elaborate, telling her that his life is going wrong. She offers to make him feel better…because she wants to. She talks about how she imagines sex as a mini-vacation, like going to Bermuda (lol) and he says he has never been to Bermuda (rofl). He says ok, but on one condition…it is a date. He pulls out her chair, impressing her, as Maggie returns with his food…to go…and they leave together. Maggie turns and says “uh-oh”.

At the Airport…Belle and Mimi arrive as Mimi urges Belle to stop him, but Belle hesitates, saying she doesn’t know if it would be the right thing to do. Philip buys a one-way ticket (don’t know where to) and goes to board his plane. Mimi begs Belle to stop him, but she can’t, saying that Philip deserves better than she can give him…as we see Philip boarding the plane. Cut to a shot of Belle, with tears streaming down her face…as the previews show…

Sami: Lucas, I swear to God…if you pull another stunt like that again…you are out of here…

Chelsea (to Kate): I want my mom and dad back together again…and I am willing to stop at nothing until that happens…so what do I do?...

Patrick (to Hope): I want us to be together and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to make that happen…

Shawn (to Bo): Did you come here for any particular reason?...(Bo): Yea…I am worried about you and you obviously need help…before it’s too damned late…

And the credits roll…

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