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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Episode #: 10425
Tape Date: 9/26/06
Air Date: 10/19/06
Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: Sami and Carrie have a good, old-fashioned, rolling-on-the-floor catfight…Bo and Patrick come to blows over Hope…Kate tries to enlist Roman’s help with Sami…and she suspects that EJ has a hidden agenda…Belle finds Shawn and Willow in a compromising position…Carrie next sets her sights on Lexie.

At the Harbor Master’s office…Belle watches as Shawn and Willow kiss. He sees her and asks why she is there. She tries to leave, but he stops her. Belle apologizes to them, saying she thought Shawn was in trouble, but Willow puts an arm around him, saying he is fine and has all he needs. He talks to Belle privately (as Willow eavesdrops). He tries to explain about Willow, saying she is just a friend doesn’t mean anything to him. (After hearing this, she slinks off into the night) Belle cries, saying she can’t help it because she knows she and Claire mean nothing to him either but he says she is wrong. She whines that he didn’t visit her in the hospital but he says he knew she didn’t want to see him…he overheard her telling Carrie. She tells him that is because he dropped the custody suit and thought he didn’t want them to be in his life. He explains he did that out of respect for Philip. Then she tells him that Philip left. He asks her if she loves Philip, and she says yes…but not the way he needed her to. She says Philip asked…and she told him the truth. She says now, the Shawn she loved is gone as well…he would have never have used someone like he used Willow. Shawn declares he was upset…everyone had lied to him…Willow offered to help him and he took her up on it. She cries that she let Philip go for a fantasy. Shawn tries to convince her that what she saw as just a kiss…and she says that kiss showed her that they have no future. Shawn assures her that he wants her and Claire to be his family, but she says no…she isn’t going t let another man play daddy to Claire and then walk out.

At Sami’s Apartment…Sami and Carrie go at it full force as Lucas and Austin pull them apart. They are screaming at each other as both of them break free and go at it again. They end up on the floor rolling around as one of them grabs the table cloth and Will’s cake is dragged into the fray, both of them ending up covered in cake and icing. Lucas and Austin pull them apart as Lucas whips out his phone and takes a picture of Sami, telling her he is going to put it on the internet (LOL). Sami blames Carrie for ruining Will’s cake and tries to get Lucas to back her up. Carrie and Sami keep sniping at each other and then Austin and Lucas join in as all. (As the referee calls a penalty for piling on). Sami cries, claiming she has changed and that is the reason she stopped the wedding. But no one believes her, with Carrie saying she stopped it only because SHE was being blackmailed. Lucas agrees with her, saying that Sami is lying…as ALWAYS. Meanwhile, EJ is in the hall with his ear pressed to the door, listening to every juicy bit of this. Lucas says that Sami has no conscious…he knows she didn’t stop the wedding out of guilt…it was because she was about to be exposed. All of them demand to know the truth as EJ yells through the door asking if everything is okay in there. One of the guys (Lucas or Austin) says “oh goody…EJ is here” (LOL). Sami opens the door as he looks around asking what happened. Lucas tells him it is none of his business as Austin asks him to come in and have some cake (ROFL). Carrie adds insult to injury, asking him to come in and get to know the REAL Sami. Sami tells him to just leave and as she shuts the door, EJ chuckles. Sami tells the others, that this is not ALL her fault…and reminds them that Lexie is the one who came up with the lie and even after Abe learned the truth about her, she did NOT come clean and tell Carrie the truth. But Carrie says she knows it all started with Sami…her SISTER. She says that all Sami has ever done is torture her and she is not taking it anymore…she is going to let everyone know what she has done and she will be to the rest of the family what she is to HER…NOTHING. With that, Carrie and Austin leave. Later, Sami and Lucas are cleaning up the mess and Sami talks about getting Will another cake. But Lucas tells her to forget it, he and Will celebrate later. He asks her who was blackmailing her and she says she doesn’t know. But he doesn’t believe her and can’t believe he trusted her yet again only to be betrayed. He says he is DONE caring for her. She says there is no excuse for what she did but she always believed that Lucas could see some good in her as she apologizes profusely. He tells her this time he is moving out as she pleads with him not to, saying the must stop hurting Will. About that time, he walks in asking what is going on. Sami tries to explain it away but Will asks what did SHE do THIS time. Lucas says “I’m sorry son…but I can’t live here anymore.”

On the Rooftop of the Penthouse Grill (?)…Kate and Roman are having drinks. She asks for his help to stop Sami for ruining Lucas’s life again. Roman isn’t too thrilled to hear her Sami-bashing as she informs him that Sami and Lucas are living together again. Sarcastically, Roman asks, what should I do arrest her? Kate says that’s not funny, but Roman reminds her that they are not kids…they don’t need their permission. She starts on Sami again when Roman tells her he is getting tired of hearing it and points out that maybe it’s HER sons that are the problem. She asks him to help keep Sami away from Lucas and he tells her that he has more important things to do and that she is capable of manipulating her kids’ lives all by herself (Way to go Roman!) He says that sooner or later, Sami will learn. As he goes to leave, Kate throws her trump card…saying that Will will be the one to suffer, yet again. She says that Sami and Lucas are toxic to Will and that is the reason he ran away. Roman sits back down, asking if she has any ideas. She says that Marlena could help…IF she wasn’t too busy helping everyone else (oooh, low blow). Roman says he will talk to her as Kate suggests that maybe this is a way for him to get back into Marlena’s life, but he says that is not what this is about. He leaves, promising to talk to Marlena.

After Roman leaves…EJ shows up. She asks him if he was successful in his quest (to seduce Sami) and he says no…his plan with Sami may be over. He tells her that Sami, Lucas, Austin and Carrie got into it, this thrilling Kate. He tells her that he noticed that Sami was acting different…completely vulnerable. Kate is upset that he left her and Lucas alone, but she wants details. He tells her that he is sure that Sami and Lucas are finished this time, but Kate isn’t so sure…noting that Lucas has always had a soft spot for Sami. EJ offers to distract Sami so Kate can take Lucas out to dinner and talk to him. Then upon his return, he would find him and Sami in bed together…that would seal the deal. Kate starts thinking that maybe EJ is just a bit too enthusiastic over Sami and admits that it is annoying her. She thinks that maybe EJ has more to his game that he isn’t telling her. He tells her to come closer and he will tell her…as he begins to nuzzle her neck.

Carrie and Austin…go to Chez Rouge (?) as Carrie’s mouth is still flapping about Sami and Lexie. Austin says that Sami never pays for her deeds and she will get away with it…yet again. But Carrie is hell-bent on Lexie going down as well for her part in this. She feels as she was betrayed by Lexie as both a doctor AND a friend (although she does admit she made some dumb choices herself). She says that both Sami and Lexie feel no remorse for what they did…they hurt her and she wants them to feel the same pain she does. She says she lost her self-respect and feels she can never trust anyone again. But Austin tells her that she can trust him and makes a promise that he will never lie or cheat on her as he makes a toast. Carrie doesn’t know how she can face Sami again without punching her in the face, so Austin suggests they leave Salem after they get married…maybe go to Europe. Carrie loves the idea…but says she has some unfinished business with Lexie Carver first.

Patrick and Hope…go to the Penthouse Grill (?) for drinks (she is having milk) as he asks what’s going on. She whines how she fears losing Shawn and him being self-destructive. Bo walks in wanting to Hope, but Patrick tells him to leave her alone. Bo informs him that this is between him and HIS WIFE. Patrick steps away and Hope tells Bo that he shouldn’t have followed her there but he says he needs to talk to her. She tells him that they have had this conversation many times and she is done talking about it. But he asks her to please listen. He tries to explain saying that she was about how he cut her and Shawn off after Zack’s death. He talks about how he misses Zack and how he let him down. He says he is only trying to fix his mistakes…by helping Chelsea. Hope says she (Chelsea) needs pay for her own mistakes. Bo says if he had it to do over, Chelsea would be in jail right now. Hope says she has needed him so many times and he has let her down…she just can’t risk it anymore. Bo tells her that Patrick is dangerous and begs her to stay away from him and that he is only trying to protect her. But she refuses to believe him, saying that Bo’s mistrust of Patrick is personal. Patrick comes over to get Hope but Bo grabs her and won’t let her go, begging her to listen to him. Patrick calls him obsessed and tells him to never lay a hand on Hope again. They get into a shoving match and the fists start flying, with Bo clocking Patrick in the mouth, as Hope is yelling at them to stop. She gets in between them and breaks them up, telling them she has had enough and wants to leave. Patrick says he needs police protection but Bo spits that Hope needs protection from Patrick. Roman walks in asking “what da hell” is going on (lol). Patrick demands that Bo be arrested for assault. Bo admits to hitting him so Roman tells Bo he can give his statement at the station. Bo refuses to go so Roman cuffs him and reads his rights. Bo begs Roman to get someone to keep an eye on Hope as she watches, crying. Patrick sneers at Bo…as the previews show…

Kate (to Lucas): Why don’t you come stay with me…I have a big suite…(Sami): No way in hell…

Lexie (to Carrie): What’s your question?...(as Carrie says, through clenched teeth): How the HELL do you live with yourself?...

Hope (to Patrick): I am so sorry about everything…(Patrick): No, maybe I should just stay away…

Abe (yelling at Bo): You are out of control…you are hereby relived of your duty…

And the credits roll…

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