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Thursday, October 5, 1006

This is a HISTORIC episode…as for the FIRST TIME we see Hogan Sheffer’s name appear as the head writer…along with Meg Kelly…and we can finally say GOODBYE to James E. Reilly! (even though he is still listed as a consultant).

Episode # 10415
Tape Date: 9/14/06
Air Date: 10/5/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: It’s race day for the Salem Grand Prix, but there is physical as well as emotional danger lurking all around…Belle clings to life as she begs Philip to make a promise to her…Patrick’s hearing is underway, as Bo finds himself under attack…Tek warns Lexie as to what Abe is up to.

At the Hospital…Philip is by Belle’s side as Lexie tells him that her blood pressure is extremely high. Belle’s biggest concern is about the baby…as Shawn arrives. She cries that her head is hurting as Lexie asks Philip and Shawn to leave. She has another doctor there with her (Dr. Ross). In the lobby, Philip and Shawn get into it as Philip puts the blame for all of this on Shawn’s shoulders. Lexie comes out and informs them that Dr. Ross is running tests on Belle and that she is refusing to take medication…if it is going to harm the baby…as Philip and Shawn return to the blame game. Later, Shawn is pacing the lobby as Hope arrives, wanting to know what is going on. (She was just at the court house when she got the news…see below). She tells him that Mimi explained to her and Bo what happened (that he left her). He swears that if he had known the truth all along, he wouldn’t have left her. But she is just a liar. Hope asks if Mimi is right? he and Belle still love each other?

Shawn has trouble answering that simple question. Inside, Philip sits by Belle’s side (she is unconscious) as he says he wants her to take the medication and that he would do anything for her…even give his own life. She opens her eyes and says that she is scared. He begs her to take the medication, but she refuses. She says if she slips into a coma, she wants him to promise her that they won’t give her the meds. He finally promises that if something happens to her, he will sign the consent. Shawn insists to Hope that the reason he left Mimi is because she is a liar…just like the rest of her family. Hope tells him that at some point, a person MUST be with the one you love…otherwise, you just keep making mistakes. Shawn asks her WHO was her or Patrick? They talk about whether he is innocent or guilty and Shawn says he is a Lockhart…the whole family is liars. Realizing he hurt Hope, he apologizes and she says she needs to get back to the hearing and leaves. Philip tells Belle not to be scared…everything will be okay. Alarms go off as he yells for the doctor. Later, Dr. Ross tells Philip that Belle is in critical condition…and if the pregnancy continues…there is NO WAY both she and the baby will survive.

At the Cop Shop…Abe and Roman talk about Patrick and they hope that Bo didn’t go after him for personal reasons only. Roman asks Abe about his dating Lexie, but Abe swears it is all part of the investigation. Abe says he has no problem separating his professional and private lives, but Roman reminds him that Patrick is behind bars…why is he still investigating Lexie? Roman is sure that she wasn’t involved in the case, but Abe says he is sure she was hiding something…and leaves the room angrily.

Back at the Hospital…
Abe meets up with Lexie for their “date”. She gives him a picture that Theo drew…a huge heart with the three of them inside. She offers to make dinner at home for him and he accepts. She is so happy to have a second chance with him and swears he will never have to worry about trusting her again. He tells her to go on ahead, he will be there shortly as she rushes off to check on one last patient before heading home. We see Tek in the background…who takes off in the direction Lexie was headed. Abe says to himself “what the hell am I doing?” Tek catches up with her and she tells him to leave her alone. He tries to tell her that Abe is just using her and that he doesn’t want to date her…he wants to indict her. He tells her that when Abe gets enough evidence, he is going to arrest her…as Lexie stands there staring in disbelief.

At the Garage…
Max and Travis (his crew chief) are making final touches on the car as Frankie rushes in asking why they are still there. (As we see the gloved hand lurking around holding a wrench). Max says they are finishing up and they are “ready to roll” as he cranks the car one last time and revs the engine…as we see something dripping underneath.

At the Courthouse…Cameron Reese informs Patrick that the evidence against him is staggering. Bonnie insists that Bo Brady is trying to frame him and Patrick says that Bo has plenty of motive. He is sure that Bo set him up and Cameron tells him that she is going to play the angle that the Salem PD is crooked. Patrick talks with Bonnie and Mimi as they continue to offer their support. Cameron comes back and informs them that the DA is going for murder 1…and the death penalty. Somewhere in here, Bo and Hope talk with Mimi and she tells them about Shawn leaving her and fesses up to knowing all along about Claire. She rushes off in tears, saying she lost Shawn forever. Hope calls the garage and learns that Shawn is at the hospital, so she takes off to go see him. Roman arrives at the courthouse asking Bo if he is sure the evidence will hold up. Bo swears the investigation was completely by the book, but Roman is afraid that Cameron is going to come after Bo personally. Roman warns him to be careful and keep his cool. He says that Cameron is going to “rip the scab off every wound” he has…Chelsea, Zack, Hope, etc. Bo says he can’t wait until Lockhart is locked up for good, as Roman asks if THAT is what is driving this case? In the courtroom, Patrick pleads “not guilty” as Roman and Bo walk in. Patrick turns and says he was framed, staring directly at Bo. Cameron asks that Bo Brady be called to the stand as Roman takes a seat. AS Bo is testifying, Hope slips in and sits next to Roman. Cameron is cross-examining Bo (as she makes jabs at the police department as well as the Brady family). She practically accuses Bo of framing Patrick…saying that Bo had motive for doing so.

In the Sky the race track…Stephanie is ready to go (and looks quite fetching with that red hair in that royal blue jumpsuit ;-) The announcer is saying that Max is a no-show thus far. Chelsea sashays in accusing Stephanie of stealing her boyfriend. But Stephanie says he couldn’t get away from Chelsea fast enough. Chelsea calls her a bitch and says that Max was sure she switched the DNA (and she didn’t blame him) but Stephanie was right there in his face and as a result, he wouldn’t even give her a second chance…even though she deserved it…THIS TIME. Chelsea asks why would she do this…when she already has so much? Stephanie says she understands how Chelsea feels…she too, is fighting to get her family back together. Right on cue, Kayla arrives to wish her luck, but Steve isn’t with her. He shows up…with Billie…as both Chelsea and Stephanie glare at them. Billie sees all the tension and offers to leave, suggesting that Chelsea go with her. PopShawn and Abby arrive as well and he gives Stephanie a good luck charm necklace (that his mother had once given to him). Kate arrives now, followed by Victor, as she is ordering Stephanie to get over to the PR office for a pre-race interview. On her way out, she lashes out at Steve telling him that he doesn’t k now HOW to be a husband OR a father. Steve apologizes to Kayla, saying that Stephanie is right and maybe he should have not come. Kate lectures Billie for upsetting Stephanie right before the race. Steve tries to get Billie to leave with him but she says no, Stephanie needs him today, despite what she said. PopShawn offers support to Kayla and tells her not to give up on Steve, he fell in love with her once…and he will again. Max arrives and tells Victor about Shawn and Philip being at the hospital with Belle, and about her being in danger of losing the baby. As Stephanie is leaving, Kate tells her to go win that race…”for ME”. Stephanie reminds her how she asked for her help with Philip…now she needs a favor from her…keep her daughter away from her dad! With that Stephanie and Max leave as Kayla hugs her and wishes her luck and to be careful. Steve goes to hug her, but she just walks on by him. After she is gone, they realize she forgot her necklace and Frankie grabs it and tries to catch up with her. But he returns, necklace in hand.

Later, everyone is watching the race, cheering for Stephanie and Max. Victor and Kate are whispering about the Belle/Philip/Shawn situation, and how they both knew the truth all along. We see Max and Stephanie in their respective race cars, talking to themselves (however, it is hard to understand what they are saying over the noise.). The announcer says that Stephanie is pulling away. Meanwhile, Abby has returned to the garage (she forgot to bring the champagne for the victory celebration). While there, she finds a glove on the floor, in a puddle of fluids, with a note in the hand. She picks it up and says “Oh, no!...Max!”. Back at the trace, we learn that Max has passed Stephanie as everyone in the sky box is cheering for them. We see Max’s RPM gauge shoot up and then we see a crash as we hear the announcer say “there is trouble in turn four…this looks like a bad one…apparently Max Brady’s car has exploded!” Shock all around as Kayla looks over at Steve with terror in her eyes…as the previews show…

Philip (to an unconscious Belle): I know I promised I would do everything I could…but I can’t risk losing you honey…as Shawn looks on…

Abe (to Lexie): Which of my favorites are you making? she walks over and slaps him and says: You Son of a Bitch!...

Steve (sobbing uncontrollably): Oh my GOD!...I remember!...I remember you! Kayla cries…

And the credits roll…

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