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Tuesday, October 10th

EPISODE: 10,418
DIRECTED BY: Roger Inman
TAPE DATE: 9/18/2006

Another fun show and I’d hug Hogan Sheffer if he were here right now. Thanks for bringing Salem back to us!! John and Marlena return to Salem as a couple; Philip, Shawn and Belle try to deal with all that’s happened lately; Will and Lucas sabatoge Sami and EJ’s date and it’s Kate and Victor’s turn to get that “deer in the headlights” look.

While Marlena packs, John gets reservations for the first flight to Salem for them (what happened to Air John, is it in the shop?). He tells Marlena that someone is out to hurt the Brady’s. Marlena’s anxious to return to Salem (as are we for her to) to be there for her everyone, John and Belle. He knows she’s a strong woman, but she tells him she needed to prove it to herself. She plans to be there for Belle during her whole pregnancy (too late) as John’s reaction signals a problem and when asks, tells her that Belle lost the baby. Marlena gasps. Later she zips her suitcase, saying she’s ready. She feels guilty for not being there for Belle when she thought of herself, to prove she could stand on her own two feet and that Alex hadn’t destroyed her self confidence. She doesn’t belong there and should have been home. John smirks, is this the time when you click your heels together three times? (LOL) She apologizes for leaving again and they both exchange I love yous and kiss (hmm, guessing he’s moving back into the Penthouse).

Lucas and Will are going through DVD’S, both wearing black robes (so early?) to decide what to watch when Sami’s out on her date with EJ. Sami (looking fine in her bronze toned outfit) enters the room talking on the phone as she’s told Marlena is safe and sound. Commenting this evening is starting out great, the doorbell rings and EJ whisks her off, telling the guys to enjoy their show. As soon as they leave, Lucas and Will shuck their robes and are fully dressed in jeans and shirts (I would have thought that would be what they’d be wearing anyway at dinnertime?), saying not to worry mate, they will.

We find EJ zipping along in his car as Sami enjoys the attention. He tells her they’re going to Chez Rouge for dinner. Sami and EJ arrive and the gals hug. Maggie checks the reservations list and doesn’t have Wells on there and apologizes, but can’t seat them (I’m guessing Kate’s table will be available shortly..should it survive Philip’s fist pounding below, haha). Outside we see Lucas and Will messing in the Valet parking area…they break into EJ’s car and have a plastic bag with them. Maggie’s stalling Sami and EJ apparently for them, LOL..and they yank Limberger Cheese out of the bag to put in EJ’s heating system. They both agree that smell will make anyone hurl, which Lucas says is the idea. They make sure nothing can be seen and before they leave the car, Will wants to make sure why they’re doing this..because Lucas doesn’t want Sami dating that jerk or because he wants her for himself?

We find Kate dining with Eduardo, a man from their Dallas office, when Philip literally walks over and yanks her out of the chair. Mommy Dearest isn’t pleased, and when he accuses her of knowing about Claire’s paternity, she denies it. She wants to wait until later to talk, but he doesn’t. Realizing Philip is not going to give up, Kate apologizes and gives Eduardo the file to review. He understands she has a pressing personal problem and leaves. A VERY angry Philip accuses Kate of knowing about Claire’s not being his daughter. He knows Belle and Shawn were unaware and just found out themselves a few days earlier, but she knew all along and didn’t tell him? She denies it again and he stomps his fist on the table, generating anxious looks from everyone (including Maggie). She finally admits knowing, saying the magic words..I did it for you. He instructs her to not do anything else, including coming near him again, and leaves (see, an open table). She rushes after him saying she loves him and was just looking out for him. She tells him to stop doing this and he clarifies SHE did it. He asks her how does it feel to lose your child. Kate tries to back pedal, saying she’s not to blame, she wasn’t the only one who knew. Philip won’t let it drop and asks who else knew. He threatens to break every plate in the restaurant if she doesn’t tell him. She finally tells him, “your father”. Philip is devastated and in a trance, walks away and of course, drops the plate..and leaves (where’s Maggie?) Kate doesn’t follow, just says, “oh Philip” softly.

Inside Maggie apologizes profusely for not having a reservation. EJ says he called for the reservation the day before and confirmed it earlier that day. Maggie asks who took the reservation. He doesn’t know. She can only recommend they wait for a table in the lounge, but it might be 1 ½ hrs. EJ is simmering, but Sami graciously says it’s not the place but the company and suggests they go elsewhere. EJ agrees and as soon as they leave, Maggie whips out her phone to call Lucas (LOL). She tells him the “chicken has left the coop and the royal pain has left the castle and is on the way to the car”. We see Lucas and Will leaving the car and Will keeps insisting on an answer as to why they’re doing this… as Lucas rushes him out of the parking lot, saying they have to leave post haste..which term confuses the poor lad more (maybe a haircut would clear his brain some?)

Sami’s guys are back at her apartment as Lucas isn’t finished yet. He finds a card in his wallet for the Moonlight Escort Service and calls to ask for help.

Carrie tells Belle the good news about Marlena. Belle admits being a bit self absorbed lately (gee, ya think?) and has a daughter and a husband. They talk about Shawn and Carrie tells her if she truly loves Shawn, she should follow her heart. Shawn rubs Belle’s name on the hospital room doorway, deep in thought. Belle tells her that Shawn doesn’t want anything to do with her or Claire. Belle tells Carrie about how hurt Philip was to learn Claire wasn’t his and she hates herself for thinking about Shawn the way she does. She doesn’t know why Shawn dropped the lawsuit and heard about Shawn and Mimi’s divorce. She can’t understand why he’s doing this and just as Shawn opens her door, she tells Carrie that she and Shawn are over and she doesn’t want to see or talk to him ever again. Crushed, Shawn closes the door softly and fingers the flowers in a basket he was bringing Belle and tosses them in the trash (hey, just leave them on the nurses desk..why toss them?), looks back at her door and leaves. Carrie fills Belle in on how it wasn’t fair to her, Austin, Sami and Lucas and she had to end her marriage with Lucas (uh, I think it was more like you got caught in the act and that Lucas ended it with you, but whatever). Every time she saw Austin she wanted him. She encourages Belle to follow her heart too, saying it’s not fair to Philip. Belle breaks down and tells her sister how she had a daughter with Philip and it wasn’t as easy as it was for her and Lucas to split. Carrie says she and Shawn now have Claire too. Belle doesn’t think there’s a way to win regardless. Carrie tells Belle she needs to let Philip go to find someone who will love him as much as she loves Shawn. Belle just wants to close her eyes and know the answer when Marlena announces “I’m home”. The girls turn to see John and Marlena at the door (wow…Carrie sure visited a long time for John and Marlena to get to the airport, go through security, fly home, and get to the hospital). Belle and Marlena hug. Marlena tells them she’s staying right there in Salem as she needs her family and they need her. Marlena suggests that Belle come home with her and John. Belle asks John if he’s moving back in and Marlena says they all need each other.

EJ and Sami return to the car and being it’s chilly outside, she asks him to turn on the heater. They exchange looks and she rushes out for fresh air. He joins her and she asks if something died in the engine. He offers to call for a cab (wow, must have cab company on his speed dial as he gets someone and orders a cab to Chez Rouge in seconds, LOL),


EJ and Sami return to his apartment. He lights candles, turns on some jazz as he apologizes for all the problems earlier. He pops some champagne for them and again apologizes. She mimics his accent and he says he thought she was the one with the accent. The doorbell rings and he goes to answer it. A blonde hugs him and says EJ, where have you been? I’ve missed you so much…(Lucas’ escort service call) EJ denies knowing her, but she sees Sami and says they weren’t exclusive, but if she knew he were bed hopping, would have used protection. She isn’t upset and suggests a 3-some as Sami stares while EJ tries to get rid of the other woman. She introduces herself as Candy Cane to Sami and sees the champagne, asking if they mind. EJ does and tosses her out, saying she wants child support as he closes the door on her. Sami asks what that was all about, but EJ has an idea who’s behind it. We see Lucas and Will listening from EJ’s balcony. Sami doesn’t believe it’s Will or Lucas and EJ kisses her as she threatens to kill both of them. He has another idea, one that doesn’t include going to jail. They kiss as she likes the idea too. Needing convincing, he leans in for more kisses as Lucas peers in the window, complaining that that cheese was really expensive. Will suggests they go back home.

Philip arrives and finds Shawn about ready to beat up the race car with a bat. He stops him and asks what’s wrong. Shawn vents that he’s lost his wife, baby and now Gramps pulled his $$ from his engine like it was a science project experiment. Philip has to one up him and say he just found out that both his parents knew that Claire was Shawn’s, not his and didn’t tell him/them. He said Kate knew and ratted out on Victor. Shawn is furious now and does a Philip by jumping into the race car and driving out.

We find Philip with Claire as he promises to always be there for her when she can’t sleep. He promises to be there for her always, school plays, games, from the time she takes her first step until she walks down the aisle. He’s her dad. He’s always going to love her and they can’t take that away from him. Claire’s adorable as she babbles while he talks.


Kate does what I thought Philip would have done. She goes to Victors. He asks why she dragged him down there at this hour and she tells him it’s an emergency. He snips back for her that could be a bad manicure (ROFLMAO as we’ve had many emails commenting about her black nails/manicure lately) She tells him about Philip’s learning about her deception about Claire’s paternity and humiliated her in front of the whole restaurant. He’s angry about the bad publicity after hearing about Philip’s scene at Chez Rouge and pours them a drink (same Scotch that got Grant through the Civil War he said). He hands her a drink and assures her that she’s Philip’s mother and he’ll forgive her. She doesn’t think so. She then tells him about Philip knowing he knew too. Furious, she explains how she accidently blurted out someone else knew and Philip figured out who it was (uh, no, you plainly said YOUR FATHER Kate) and he demands she straighten this out. They hear tires screeching and an engine being raced. They turn toward the outside wall and scream as a car apparently races into the estate (guessing Shawn’s making a house call?) We return to the racecar having gone through Victor’s wall and Shawn climbs out. Victor asks what the hell he’s doing and Shawn tells him he’s going to make him pay…as he walks toward Victor as the previews roll..

HOPE TO BO: Patrick was exonerated and I am having his baby. As much as I know you don’t want to hear it, he’s going to be part of my future.

MARLENA TO BELLE: Darling, you’re at a crossroads. What is it that YOU want?

VICTOR TO SHAWN: Who are you really trying to hurt? Me, or yourself?

SAMI TO LUCAS: If you don’t want anything to do with me, then…
LUCAS interrupts: Wait, who says I don’t? The truth is, I still have major feelings for you.

As the credit rolls….

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