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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

EPISODE: 10,423
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 9/22/06

Hope and Bo are kept busy dealing with their children and Shawn’s women; Tek doesn’t accept Lexie’s breaking off their relationship; Shawn and Willow have a close call; and Chelsea continues to follow her own agenda.

Tek keeps insisting that Lexie should marry him. She refuses, saying she loves her husband, unbelieving Tek’s persistence. Abe holds his temper, but tells Tek to leave. Tek refuses to without a firm answer from Lexie. Lexie tells him NO, but he doesn’t give up. Abe asks if he has a death wish and Tek is ready to take him on. He dances around them. Abe privately talks quietly to Lexie, staying calm, but angry. Lexie warns him that the press can’t learn about this and asks for 5 minutes to talk to Tek alone. He reluctantly agrees as she takes her coat and tells Tek they’re just stepping outside to talk 1 to 1. Outside Tek insists he loves her and is better for her than that old man. He knows if he got her alone, she’d change her mind (oh gag me, LOL). Lexie tells him she thinks it’s just because Tek can’t take rejection and says this is harrassment. He accuses her of being scared of being the sexy wonderful woman they both know she can be. (Amazing how calm and dry it is outside Chez Rouge when Shawn and Willow are dealing with a storm not that far away). He tells her she’ll still be young and sexy and pushing Abe around in a wheelchair. Lexie slaps him, calling him a bastard. Abe walks out saying times up as Lexie tells Tek that their affair is OVER and to make sure he understands she’s serious, she will have Mickey Horton (who we never see) draw up a restraining order for Tek to stay 40 ft. from her. Tek can’t believe she’s serious, but Abe insists she is and to listen to her. If Tek does come near her, then it’ll give him grounds to kick him off the force for good. He tells Lexie they should step inside for dinner now (still no rain or wind in Salem?).

Inside, Hope and Belle are having dinner. Belle admits almost not accepting Hope’s dinner invitation after losing both the baby, her husband and now…. Hope relates, saying she’d have given her life to save Zack and takes Belle’s hand. Belle tells Hope that Mimi knew about the baby and angry after all of the things Mimi’s accused her of. Hope reminds her that she still has a beautiful daughter and parents that adore her. Belle says Marlena wants her to stay at the Penthouse for a few days, but she has to grow up and like her mother, be responsible for her life. Hope says Shawn will help her raise Claire, but Belle doubts that judging by his recent behavior. Hope tells Belle how furious Shawn was at Mimi and even filed for joint custody. Hope says he dropped the law suit as he thought it was the best thing for her and Claire and loves them. She talked to Shawn and knows he loves Belle and if he knew she felt as strongly, would fight for her. Hope pays the bill and puts the receipt in her purse (nice touch) as she encourages Belle not to give up on Shawn. She asks Belle to tell him how she truly feels. She offers to walk Belle to her car (Belle said her parents were babysitting, another nice touch), but Belle has to stop by the ladies room first. Hope offers to wait, but Belle insists she go on. Mimi calls Hope as she’s leaving the restaurant. She tells her that she’s worried about Shawn and had tried to get Bo’s help first, but he had to deal with getting Chelsea off the hook for prostitution charges and needed to confront her with Billie before he had time to deal with Shawn’s problem (yes, it’s time for Mimi to LEAVE SALEM!) Needless to say, Hope’s not pleased with the way Mimi puts it (even if it is true). Mimi said she already called the Harbor Master’s office, but doesn’t think they took her seriously. Hope said she’ll call too. Mimi said she’s heading to the Harbor Master’s office and Hope said she’ll meet her there. She hangs up saying “damn you Brady, damn it!” as she makes a call. She and Mimi talk again and Mimi cites again how Bo was too busy helping Chelsea to help with Shawn. Hope mumbles and calls Bo’s cell. She updates him on how the Harbor Master can’t reach the FF3 and if he cares at all about his son, he’ll meet her at the Harbor Masters office. He says of course he does and tells Billie what’s going on as he rushes out. She tells him she’ll take care of Chelsea.

Earlier, Victor joins Kate in the lobby of Chez Rouge, not having good news to report. Philip has cleared all his things out of the loft and Niko tracked Philip’s credit card. He flew to NYC and there’s no trace of him after that. They both are worried about if he’ll ever forgive them. Victor expected Philip to confront them after Shawn did. Kate calls Shawn a self destructive hothead, saying they raised their son better than that. Victor calmly retorts, so he just took off AGAIN. Kate says this was just like Rex leaving (hmmm, see a pattern here Kate?) and at least she can talk to him now and then (gee Kate, never learned your lesson with Rex, huh? And where the heck is Cassie???) Victor said they’ll find Philip and hope to make amends and have Philip forgive them. Stepping inside the dining room they see Belle with Hope and she asks, but what about everybody else? He offers to speak with Belle when Kate says she knows that Belle won’t want to talk with her. Kate gets a call that she’s needed urgently for something and can’t do dinner after all. She leaves after asking Victor to call if he hears anything about Philip. He says they’ll find him. He tells Belle they need to talk as she strolls through the restaurant alone. They talk in the middle of the restaurant as he tries to apologize (saying he doesn’t do it very often), but she blasts him with ruining their lives and how much her parents even respected him. This wasn’t a corporate take over. She expected this from Kate, but she was named after his daughter even. Victor looks properly chastised. He said he knew Philip had gone through so much and did it for him. She tells him it backfired not only for Philip, but he devastated his grandson and made her a single mother. He offers his help, but she claims to live on the streets before taking his money or help (as she returns to her parents penthouse, LOL). She tells him business or family, all he knows is how to destroy people!

In the cabin we hear the radio issue a weather warning to for ships and sailing vessels to return to the harbor, but Shawn and Willow are going at it on deck where they can’t hear. Later, when water splashes on them and the boat rocks a little, Willow comments on it. Shawn sits up, looks out in the water and says, I think we have a problem (so much for “sailor man” having traveling around the world on the sail boat, LOL.) Shawn finishes dressing and finally lets his brains rule his body as he realizes they went beyond the buoy. She laughs about it even as he rushes to take down the sails and salutes him saying aye aye. He orders her down below and she wants to stay on top and help him, but he pushes her below and shuts the door. He tries the boat engine and it won’t start. He joins her below and tells her what’s going on and after looking at the navigational display (see picture) warns her that it’s going to get worse. He tries calling the coast guard and due to the storm, they don’t hear him. He orders Willow to keep trying while he goes up top. We return to Willow calling for help as Shawn’s on deck securing things when he gets washed overboard. She comes on deck and finds him gone, calling his name. We see Shawn pull himself onboard the ship as she helps (wow) and tries to order her back down below..but she tells him she reached the coast guard and they’re coming for them. A helicopter magically appears and despite the storm and wind, drops the seat on a rope right down to them (yowza) as he helps Willow onto it.

Chelsea is brought in by the undercover cop we’ve never seen (French or Italian accent?) He’s anxious to book this “hooker”, but Bo stops him, saying she’s not a hooker, she’s my daughter and asks for a couple of minutes with her. Chelsea smirks, (apparently being arrested has gotten common place to her). Mimi steps outside per Bo’s request and he learns Chelsea was hooking near the Brady Pub. Both he and the other cop know it was her first time and Bo is even more irate she did it in front of her grandparents pub. He talks privately with the detective, asking for him to drop booking her and the guy agrees, saying next time she’s going to jail! Billie finally speaks up saying there won’t be a next time! Bo suggests they take it back to Billie’s house to deal with instead of the office (about time) but Mimi insists on speaking with Bo. He tells Billie and Chelsea he’ll meet them there and Mimi explains she’s worried about Shawn (and Willow) on the boat out sailing in the bad weather. Bo calms Mimi, saying Shawn promised not to go past the last buoy. Mimi reminds him that’s when Shawn’s thinking straight, but he’s not now. Bo promises AFTER he takes care of Chelsea’s problem, he’ll call the harbor master (and a 2 minute call takes THAT long Bo?)

Billie and Chelsea return home as the brat throws her purse in the room. Billie tears into her saying she was doing it because Max dumped her. Bo walks in and she calls him Daddy, but he’s not hearing that “daddy” thing. Chelsea rags on about not having a family after the Bensons died and blabbers on about the one eyed pirate going after her mother and Bo and his wife, yada yada..and she’s neglected. Bo shuts her up and is wise to her. He knows exactly what she’s pulling and calls her on it (about damn time!) He says since he and Billie learned she was their daughter, she hasn’t wanted for nothing and the only reason hookers do what they do is for money. He orders her to her room and Billie yells to get that make up off too. She asks Bo how it’s going with Hope and he thought okay, but Hope is still considering a future with Patrick. Billie says it’s because he’s the father of her baby and that’s the only reason why. Bo’s cell rings and he glances at the display, but doesn’t answer. Billie tells him that Chelsea has a dream family idea and doesn’t realize what they had is over. Bo turns and asks if she thinks that’s true. Billie confirms she believes he and Hope belong together in her head and her heart now and apologizes for causing problems earlier. He asks if she’s going after another married man now that she’s given up on him? Billie protests, not knowing how they stand, but she won’t stand in the way of true love…she’s learned her lesson. They hope her daughter has learned hers. He suggests therapy and Billie feels they should go as a family. He agrees. Inside Chelsea listens, taking it all in. Billie leaves the door open after Bo leaves (gee..the trees are blowing a little) and tells Chelsea about the therapy. She acts surprised, but agrees saying she doesn’t have a choice..smirking as she looks away from Billie. Billie tells her about her rotten childhood and what her father made her do (drugs, prostitution, porno flicks (I knew Nichole did that, forgot that Billie had too). All Chelsea hears is Billie had a worse childhood than she did. Billie insists she supports Bo’s getting back with Hope and Chelsea promises not to do anything else to ruin Bo’s chances of reuniting with Hope. Billie leaves the room and Chelsea calls Patrick, telling him to get right over there as she just found out something he’ll want to know.

Hope and Mimi walk in the HM’s office and are told they were both rescued and only wet, otherwise fine. Mimi leaves, telling Hope she can’t bear to see Shawn with Willow again. Moments later they walk in and Hope hugs Shawn, saying she couldn’t bear to lose another son. Willow excitedly tells Hope that is was like the ultimate fear factor episode, especially when they were hoisted into the helicopter. Hope asks why Shawn took the boat out, saying Bo told him he could live on it, but never would let him go out in it. Shawn insists Bo did, any time he wanted (leaving out the part about not going past the buoy). Bo walks in and Hope is furious, saying their son is safe, no thanks to him….

Chelsea to Patrick: Right about now is the perfect time for you to make another move on Hope.
Patrick: Why is that?
Cheslea: Because she’s going to need another shoulder to cry on.

Hope to Bo: While your son was struggling for his life, you were at the police station protecting your daughter from being arrested as a prostitute (hello…Shawn’s an adult and should be responsible for his own actions)

Marlena to Belle: I think you should tell him how you feel before anything else happens that would keep you apart.

Lucas to Sami: Sami, how can you do this?

as the credits roll...

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