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Tuesday, October 24th

Episode: 10,428
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 9/28/06

It’s a new day in Salem and John and Marlena do some sleuthing after she and Roman chat about Sami; Sami gets advice from EJ and uses it on Roman; Mimi has a showdown with Willow and Shawn at Max’s garage

Marlena returns home from an “emergency croissant run” to find John sipping coffee (that he made himself). (I think Rachael Ray needs to visit Salem and teach our Salemites how to cook, haha). John apologizes for returning so late the night before and said she was sleeping too soundly for him to wake up. She mentions how he had talked of making an honest woman of her and he wraps her in for a big wet one before doing anything else. We return to the smooch fest as they’re thankful to be together again. After they tell each other how much they love each other, etc., he kneels to propose again and the doorbell rings. She apologizes saying she had asked Roman to come over to talk. John smiles, grabs a croissant and says he has some work to do after she lets Roman in. He whispers he’ll ask her “that question” later and she says she’ll remind him if he forgets..both smiling (always nice to have something to look forward to). Roman’s glad she called and that John found her in NJ safe and sound. He wanted to go with John to find her, but she knows he was busy in Salem. He asks why she’s so happy and she explains she and John are back together. Her smile fades as she tells him there’s something she’s not happy about…Sami. She tells him how this is the worst thing that Sami’s ever done. She tells him how Sami blackmailed Lexie, etc. She can tell by his facial reaction that he knew already. He explains he found out the day of Sami’s wedding as Tek had told him. She is shocked he didn’t tell her, but he says she took off for New Jersey. He explains why he didn’t tell Carrie as she was already married to Lucas and why he didn’t tell anyone else. Marlena says that Sami is still the same lying, conniving person she’s always been. She knows Sami didn’t come to just confess what she had done, she wanted Marlena’s help in getting things smoothed out with her father. Marlena senses there’s a small spot of Sami wanting to change, but after she started blaming Roman, Lexie and herself for her problems, decided differently. Roman says he was planning on telling Marlena about it today (she smiling reacts with “what a coincidence!”) as he said he was going to because of Will. They glance at his picture (another one with a lot less hair, haha) as he tells her about how Will ran away the last time Sami disappointed him and afraid he’ll do a lot worse now. They realize Sami might have needed more of their time growing up and Roman’s tired of beating himself up over that, saying Carrie and Eric turned out fine. Marlena suggests they present a united front to Sami, showing she can’t play them against each other any more. He said they won’t come to her rescue any more and if she continues going down this destructive path, she’ll lose everyone she cares about. She said to tell Sami that she’s welcome to destroy her own life, but she’s not going to destroy Wills.

SAMI’S – 10:00 a.m.
EJ walks in with coffee for Sami as we see her sound asleep on the couch. He tells her that they listened to Diana Krall and Coltran at his place the night before until she fell asleep from exhaustion. He carried her back to her place and slept in his own bed, much to her relief. She thanks him. He wants to chat with her when things calm down saying he feels there’s something between them and wants to bring fun back to her life. We return as Sami moans about how things turned out. He strokes her hair, encouraging her to tell her father to get over it if he gives her a hard time about what she did. Later EJ boosts her self esteem by reminding her that she’s not the only headstrong person who’s lied to get their own way and how she shines compares to other women. He tells her to be herself and he’s crazy about her. Sami backs off, saying she’s flattered, but… EJ continues praising her supposed virtues, but she steps into the kitchen comparing him to a white knight in shining armor (hardly). He gets melancholy talking about his own family and not having much contact as he changes the subject back to her, saying they belong together. He adores her and nothing she does will turn him away. Startled at that, he kisses her and she returns it. EJ’s phone rings and he turns it off (it’s Patrick) as he and Sami get hot and heavy on the couch.

We return with EJ shirtless (a Salem must) and Sami’s top a little unbuttoned when Roman POUNDS on the door demanding to see her. She and EJ launch from the couch and restore their buttons as Roman continue his loud demands (put a sock in it Roman, it’s an apartment building!!) She says she and EJ were going to lunch, but Roman says EJ won’t mind eating alone as he needs to talk with her. Roman blasts into Sami about what she did to Carrie. Sami tells Roman how Austin and Lucas were both panting after Carrie,etc. When he asks what she’s going to do about it, she says she apologized and doesn’t know what else to do. She turns and he tells her until she stops acting so heartless, he doesn’t want anything to do with her. He insists she turn and look at him, throwing a “damn it” in there…asking if she heard what he said. She tells him she’s tired of people trying to change her and how she’s turned herself inside out trying to win peoples love. If he can’t accept her for herself, so be it, he can leave. Surprised by this response, he says he’s not leaving until they’ve had it out. Sami calmly tells him she’s going to lunch and walks out telling Roman to have it out with himself.

Shawn stumbles out of the back room where he spent the night. Max thought Shawn had the boat to sleep on, but Shawn only says it didn’t “work out”. Max fills him in on the gift Abby had chosen to be from him and Stephanie’s having breathing difficulty when he tried to explain. He’s doesn’t want to give her false hope, but knows he has to be careful as well.

Mimi arrives and babbles on, telling Max about how Shawn had to be rescued by the coast guard the night before and his new girlfriend being a hooker. Shawn says at least Willow doesn’t LIE to him and rants about her calling his parents. She clarifies that she saved his life in doing so. Max tells them to take personal issues outside, but Shawn leaves the room. Max hugs Mimi, who whines about her circumstances and how Shawn needs her (yeah, throwing his actions in his face not a good conversation starter Meems). Max figures once Shawn calms down that things will get back to normal (yeah, right). Mimi says she came as her car’s having problems. Shawn was going to look at it, but she doesn’t have the money right now to pay. He of course tells her that he’ll take a look at it. Max tells her no problem, anytime. Mimi tells him she’ll pay him when she has the money, but he tells her not to worry about ut. Willow walks in and blasts Mimi with “I should have known you’d be here, you BITCH!” Shawn returns and Willow tells him that Mimi told Hope about her past (which Mimi questions the “past” tense) and she came to see her. Shawn is disgusted, saying looking at Mimi makes him sick. The two argue as Shawn says her lie about Claire’s paternity should be grounds for annulment which he’s seeking. He tells her to leave, saying he doesn’t care how she feels about him and Willow. Max steps between them and tells Shawn that he’s tired of Shawn telling him who can and can’t be in HIS garage. Mimi’s a customer and welcome any time. If Shawn can’t handle that, he can bunk somewhere else. In fact, after what he did to his car, he can get another job as well. Shawn grabs his shirt and says he’s out of there (good for Max!). Willow tells Mimi to keep her mouth shut or she’ll shut it for her and storms out after Shawn. Mimi apologizes to Max and he says people say things when they’re angry. He offers her a shoulder to cry on and she accepts it, saying thank you.

John meets up with Patrick as they chat over a couple beers (glad he had a croissant before tipping beers, LOL). He thanks Patrick again for his help on Morgan Island and Patrick to John for his help in getting into the academy. John apologizes for not calling sooner, but gives him the condensed version about his personal life happenings and asks how he’s doing. Patrick mentions his going to be a father and how Bo’s making his life a living hell being they both love Hope. Now standing, John says they all have tempers, but Patrick claims that Bo staged his arrest and planted the evidence out of jealousy. He figured if Bo got him arrested, he’d return the favor. John says Bo wouldn’t plant evidence and when Patrick gets defensive, says Bo will have to get over him being with Hope. John says Bo’s hung up on Patrick working with the Dimeras. Patrick claims that was a long time ago and John, mentioning being a past Dimera employee himself, offers to help prove Patrick’s not anymore. He quizzes him about where and who he worked for in the Dimera dynasty and Patrick picks up on the interrogation vs. friendly chatter going on. John’s techniques are slipping as Patrick ends the conversation and goes to pay for his own beer. While Patrick’s on his cell phone inside, John steps outside and calls Marlena (Doc) asking for her help. Later Marlena joins Patrick at the bar, saying she came to meet John there. She asks Patrick if he’s okay. He grumbles and she offers to chat with him if it’ll help. (she picks up his cell phone on the far side of her purse) and takes it to the ladies room as he orders ginger ales (per her suggestion) for both of them. In the ladies room she nervously goes through her purse as Patrick’s phone falls on the floor. She bends down to get it and sees mens shoes in the stall and gets up. She grabs her mace out of her purse and orders whoever is in the stall to come out. John opens the door, sitting on the toilet fully clothed, asking if that phone is for him, LOL. She slaps his arm as he steps out, saying he scared her. Being they have a minute, they kiss.

Marlena returns to find Patrick looking for his phone. She hands it to him, saying she found it right there. She returns home and reports to John, saying Patrick never suspected a thing. She tells him he makes things exciting (referring to him as John Black). He suggests she stick around then and remembers he was ready to ask her a question. She’s anxious for him to ask.

EJ meets up with Patrick, angry as he told him not to call him as it could risk the operation and this getting back to him. Patrick tells him about John Black being onto him. EJ tells him not to worry about John Black as he has his future all mapped out…….

Stephanie to Kayla: We’re both in love with guys that are both in love with someone else. What’s wrong with us?

CHELSEA TO STEVE: Did you know that she once was a drug addict?
CHELSEA: Then you also know about the porn movies she’s made (Billie watches shocked and hurt)

AUSTIN (face not shaven for days apparently): I want to get the hell out of here and move to Europe.
CARRIE: I can’t go to Europe with you or I won’t….

JOHN: Will you please marry me Marlena?
MARLENA smiles and is about to answer…

As the credits roll….

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