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EPISODE: 10433
TAPE DATE: 10/4/06

It’s Halloween in Salem, but no parties or costumes (okay..there are some decorations at the pub, haha). Mimi packs up the loft as Bonnie gives her advice..but Mimi seeks Caroline’s wisdom instead (wise choice!); Belle finds Shawn at Willow’s and gives him ground rules to being with Claire…he seeks Bo’s advice (also wise); Billie and Chelsea speak openly on what they’re feeling; Hope visits Bo at the hospital and also shows the right stuff as she encourages Billie to join their vigil outside Kayla and Steve’s room.

Belle makes a surprise morning call to Willow at the Y. Willow denies Shawn is staying there, despite what Max told Belle, but Belle inherited her parents investigative genes and spots Shawn’s boxers on the bed and knows better. Willow said they’re hers and even puts them on, saying not everyone is into frilly. She tries to get rid of Belle, but not before Shawn pops out wearing only a towel (seems to be a bad habit of Salemites). Belle calmly tells him she’s thought it over and he and Claire deserve to be in each other’s lives, but there are some conditions. As he dresses (and Willow stays quiet), she tells him he needs to act responsibly and to get a job and a decent place to live where he can take Claire. He needs to prove he can take care of himself before he can take care of their daughter. She leaves, glaring at Willow.

After seeing how much apartments rent for, Shawn examines the job want ads and crosses off ads he’s not qualified for (about time Salem’s youth realizes they can’t be executives on a high school degree!). Willow asks what happened to his rebel James Dean persona, and calls him a wimp. Stating James Dean didn’t have a kid and yeah, Shawn agrees being a wimp for Claire. Willow calls him on being a wimp for Claire’s mother too, but he doesn’t comment on that as he goes to leave. She reminds him that this is the yWca and puts a scarf, sunglasses and shawl over him (oh yeah, that’ll fool them, haha) he kisses her goodbye and leaves.

Mimi packs up the loft as Bonnie talks garage sale for some of their belongings, LOL. Bonnie tells Mimi she’s not giving up on Shawn, unlike Mimi. Mimi says she’s not going to continue lying and cheating. Bonnie hands her pictures to keep her “eye on the prize” with. Next to the picture of Shawn and Mimi is one of Caroline and Shawn Sr. Mimi wonders how they stayed together all these years and Bonnie figures it must be the hot sex (LOL)….

Mimi arrives to find Caroline polishing up the beer mugs at the bar. She accepts responsibility for what happened between her and Shawn and asks Caroline how her marriage has lasted all these years. Caroline admits they’ve had their problems along the way (boy howdy, have they), but holding the picture of Shawn and Caroline, says she wants this as Caroline turns the picture to see it. Caroline pours Mimi and herself some coffee (decaf, LOL) as Mimi wants the secret to their long marriage. Caroline says telling the truth is hard, but a lot less scary than telling a lie. Mimi tells Caroline about having to lie in her childhood to keep their family together. Caroline understands, but says now she doesn’t have to. Later, Caroline had gotten the call about the new antidote and rushes up to tell Pop Shawn after telling Mimi. Mimi said it’ll be okay, you’ve got your family….Caroline agrees…as long as she’s got her family, she can get though anything.

We find Bo on the hospital pay phone updating Billie (who’s at home) on the new antidote they’re hoping to get and save Kayla and Steve with. She offers to help if they need anything and he suggests she come to the hospital. Billie doesn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable and while he poo poos that idea..she lists off who that might be…including Hope, his parents and Stephanie. He says Steph’s in her room and his parents clarified their feelings, and he said Hope wouldn’t mind. She asks if HOPE said that and when he replies…”not exactly”, she tells him to please keep her updated. She tells Chelsea what’s up (what’s with the skimpy outfit’s WINTER?) Chelsea tells her mom to go to the hospital…Billie is surprised that Chelsea suggested that…until Chelsea adds she needs to be there for “dad”. Billie rants at Chelsea that she and Bo are OVER and Chelsea has to stop her trying to get them back together. Chelsea insists she DESERVES a family and is determined to get one. She continues her whining about wanting to be a family, they could be Brady’s and part of the bunch (my word, not hers). Chelsea disses Steve, saying he’s not ½ the man her dad is. Billie screams THAT’S ENOUGH and warns Chelsea if she keeps pushing her and her father together, SHE will be on the outside. Moments later Chelsea’s got her coat on (mom and daughter sure like those long dangly earrings, don’t they?) Billie knows that Chelsea wants to feel close to her dad, which she admits to. Billie tells her that she and Bo are not tied because of her (Billie). Chelsea walks back inside and takes off her coat. Billie lays it out for Chelsea. Bo’s sister and best friend are fighting for their lives and he’s trying to save them. The best thing Chelsea could do is to just BE THERE for her father.

Hope joins Bo at the window of Kayla and Steve’s room. He vows to bury (literally) the bastard who did this. Hope calmly states that Abe verified Patrick’s alibi and he wasn’t anywhere near the hospital when this happened. Bo sluffs that off, until Hope says SHE was Patrick’s alibi. Bo figures Patrick planned his alibi and she explains they were at lunch together. He tells her that he has a lead on Patrick’s accomplice. Hope asks why Billie’s not there and he tells her why (see above). Hope says what happened with Billie is history and what will be, will be. Looking her in the eye Bo agrees, saying when people are meant to be together, they will. The warm moment ends when Chelsea pops through the swinging door with a “hi dad”. Hope remembers an errand and leaves. Without giving Chelsea a chance to say why she’s there, he tells her he’s not in the mood for fun and games right now. A little hurt, she tells him she’s there for him and asks if there’s anything she can do. They talk about Kayla and Steve’s role in his life and how hard it is to lose someone you love. She relates, referring to her parents. She tries to encourage him, admits she’s been praying and says things will be different this time, saying God’s not use to hearing her voice and listening. Bo hugs her and Shawn enters the room, saying he needs to talk to Bo. Bo thanks Chelsea and feeling a little dissed, watches Bo put his arm around Shawn and step aside chatting.

Shawn and Bo sip coffee as Shawn whines about doing as well as can be expected after losing his wife, job and daughter. Bo surprises Shawn by knowing exactly what Belle told Shawn about being responsible, which blows him away. He cites that’s the mom rule from the stone age. Shawn whines some more about prices of apartments and can’t find a job as Bo offers to let him stay with him (isn’t he staying at the pub after letting Shawn use the Fancy Face?) Shawn doesn’t think that will work for Belle ( babysitting 24/7 at the pub, LOL) Bo listens as Shawn blames everyone but himself for what’s happening. He finally says a relationship is not over just from a bump in the road. He mentions a couple of years ago when there was one with Belle and now he’s calling it quits with Mimi over another. Shawn rants about losing his job. He tells Shawn he’s got to take responsibility and grow up to be an adult. Love isn’t perfect and needs work. Sometimes one has to forgive when it’s worth it (Shawn mentions mom and Bo nods). Bo offers to call Max and ask him to rehire Shawn. Shawn thanks his dad, promising not to let him/Claire down. The two hug as Chelsea watches through the door window.

Belle returns after Shawn leaves to warn Willow to stay away from Shawn (Willow asks if Belle’s late for her meeting at the Coven). Willow calls Princess Belle on her true objective, to have Shawn as well as Claire. Willow laughs saying having sex is being free to be yourself, but she’s not into being tied down. Belle leaves ( as Willow opens the door, saying being free is another way of saying no one gives a damn about you).

Hope visits Billie and tells her she’s not there to update her about Steve, but says Billie should be at the hospital herself and it won’t bother her if she does. She encourages Billie to go to the hospital, feeling it’s what Steve needs. A nice chat with the ladies. Bo calls to say the antidote just arrived and they’re about to give it to Kayla and Steve. After hanging up (she didn’t mention Hope’s being there), she fills Hope in. Hope asks who should drive, her or Billie.

Bo watches through the glass as Kayla and Steve’s IV’s are injected with the antidote as the previews roll….

STEPHANIE to the family: I thought this was suppose to be a miracle drug, but I don’t see any miracles happening.

MAX to FRANKIE: This is home, man.
FRANKIE: No it’s not, I’m going back to DC

PATRICK to EJ: Why am I here?
EJ: I thought you should know something. The police are onto us.

CHELSEA to PATRICK: Are you saying that you want me to spy on my own father?
Patrick gives her a spooky stare
.as the credits roll…..


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