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Tuesday, October 3rd

EPISODE: 10,413
DIRECTED BY: Roger Inman
TAPE DATE: 9/12/06
HEADWRITER: James E. Reilly

Bo and Hope grow closer; Shawn finds a new friend while Mimi and Bonnie commiserate; and Sami’s got both Lucas and EJ competing for her.

BO AND HOPE leave the hospital and go out for something to eat. He levels with her that Chelsea was trying to play match maker again with him and Billie. He tells her about Chelsea seeing Steve kiss Billie and figured Bo had better make his move if he wanted Billie. They both feel for Kayla. Bo assures Hope he told Chelsea there’s only one woman in his life, her. She likes that answer and smiles. Later she’s stuffed after eating all that pie and they talk outside, worried about Marlena. She smiles saying how hearing that Claire was Shawn’s daughter cheered her up and seemed right. They go for a walk on the water front and end up at the Fancy Face. He suggests a little boat ride, but she tells him he was right at the diner and they should go slow. They remember sailing with Shawn and the good old days. Hope mentions they’ll never be able to share those kind of memories with Zack and how much she misses him. She feels the baby growing inside her and hoping it’ll ease the pain of losing Zack, but it doesn’t. He apologizes for giving Chelsea the keys and would do anything to take away her hurt. Hope says she was responsible too. Bo says no one can be responsible 24/7 and Zack was at a sleep over. He reminds her how she always told Zack not to run into the street. She didn’t fail Zack and gave him a happy life. Bo comforts Hope and says he asks himself every day why this happened, but he does know she had nothing to do with his death. He loves her too much to see her blaming herself. She cries in his arms.

Bonnie tries to comfort Mimi, but she knows that she and Shawn are finished. Mimi is upset and crying, yelling at her mother that she’ll never get him back. Bonnie rants that Shawn Brady was their future. Mimi clarifies she means he’s their meal ticket. She can’t believe she’s lied to Shawn all this time because she listened to her mother. Bonnie cries and explains how she always wanted her daughter to end up with the perfect man, someone not like her father. She’s right, she screwed up Mimi’s life as much as she screwed up her own. Mimi says people like them will never have their dreams come true. They hear Claire crying and Bonnie refers to her as the little trouble maker. Mimi asks her to go attend her, she’d like some time alone (hey Shawn, nothing like bailing on your daughter too!)

Shawn’s shirtless of course (gotta introduce the new guy’s chest of course) when some blonde in a skimpy hot pants outfit tries to pick him up. He threatens to call the cops if she doesn’t go away. She hangs around and watches him shoot/miss a basket and tells him her name is Willow and she ran away from her abusive father. A necklace with an angel falls on the bench they’re sitting on and she explains her friend gave it to her for good luck. She offers it to Shawn, thinking he needs it more. He tries to explain about finding out Claire is his daughter, not his best friend’s daughter and how his wife knew and didn’t tell him. He mentions how he use to love Claire’s mother and Willow asks if he still does. We rejoin them as he tells her all about his life. She tells him she’d do anything to have parents to be close to that don’t hit her. She suggests if there’s any way for him and his dad to get closer, to go for it. He writes down Chez Rouge’s phone number and tells her to call his Aunt Maggie for a job. He says she’s too nice a girl to be doing what she’s doing. He gives her a kiss., then gives her some money to get a decent place to sleep and for some new clothes for her interview. She thanks him, saying she’s not his angel, he’s hers and gives him the necklace and leaves. He said maybe they’re each others.

Sami, Will and Lucas get dressed to go out for dinner. Sami offers to cook, but Lucas declines for health reasons, LOL. EJ arrives, in a suit of course. Sami tells him that Lucas has moved in as they’re trying to give Will some stability. EJ questions Lucas’ moving in, asking if sleeping on the couch will be hard when his apartment is down the hall. Lucas implies he won’t be sleeping on the couch, much to Sami’s surprise. Sami says they only share a child and he IS sleeping on the couch. EJ asks Sami for a date, saying Lucas won’t mind. She’s surprised by that, but not Lucas. EJ explains she was engaged when he arrived in Salem and now that the engagement is broken and Will’s home safe and sound, asks if she’d go out to dinner with him. Lucas watches jealously. Sami says it’s short notice and she has dinner plans with Lucas and Will. She asks for a rain check and they agree on the next night. He smiles telling her to have fun, but not too much and leaves.

Lucas, Sami and Will are recognized by one and all. First the waitress tells Sami she looks better in person. Sami is a little offended and says she hadn’t slept in two days and had been crying when she was on tv. Then a teenaged girl asks Will for an autograph and whips a pen out of her top for him to use. The girl leaves and Sami starts preening Will’s hair, saying she thinks he’s cute (c’mon Sami, tell him he needs a haircut too!). He’s embarrassed as people are watching and says he hates her. Lucas and Sami exchange looks. Lucas insists that Will apologize and he does so, saying he doesn’t hate her. She understands he’s upset at all she’s done and explains why she didn’t marry Austin. She knew he was in love with someone else and didn’t see that til last minute. The old Sami wouldn’t have even noticed. Lucas says it’s progress and gives her a hard time about dating EJ. She says she can still date EJ and be a good mother. Will’s surprised that EJ wants to date her.

BACK HOME….EJ pops into the hall, saying he’s looking forward to dinner the next night with Sami when they return home. Sami is flattered and looking forward to it too. Will goes off to bed after apologizing again and when Sami presents Lucas with a pillow and blanket, surprised when he suggests sleeping with her (he sure got over the hurt of Carrie leaving him for Austin awful quick, didn’t he?) She tells him no because he snores, but he taunts her saying she knows she won’t be able to keep her hands off of him.

Bo and Hope step inside the cabin and he tells her “welcome home Fancy Face.” He pulls her into a kiss and she returns it. Staring in her eyes he peels off her jacket and sitting on the bed, kisses her hand. She looks down at him and joins him on the bed as they lie down on the bed kissing….as the previews roll….

KATE: You’re awfully confident.
EJ TO KATE: I thrive on competition and in the end I always win…

STEPHANIE TO SHAWN: Is your relationship with Belle one of those things you want to work out?

PATRICK TO MIMI: What I’m thinking is she doesn’t want to have a future with Bo or me.

BO TO HOPE: How about coming back to me?
Hope is eating and looks up startled at that suggestion.

as the credits roll...


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