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Wednesday, November 1

Episode: 10,434

Summary: Looks like we got another wish – as there are a lot of Salemites with work issues. Lots of emotional moments at the hospital as Kayla takes a turn for the worse… I tried to organize by setting, as it was hard to keep it straight otherwise!

Chez Rouge

Willow is at work when Shawn comes in and she asks to take him to lunch. He tells her that he ate with his dad, but will keep her company. He tells her about how the two of them actually talked and his dad offered to call Max and try to get his job back. Shawn explains to Willow, who is happy for him, that it isn’t a done deal yet. Just because his dad offered to talk to Max doesn’t mean that he’ll get the job back. Willow is sure that since Max is family and knows he’s the best mechanic, he will definitely give him a second chance. She talks him into going in and apologizing to Max in person.

Max’s Garage
Frankie is talking to Max, who is busy working on a car. He tells him that Steve and Kayla got the medication, but now they have to wait and see if it works. Max thinks it was good that Frankie was in town to call his guy at the FDA. Max still thinks it was right, since this is home. Frankie disagrees and states he is moving back to DC. Max tries to guilt trip him about leaving his family. Frankie says that he is staying until Kayla is better. Max wants five minutes alone with the guy that did this to them, and almost got him and Stephanie killed. Mimi walks up asking if the police are any closer to finding out who did it, but Max can only hope so, before he hurts anybody else he cares about.

Mimi offers to help Max and his family in any way. Frankie wants to know why she stopped by, but Max tells him that he was working on her car. He explains what he did and how she needs to get an oil change every 3,000 miles (hmmmm… and I’m overdue myself….). Frankie asks if Abby is in and abruptly leaves. Mimi thinks he is mad at her over Shawn, but Max assures her that Frankie has major trust issues since Jen left and broke his heart. He tells her not to take it personally. Mimi tells him that she can’t pay until she gets another job. The job at Chez Rouge isn’t bad, when Willow isn’t around, but the tips aren’t as good as she expected. She tells him about filling out applications for a few office jobs, but is sure with her “two seconds of accounting” experience at Salem U, that they filed them in the old circular file. Max offers her a job at the garage. Mimi thinks it is charity, but Max vows that Abby is swamped and needs part-time help doing the books so that he doesn’t get audited. Mimi ends up accepting. Frankie interrupts the conversation with news that Steve is awake, but Kayla is getting worse.

Frankie asks Abby why Max is so chummy with Mimi after what she did to Shawn. He tells that they are Bradys and need to stick together, now more than ever. Abby tells him that Max wouldn’t turn his back on his family. Frankie wants to know why Max is taking Mimi’s side. Abby tells him that Shawn was a jerk, and Max is a caring guy. Frankie thinks she has a crush on him, but she says he is just her friend, as he snickers.
Abby gives Mimi the books and wishes her luck, as Max is very disorganized with his paperwork. Mimi is thankful that anyone is talking to her, let alone giving her a chance. They are interrupted by giggling.

Willow stays outside and lets Shawn go in alone to face Max. Abby comes out and tells Shawn that Max went to the hospital. He leaves a message with Abby to tell Max he is sorry about what happened as Mimi comes out with a question for Abby. Shawn ignores her and goes to leave. Shawn wants to know what she is doing there, so she tells him. This sets Shawn off. He warns Abby not to trust her and turns to storm out. Willow comes in to investigate the noise and ends up pulling Shawn out, as Mimi yells at her to tell him to stop acting like a jackass.

Max tells Abby and Mimi about Bo’s request. The girls tell him about Shawn’s visit and the fallout. Mimi offers to step aside so he can hire Shawn back. Max doesn’t think that Shawn has changed as much as Bo promised and doesn’t want to hire him back. Mimi begs him to let Shawn have the job, she will deal with it.

Shawn and Willow have arrived back at Chez Rouge, where Shawn rants to her about how his uncle slapped him in the face by hiring Mimi. He is convinced that Max will never fire her or hire him. Willow tells him to go ask EJ for a job.

Kate and EJ are together, as she feels the need to discuss Stephanie Johnson, but he has other ideas. They get interrupted by a phone call from Shawn asking EJ for a job. He may be able to help, and sets up a talk.

Back Alley
EJ tells Patrick to do his civic duty and pick up the pop can he kicked, and clean up the streets. Patrick offers to start with him. Patrick wants to know why he’s there if they’re not supposed to meet in person. EJ tells him that the police are on to them. Patrick wants to know what to do. EJ tells him to stay calm and keep his head. EJ tells them about Bo talking to Sami about the envelope. From now on, they will communicate via courier and sealed note. Patrick will respond by note, resealed in the envelope. They then go on to discuss who can be trusted as their courier. EJ tells him to let him worry about it. Bo then tells Patrick that his mission, and he has no choice but to accept it, is to use Chelsea to keep tabs on her father. Patrick is not happy, but EJ doesn’t care (and says so) and tells him to get it done.

Bo is restless staring through the window as his mother holds on to him on one side, and PopShawn on the other. He wants to know what is taking so long. Billie and Hope arrive as Bo asks Hope if that was her errand. The doctor comes out and tells them that both are responding positively – fevers are down, both are responding to stimuli, but both are still unconscious. He tells them not to get their hopes up too high – it could still go either way. Billie thinks she knows which way that is, as Steve starts to wake up, earning an exclamation from Caroline. Steve moves around, while a guy in a haz-mat suit checks on Kayla. The doctor, in shock, rushes in. Bo talks to Steve through an intercom and asks if he knows what happened, and goes on to tell him. He looks toward the window, as Billie sadly smiles at him. Bo lets Billie take over the intercom. The doctor comes back out to talk to the family, who go into the corridor and let Billie stay. Steve gets up from the bed and goes over to check on Kayla, before going to the window, calling for Stephanie, asking if she is safe. Billie makes him use the intercom, and promises she is. He can’t believe that she is the first person he sees when he woke up, and thanks her. Billie was afraid they were going to lose him before they ever had a chance. He vows that she won’t lose him, but even if he doesn’t make it, he has the chance to tell her how much she means to him. All those years he doesn’t remember, she is the only person that doesn’t hate him for it. She knows how he feels, but she was afraid to say it because he would remember Kayla and go back to her, leaving Billie with a broken heart again. She loves him for who he is now, not who he used to be.

The doctor can’t tell them why Steve is recovering, while Kayla appears to be worsening. He thinks that although the circumstances are the same, they are reacting differently. He wants to increase the dosage, which will also increase the risk. Her parents insist that he do it. Max wants to know what the doctors are going to do now. Caroline has faith that Kayla will survive. Frankie wants to know if anyone has updated Stephanie, so he and Hope go to tell her, with Shawn and Caroline behind them, as Bo wants to talk to Max.

Max sticks up for his decision regarding Shawn’s firing. Bo tells him about Belle’s little ultimatum and how Shawn wants to put his life back together for his daughter. Max still sticks up for Mimi, even though he agrees that Shawn is a good mechanic. Max tells Bo about hiring Mimi, and since he doesn’t want his garage to be a war zone, Shawn will have to find a way to get along with Mimi if he wants his job back. It sounds fair to Bo, who promises to talk to Shawn.

The family comes back, upset about leaving Stephanie, but Frankie stayed with her to comfort her. Billie doesn’t understand why she would be upset, since Steve is going to be fine. Hope reminds her about Kayla. Billie asks the same question the rest did – if it worked for Steve, why not for Kayla? Hope tells her that Dr. Myers doesn’t know. Hope, Billie and Steve all look at her.

Upstairs at the Hospital
Kate visits with Stephanie, who apologizes for wrecking the car. Kate tells her that she isn’t the one at fault. Due to the person targeting her family, Kate feels that Stephanie is in danger and should stay out of the public eye for a while. Stephanie is upset since racing is her life, besides she has contracts. Kate reaches for her paperwork that releases Stephanie from her contractual obligations, as Chelsea steps into the room and asks if they’re dumping her. Kate admonishes Chelsea for not knocking first. Chelsea tries to stick up for Stephanie, thinking that Kate is dumping her for PR reasons. Kate warns her that a lunatic is out to hurt Stephanie’s family, and since Chelsea’s father is a Brady, she should keep a low profile as well. Kate tells Stephanie to get a lawyer and look over the papers, then has her sign them (shouldn’t the lawyer come before the signature?) Stephanie signs and then Kate and Chelsea leave so Stephanie can get some rest.

Chelsea goes on about how she gloated at first over the accident, since Stephanie never should have gone after a guy who was already taken, even though they should be on the same side since they both want their parents back together. Kate doesn’t care (and neither do I, frankly!) and chastises Chelsea for challenging her in front of Stephanie. Chelsea apologizes, but Kate cuts her off. Chelsea tells her that sometimes things pop out of her mouth before she has a chance to think. They go on to discuss her little incident and Kate wishes she could have talked to her first – she would have warned her it wouldn’t work. Kate tells her that she has tried very hard for a long time, but even she has come to accept that they won’t ever get back together. Chelsea feels betrayed, since Kate was supposed to be the only one on her side. She goes on to tell her how hard she has had it, and how everyone keeps telling her how rotten a job they did. She feels like she doesn’t belong. She just wants to be accepted. Her parents have to love each other, or no one will ever love her. Kate gives her a hug.

Patrick’s house
At home, she is doing her nails and talking on the phone about her hours at the hospital. Patrick comes in and runs down Bo, while Chelsea sticks up for him. Patrick tells her that she is more like him than she knows. He tells her that she needs to get closer to him and spend time with him. She asks if he wants to spy on her own father. She doesn’t want to do it, since she needs to build a relationship with her father, even if he loves Shawn more. She can’t help him by spying on Bo. She is still going to help him, but her way.

More Hospital
Dr. Myers gives Kayla the increased medication as everyone watches on, praying that it was the right decision and it will work. Stephanie comes in wondering where the miracle is. Everyone moves aside so that she can see her dad and she goes rushing to the window. He promises that they will both get better. She tells him how much she needs them both. Steve promises her that her mom will pull through just like he did. “The big dude” wouldn’t have brought them all back together for nothing. She wants to believe, but Kayla starts seizing and they all panic. She needs to be shocked as Stephanie bawls and everyone watches on in horror. Fade on Steve, with Billie in the background.

Hope to Bo: Can’t he see that Kayla needs a reason to hang on? I want you to go talk to him.

Billie: Steve has become very important to me.
Marlena: Then you have every right to go after whatever makes you happy.

Kate: That’s not what I want.
EJ: Then what do you want?
Kate: You.

Marlena: You owe me a wedding, and I can’t just go around marrying a dead guy.


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