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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Episode #10,419
Taped 9/18
Director Roger Inman

Another wonderful and packed episode, with Lucas & Will succeeding in their sabotaging of Sami’s evening with EJ, Philip, Mimi…….and Belle making difficult decisions, while Shawn tells off his grandfather.

AT EJ’S APARTMENT, he is busily seducing Sami, assuring her that Lucas won’t be able to disturb them there. They are kissing and he is removing her jacket, as outside the window Lucas & Will are plotting to put a damper on the activities. Will worries, with all that they have done this evening, he may be just his mom. Lucas assures him that it is not genetic, and Will agrees he would not have thought of any of this on his own. He leaves, returning later with something in a bag. Lucas thinks it might be illegal, but will do the trick. Inside, Sami & EJ are going at it hot and heavy on the bed, when she smells something. EJ says it is smoke, they panic, and he tells her to get out the fire escape. However, he notes there is no heat at the door, so opens it, to a lot a smoke…coming from a stink bomb! Both are furious. Sprinklers have gone off (wonder why they did not go off in Lucas’s apt. when that fire started while he & Carrie were sleeping), both are wet. EJ is ready to tie into Lucas, but Sami says she will take care of it. She goes home, furious, and lights into both Lucas & Will, who are playing innocent on the sofa, with their big bowl of uneaten popcorn. Busted! EJ comes roaring in, tangling with Lucas, but Sami puts a stop to that. He tells them that the limberger cheese has baked into his heating system on his car, and all the electrical circuits have shorted out. He states further that Lucas is going to pay for everything, & that perhaps a few months in a juvenile detention center would do Will a world of good. Sami gets him to leave, so she can tie into “the boys” herself.

AT THE PENTHOUSE, Marlena brings Belle a big mug of chicken soup with the tiny little noodles she loves so much. Belle is greatful, but says she has to call Phil to come and get her so she can go home. Marlena tells her maybe she should stay a bit longer, that she has lots of thinking to do, and perhaps she should just think about things. Belle is thinking about Philip’s feelings, but Marlena asks if Philip would really want to be married to someone who loves someone else. Belle tells her mom how Shawn dropped the lawsuit, and doesn’t want either her or Claire, but Marlena tells her that perhaps Shawn was just thinking of her and the baby, and not wanting to cause problems. She urges Belle to decide, in her heart, what she wants.

AT THE LOFT, Philip says goodnight, sleep tight to Claire, as he closes the door. As he starts down, the doorbell rings. It is Mimi, who wants to talks about “their baby”. She informs him she thinks it would be best if they both signed away all rights to the baby to Lauren, who will be arriving shortly. She talks about her divorce, Shawn does not want the baby, and Lauren would either raise it or give it up for adoption. (This is hard to believe from EITHER Mimi or Phil). Lauren arrives with her notary and the papers. Philip seems a bit overwhelmed, but agrees and asks where do I sign. Both he & Mimi sign the papers, after which Lauren, the notary and Mimi all leave. Outside, Mimi thanks Lauren, and gives her the check. Inside the phone rings, and it is Belle. Phil thinks she is still at the hospital, but she tells him how her dad found her mom, and she got discharged and is at the penthouse. She wants him to bring Claire. Phil says she is sleeping, but Belle begs him.

Later, Philip arrives at the penthouse with Claire. Marlena takes her and goes into another room. Belle tells him she wants to stay at the penthouse for a few days, to sort things out. Phil asks if she is leaving him, and tells her not to prolong it, to let him know now. Belle tells him she is sorry. Philip says to give Claire a kiss from him, says a final Good-Bye…and leaves. Marlena comes out, and talks to Belle as she cries. Marlena comforts her, telling her that all will be o.k. and do you know why? (I do, it is cause Hogan Sheffer & Meg Kelly are writing now! LOL) Marlena assures Belle that their family will stick together and help each other.

Mimi arrives later, telling Belle that she & Shawn are getting a divorce, that there is no hope of them being together and she will not interfere in any way with Belle getting together with Shawn. She informs her that Philip & she signed away their rights to the baby Lauren is carrying, and there is nothing to stand in the way of Belle and Shawn being together.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Bonnie is assisting an elderly male patient back to his room, flirting outrageously, as Mimi arrives. When Mimi tells her about signing away rights to the baby, Bonnie has a fit….her meal ticket to the Kiriakis fortune is down the tubes. Mimi scolds her for only thinking about the money….and leaves. Bonnies makes a cell phone call, sticking a cigarette in her mouth, right under the sign saying no cell phones, no smoking. Jeez! She arranges to meet someone at Chez Rouge. Later, we see it was Lauren. She tells Lauren she wants Mimi’s baby, will pay her for it. She claims Mimi is rather emotional right now, and will later regret signing the baby away. She says she will mortgage her restaurant, Alice’s for the money, but only after Lauren has the baby and gives it up. They are in agreement.

Back at the loft, Philip has packed a duffle bag, and picks up a picture of Claire. He puts it into the bag, then looks at the wedding picture of him and Belle, but sets it back down.

AT THE KIRIAKIS MANSION, Kate & Victor stand in the rubble of his living room, hollering at Shawn, who gives them what for in regard to keeping Claire’s paternity a secret for all this time.

Meanwhile, Bo & Hope are having dinner, talking of the nice time they had on the Fancy Face, and that a lot has happened that day. Hope tells Bo that he may not want to hear it, but Patrick is the father of the baby she is carrying, and will be a part of their lives. Bo gets a call from Henderson, says he will be right there, and tells Hope that it is Shawn.

Meanwhile, Shawn lights into Victor & Kate, telling Victor, in particular he is going to know how it feels to lose a child, as he will lose his son, his grandson and his great-granddaughter. Nico grabs him, saying not to get too close to Mr. K, & tells Victor that Henderson has called Bo. Kate inists they call the police, but Nico, who is restraining Shawn, says that Bo IS the police. Victor tells Kate to leave him alone with Shawn, then asks him who he is really trying to hurt, Victor or himself.

Bo & Hope arrive, shocked at what they find. Shawn fills them in, and tells Victor that he not only lost his child, but his job as well. He informs Victor that his engine is strong, look what it survived here. He walks out, with Hope following. Bo now lights into Victor, telling him that after all the regrets Victor had when he discovered so late that Bo was his son, how could he possibly do this. Outside, Hope & Shawn talk, with her assuring him she loves him, she grieves for his unborn child. He tells her about dropping the lawsuit, figuring that the stress of it might have led to Belle losing the baby. They have a mother-son bonding moment. Victor & Bo come out, with Victor offering to put the engine contract back into high gear. Shawn tells him no, he wants nothing from him. He leaves with Hope offering to drive him home. Bo tells her to drive Shawn, he will call a tow truck to get the car out of Victor’s living room (and maybe a company to come board up the big hole!). He tells her Vic is not going to press charges. (Lucky Shawn)

BACK AT SAMI’S apt. she has changed clothes and is ready to deal with Lucas & Will again. Will leaves the room, claiming that none of this was his idea. Now Sami confronts Lucas, telling him that perhaps they should just not be living together. That him camping out on the sofa and interfering with her boyfriends just does not work. They are not a family. Lucas protests, saying they have always been a family, and mentioning how Will ran away. Sami retorts that he came back and it isn’t like Lucas cares about her at all. Whoaaa, says Lucas. That is not true. The truth is, I still have major feelings for you. Cue a shocked expression on Sami’s face, as the previews come on and……….

SHAWN: Belle, what is it you want?

PHILIP: I’m sorry, Meems, I’m gonna miss you, but I don’t belong here any more

EJ: Of course, there a tiny possibility I could be wrong.
KATE: Or maybe not. BIG KISS!

JOHN: It’s a nice life.
MARLENA: It’s a wonderful life, and I’m never gonna leave it again


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