Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Episode #10424
Tape date 9/25
Director Roger Inman

Belle gets conflicting advice from both her parents, while Hope once more has trust issues with Bo, and Sami’s role in Carrie eventually choosing to marry Lucas is revealed to all.


Belle thanks her parents for babysitting, then rants on and on about Victor and others not telling her that Shawn was the father of Claire. She goes on about her best friend Mimi, her mother-in-law Kate, and Bonnie, too, all conspiring to keep the information from her, allowing Philip & Claire to spend all those months bonding. She claims her life is now ruined, she has nothing. John reminds her she still has Claire. Belle wonders what she should do. John signals Marlena to leave them alone, so she makes an excuse and leaves the room. John advises his daughter to do absolutely nothing. To just take some time for herself to get off the roller coaster ride, step back and chill. She wonders if this is like him, when he took the rifle into the church when Marlena & Alex were going to get married, intending to blow his head off. John agrees it was rash, and just says to do as he says, not as he does. LOL. Marlena returns, John gets a phone call and leaves. Her advice is to seize the moment, before the moment passes you by. Tell Shawn how she feels. John returns and tells them about Shawn, the boat and rescue. (Now, WHY would that get reported to him?) Belle decides to leave and find Shawn. John & Marlena talk a bit about Belle, with John saying one never knows what is on kids’ minds. Marlena asks if he can tell what is on hers, as they kiss.


Chelsea fills Patrick in on Shawn’s misadventure, telling him that now would be a perfect time to make a move on Hope, she will need a shoulder to cry on. He seems to not be interested, telling her she knows nothing about the way to go about this. She tries to convince him, but no dice and he leaves. (Ha, like we believe him!). Now Kate arrives, giving Chelsea what for about her little caper as a prostitute, and that is not the way to get her parents together. Chelsea replies she was only doing what Kate had told her to do. They go back and forth, but with a smirk on her face, Chelsea informs Kate that the three of them are to go to therapy…..as a family. Ah, now Kate gets it. Chelsea purposely got herself arrested so her parents would have to join together to come to her rescue. Kate asks her if Billie knows this. No, of course not. Chelsea calls Kate her mentor, and knows Kate can teach her a lot.


No sign of the harbormaster, as Hope once more lights into Bo for his failure to pay attention to his family. She rants about him letting Shawn take the boat out, but Bo protests that their son has been on the water all his life. Hope angrily tells him that just because you call him sailor man doesn’t make him a sailor. Shawn steps in, telling his mom it was his fault, that he did not follow the rules Bo had set down. Hope ignores him, asking Bo where he was while his son was fighting for his life. Bo replies that he was at the police station on police business. Uh, oh. Wrong answer, as Hope snarls that she knows exactly what he was doing - preventing Chelsea from getting booked as a prostitute. Cue Shawn and Willow exchanging “looks”. Shawn again protests, trying to take blame, but Hope will have none of it, telling him this is between his father and her. She tells Bo that Chelsea is a user, constantly manipulating him, and he always, always chooses her over Hope & Shawn. Now Patrick arrives, and Bo is ticked off. He tells Patrick that this is a private family matter and to go. Patrick proclaims he just wanted to be sure everyone was all right, and does leave. Hope continues to rant at Bo, telling him that she will never trust him again, that he let her down once more, yada, yada. (We have heard it all before, and it is getting tiresome..IMO…20 plus years of marriage and Hope ignores it all). She leaves.

Bo now scolds Shawn, who takes full responsibility for everything. He promises that if the insurance doesn’t cover the boat, he will repay Bo, if it takes the rest of his life. (yeah, right!). Willow tells Bo that she had distracted Shawn, so was her fault. Bo asks if she ever sailed before, and no she hadn’t, but it was such a rush. Bo tells her that Shawn has, and he knows his way around a boat, that he has to stay focused and aware at all times. Bo had given him just one rules, not to take the boat out beyond the buoy. And yet Shawn did. If he had paid attention, they would have been safe. Bo blames Shawn completely, but forgives him, saying something about losing his boat. (so does this mean no more Fancy Face III?).

Outside on the pier, Patrick joins Hope, pestering her about going to Chicago for the weekend. She doesn’t want to go, but finally agrees. She warns him though, that she does not trust him completely, and that if he gives her any cause, it won’t be Bo who takes care of him, she will do it herself. They leave for Chez Rouge for a glass of wine and some cocoa, as a spying Chelsea steps out from behind some boxes, with a very satisfied grin on her face. (WHY are there always a pile of boxes on the pier? So convenient, huh? LOL) She spots Bo coming and hides again. He is calling Hope’s name, and not finding her, calls her cell, leaving a message saying he loves her. Inside the office, Willow tells Shawn she is sorry about everything, but sailing in a typhoon was such a rush. Shawn tells her it was a squall, not a typhoon, but she goes on and on, talking about the helicopter overhead, then whispers in his ear about what would have made it more perfect. They begin to kiss……as the camera pans over to the window, where Belle stands outside, looking in at them.


Sami brings in a huge cake…..with the words “Way to Go, Sport” written on it. It seems Will made the basketball team, and Lucas even bought him some new cool BB shoes. Will’s jersey number (8) is on the cake…..(Lucas mentions Kobe Bryant…assume he is a pro BB player, lol). The doorbell rings (since when?? Thought everyone just knocked?) It is Austin (who badly needs a shave) and Carrie. Seems they came to see Lucas. Carrie has annulment papers. After they both sign, everything will be over and both free. They all have a few words, but Lucas agrees to sign. Just then, the Black Glove slips a note under Sami’s door. Lucas sees it, grabs it first. He reads and stares at Sami. He cannot believe what he read, and refuses to let Sami see, as he shows it to Austin & Carrie, who are shocked. Carrie tells Sami it says that she forced Lexie to tell Carrie that a child they might have would be born with birth defects. Now all three verbally attack Sami. They cannot believe she would do such a thing. Austin questions Carrie as to if this is why she rejected him. She says yes, she knew he wanted to have a child of his own. Austin yells at Lucas that he is not guilt free, that he knew Carrie had High Style and did not tell him, so he could go after Carrie himself, even though he knew how Austin felt. Sami tells Carrie she has been true to form, she cheated on Austin with Mike, and now cheated on Lucas with Austin. Everyone is yelling at Sami, and she finally admits the truth, telling how she blackmailed Lexie by saying she would tell Abe about her and Tek. Carrie is ranting at Sami, who gives it right back, telling Carrie she dumped Austin because she wanted a perfect child, and only married Lucas for his sperm. “Shut up” screams Carrie, “I’m gonna kill you”, as she lunges forward, grabbing Sami by the throat. And the previews show…….

Kate: There’s more to this plan that you are not telling me. EJ: Why don’t you come a little closer and I’ll tell you. Next preview has EJ nuzzling Kate’s ear.

Carrie: I’m gonna let everyone know exactly what you did. (She is saying this to Sami, whose face is a bit dirty and has some cake frosting on it. Am guessing there is a sisterly cat fight. LOL)

Patrick to Bo: Don’t you ever lay a hand on this woman again, you hear me? Bo immediately attacks Patrick, as Hope yells…….”Bo!”

Shawn: It was just a kiss Belle: That kiss showed me you and I don’t have a future


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