Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Episode #10,429

Tape date 9/29

Director-Phil Sogard

Carrie presses charges against Lexie, Steve has words with Chelsea, while the Black Glove puts Kayla in danger, and a couple of marriage proposals are made.


Marlena asks John if he still has a question for her. He gifts her with a gorgeous ring, yes, it is a rock. He tells her he had her old diamond reset (good thing, as I was going to remark she must have a jewelry box full of engagement rings by now, lol), with sapphires added, one for each year they have been together. He has another gift…..in a very tiny box. It is a tiny wedding band to add onto the charm bracelet he gave her years ago, and it signifies their never ending love. He gets down on one knee, as Marlena comments on what an old fashioned romantic he is. He tell her she made him that way, that he met her and was empty and she filled him with purpose. He asks her to marry him. Later, he says she has not yet given him an answer to his question. She replies that she has a proposal of her own.


Steve arrives with lunch, surprising Billie. He has beer for himself, sody pop for her (love that Steve used that pronunciation…..it is from years ago, lol). She wants him to leave, as Chelsea will soon arrive, and she wants to talk to her about the fact that her parents are NOT going to be getting back together, no matter what schemes she tries. Steve volunteers to talk to Chelsea, but Billie is hesitatant, seeing as his own daughter is trying to get him & Kayla hooked up too. (Much different, Billie!) He convinces her that sometimes one can get through to someone else’s kid. They go outside, chat a bit. (So o.k. Steve is wearing a leather jacket….appropriate for late October Midwest weather, but Billie is in a sleeveless low cut dress……and nary a goosebump in sight, lol) Chelsea arrives, not too happy to see “Captain Jack”, as she makes all her usual smart mouth wisecracks. They go inside, as Chelsea continues to mouth off, asking Steve if he knows her mom was a drug addict. Yep, he knew that. She continues on about her mom making porn movies, to make money to supply her drug habit. Billie walks in, horrified at her daughter, who won’t shut up, but Steve angrily tells her that everyone makes mistakes. That everyone has something horrible in their past they are ashamed of, and young ladies in glass houses should not throw stones. Chelsea is looking increasingly uncomfortable, as Steve asks her if she knows what he is getting at.(her part in the death of Zach) Steve’s cell phone rings, and it is Stephanie, who needs him to come, as she is worried about her mom. He leaves. Billie tries to convince Chelsea that Bo & Hope WILL get back together, that she & Bo do not love each other.


Carrie comes to see Lexie, accompanied by the hospital adminstrator, Jim. He tells Lexie that there is a problem, and asks if Carrie’s accusations are true, mentioning Lexie telling Carrie that she and Austin carry genetic markers that would cause them to have a child with severe birth defects. Lexie admits it. Jim tells her she violated her Hippocratic oath, and her contract with the hospital. He tells her that, depending on what the Board of Review says, she may even lose her license. Carrie looks very smug, as Jim tells Lexie her contract with the hospital is now terminated without severance or benefits.

Kayla has come to visit her daughter, as Stephanie tells her about Max’s visit last nite, and her panic attack. Kayla is furious that no one called her. As they talk, the Black Glove watches from outside the room. (and no one in the hall sees him, of course). Kayla tries to convince Stephanie she will some day find a man who loves her as much as she loves him. Stephanie is not convinced, seeing as how her father wants nothing to do with her mother, yet her mom keeps hoping. Kayla tells her it is completely different. Now we hear a page for Dr. Kayla Johnson to go to Room 113. Kayla is surprised, as she has only been on staff a couple of days…..she is not supposed to be working and no one even knows she is at the hospital. Stephanie urges her not to go, for all the same reasons. She cites the things always happening to the Bradys, but Kayla is insistent. (hmm, Kayla, remember 13 is not a lucky number to many! ) Kayla leaves.


Carrie arrives, joining Austin (who still needs a shave) and tells him what happened. She begins to feel guilty, but Austin convinces her that this was Sami & Lexie’s fault, not hers. He gives her a real pep talk, speaking of moving to Europe. Carrie is hesitant. He talks of being the CEO of Mythic, and how he is going to give her back her company – High Style…..knowing how much it meant to her. (hmm, and I thought he broke the company up, with all the employees losing their jobs, etc. etc. ). He talks of HighStyle’s headquarters being in Zurich, so that is where they will live. Carrie tells him she cannot do this…..unless they are married. Cue Austin to get down on one knee (aww, these romantic guys) and pull out the ring box, asking her to marry him. They decide to find a JP and get married right away.

Lexie arrives to meet Abe. She spots Carrie & Austin at a table, so suggests they sit at the bar instead. She stumbles a bit, telling Abe she does not want any secrets between them. She reminds him of Sami blackmailing her, and now confesses to him what she did for Sami, the lie she told to Carrie. She tells him she has been fired. He asks if she can still work at the Free Clinic, and she says yes for now, but if she loses her license, she will not be able to practice at all. Abe wonders if she is telling him because she wants no secrets between them, or because she lost her job, and he would find that out anyway. She assures him she loves him, wants no secrets, and tells him she wants him to arrest Tek if he violates the restraining order. They embrace, as Abe promised he will stand by her.


Carrie & Austin arrive, all dressed up in a suit for him, and beautiful dress for her. They have been to the courthouse, have their license, and want to be married right away. The wife says no at first, until Carrie & Austin explain they are leaving town, and have waited so long, wanting to be married before they leave. She agrees but tells them her husband has another walk in couple first, who called for an appt. Ah, here they are. And in walks John & Marlena, also all dressed up appropriately.


Kayla arrives at Room 113, opens the door, lights are out, so she flips the light switch.on (Now I would have seen that empty room, figured there was a mistake and turned back, lol) and enters the room, calling hello. The door slams shut behind her, and is locked when she tries to open it. Darn, she left her phone in Stephanie’s room. She tries to use the room phone. Nope, it is dead. Now she hears heavy breathing, which seems to be coming from the air vent. Then she hears a voice, calling her name, over and over.She is bewildered at what is going on.

Steve arrives in Stephanie’s room, and tells him how worried she is. Mom has been gone a long time, no one knew she was at hospital, and yet she got this page to Room 113. Steve takes off…..and Stephanie again hyperventilates. He pounds on the door to room 113, telling Kayla to open the door. She can’t, locked. He tries to rush at it a few times, with no luck. He tinkers with the lock at bit, and manages to kick it open. Kayla rushes into his arms, telling him how scared she was. (Man I love these two together, just the way he holds her head…..sigghhh, lol). She explains about the vent, the heavy breathing, the person calling her name. Steve goes over to the vent to check it out. Both are kneeling right in front of it, as a large amount of smoke or gas comes pouring out into their faces. They being to choke, turn way, and both are on their knees, with Steve bent over Kayla, trying to protect her. And the previews roll………

Billie to Bo, in the hospital: This can’t be happening. They can’t die.

Tek: I’m sure there’s something you can do for Kayla & Steve. Lexie replies she can’t, and Tek asks why not, you’re a doctor. Lexie answers:”I’m a doctor who doesn’t work here any more

EJ: If they’re so lawful, why do you care about how they feel? Sami says: I don’t as she downs a shot of something.

Carrie: I’m gonna miss you like crazy

Kate & Marlena say bye, bye, as Austin and Carrie leave


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