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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Episode #10,414
Taped 9/15
Director – Albert Alarr

The day of the big race has arrived with both Titan & Mythic backers pumping up the volume, while it is also the day of Patrick’s hearing (convenient, huh?).

ON BOARD THE FANCY FACE, BO WAKES UP next to Hope, saying Good Morning, Fancy Face….do you know how good it is to be able to say that again? They have slept in their clothes, in case anyone is interested. Hope remarks that she wants to go to the hospital to check on Belle. Bo has something for her, tho, leaves and returns with a tray. It is breakfast. A muffin for her, while he gets ready to wolf down some left over pizza. She protests that it looks old, but he says it probably is just a few days, and has all the food groups…..protein, vegetable, dairy, fibre in the crust….and even a little penicillin. (O.K. that made me laugh). Hope will not let him eat it, and shares the muffin. Bo asks her to come back to him, but she is not ready to make that decision yet. (jeez, Hope, are you going to wait til November sweeps…..enuf already!) Bo tries to talk her into it, but she is adamant. They argue a bit about Patrick, with Bo convinced he is guilty, but Hope reminds him that she accused Patrick of kidnapping Will, and it turned out he had run away. So she is not making that mistake again. She feels the baby kick. Bo knows that the baby will have a wonderful mom, and she will have all of Hope’s good qualities. Hope wonders why Bo refers to the baby as she, but Bo just “has a feeling”. She kisses him.

AT MAX’S GARAGE, Shawn is under the hood of a car, while Max & Stephanie chit chat about racing against each other. Abby has to leave to pick up a couple of men who are arriving in relation to the Light the Walk fund raiser. As Max & Steph are about to kiss, Shawn gets on their case. Max realizes Shawn is upset, but Shawn tells him his marriage is over, there is no trust anymore. He has decided not to go for joint custody of Claire, but will sit back and see what happens. Stephanie asks tons of questions, but Max pulls her away, telling her she is being insensitive. They kiss, and Steph leaves.

Now EJ arrives, ostensibly to wish them all luck. (This guy is entirely into too many people’s lives, if you ask me). He commiserates with Shawn about his marriage to Mimi being over, and Shawn wonders how he knows, as only a couple of people know. EJ claims he had breakfast at the diner, and got the news from Bonnie. Now Abby returns with 2 men. She introduces Charles Winston and Dr. George Bitar (who heads the D.C. chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphnoma Society). Dr. Bitar has had family members who were stricken, and Abby mentions her own struggle with a related disease, aplastic anemia and how she was saved with a bone marrow transplant. This is why she got involved in the Light the Night walk (fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphnoma Society) She tells the men how Shawn had a good friend, Chloe, who also survived leukemia. She shows the guys the necklace that Charles Winston designed (you all know Charles Winston, the jewelry designer….many stars wear his jewelry at the award shows, and it is always mentioned on the Red Carpet interviews). Proceeds from the sale of the necklace (very pretty, by the way) will go to benefit the foundation) The men are given box seat tickets for the race, thank everyone, and leave.

AT THE JAIL, Mimi arrives to visit her brother, Patrick. She cries to him about how her life is over, Shawn has dumped her, yada, yada. She tells him how it was Shawn found out she knew all along that Claire was probably his daughter, via the baby monitor. She realizes her troubles are not the issue, and asks him how he is doing. Patrick still proclaims his innocence, mentioning how it was Jennifer who called the cops with tip about the gun. Mimi fills him in on how Jennifer & Jack have moved to London. Patrick is puzzled, as Jack was so sick, but Mimi tells him how the experimental drug worked, he is in remission, and that Abby has stayed in Salem, going to Salem U and living with Aunt Maggie. Now Patrick complains about Hope, who told him that if it came down to it, she would trust Bo before him. Mimi tells him that then he is better off without her. Now Bonnie bursts in, bringing Patrick’s suit from the cleaners, and goes to hug Patrick…a big no no as the guard steps forward to break that up. He then tells them time is up….but Bonnie just got there. Not his problem. Patrick says it is o.k. as he will change for his hearing, see them later. Bonnie tells him that they may not be Hortons or Bradys, but the Lockharts will stick together, and she knows he is innocent.

Later, in the courtroom, Cameron Reese is talking to Patrick, as the DA, Brook, comes up to them. Cameron tells her that she does not have to prove Patrick’s innocence, as much as Brook has to prove his guilt. Bo arrives, and spots Hope, surprised to see her. She felt she had to be there, promising to leave if things get too much for her. Bonnie & Mimi arrive, noticing that Hope is there. Patrick comes up, and Bo nearly stops him, but moves to the side. He asks Hope how she is, Hope says fine, and felt the baby kick this morning. Patrick moves toward her, (looking as tho he was going to hug her) but Bo steps inbetween them. There is almost an altercation, but Cameron pulls Patrick away, scolding him.

AT MYTHIC COMMUNICATIONS office, EJ is giving an interview on how well he thinks Stephanie will do, bragging about how she beat Max Brady in all the time trials. Kate comes in at the end of the interview, the reporter leaves, and she compliments EJ on his skills during the interview. (And how come EJ, the big time race car driver isn’t using his driving skills to be in this race? Weird?) He tells her that the reporter was from one of the Philadelphia newspapers in the chain they just purchased (my, my, Kate really accumulated a lot of money while working at Basic Black, didn’t she? – wonder who is running that company now? And has she told John yet that she no longer works there? LOL). Later, EJ has evidently left (see above), and Stephanie arrives, per Kate’s request. (wouldn’t Steph have more to do since the race is imminent, than be at Kate’s beck & call?) Ahh, but Kate has something really important to ask of Stephanie….a big favor. She wants Stephanie to be a good “friend” to her son, Philip. It seems his marriage is probably over, and Philip is going to need a shoulder to cry on. Stephanie tells her she barely knows Philip, and is involved, sort of, with Max Brady. But Kate is persistent, (after all, she cannot breathe if she is not interfering in her children’s lives).

BACK AT THE GARAGE, EJ wishes everyone good luck again, saying may the best man…or woman……win, and leaves. The pit crew boss arrives, promising to do a good job. Shawn & Max ask where Philip is….and the guy says that Philip called, cannot make it, his wife is in the hospital. Shawn is puzzled, as Belle was supposed to be released last night. The fellow tells him that Belle had a relapse or something, and is being kept there, so they can keep an eye on the baby. Shawn abruptly says he has to go, and takes off, with Max yelling after him, Shawn, no, what about the race? And the previews show…..

A suited up Stephanie to Patch: You’re right, you don’t know the lst thing about being a husband…..or a father!

Lexie: Abe loves me. Tek: He doesn’t want to date you, he wants to indict you. He’s gathering evidence and once he gets enough, he’s going to arrest you.

Shawn to Hope: Which one was your mistake, Mom? Dad? Or Patrick?

Cameron to Bo (who is on the witness stand): It would be easy for you to frame Patrick Lockhart.


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